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    “What’s It All About,...Nancy?”

    March 7, 2021

    The Strategic Objectives Behind The Impeachment Of Donald Trump

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    “What’s It All About,…Nancy?”

    A month after the latest impeachment of Donald Trump, the impeachment and trial look like a big show — for nothing -- but there was reason behind the madness

    It helps to recall that the process began with a threat -- from Nancy Pelosi to Vice President Pence: Invoke the 25th Amendment, or we’ll impeach him.

    But the 25th Amendment (physical or mental incapacity) has nothing to do with the article of impeachment (“incitement to insurrection”).

    Meanwhile, long before the initial threat, and after, the Swamp has thrown the kitchen sink at Trump, bandying about talk of sending in Navy SEALs to drag him out of the White House; of withdrawing the nuclear codes; of warning the military to ward off a coup by Trump; of preparing the military to “take him out”; of invoking the insurrection clause of the 14th Amendment; of censuring Trump; of his endangering the life of Vice President Pence; and of his putting the backup “nuclear football” in peril.

    The Swamp knew that none of these clumps of mud would get Trump out of office before January 20. (With a lesser man, any one of them could have been used to get the president to resign.) Indeed, the Democrats began the impeachment with the certain knowledge that it wouldn’t evict Trump from office, and that there wouldn’t even be a trial before the end of his term (eight full days away). Not to mention, having a trial risked evidence of election cheating being presented to the country, something the Swamp already prevented from happening on January 6.

    Never mind that the article of impeachment -- like so many other smears and accusations against Trump since he announced for president -- are just words -- empty and lacking in the meaning of the words used, in the factual evidence behind the words, and on legal grounds -- just another made-up frame-up. (Actually, just another instance of the accusers projecting onto Trump a crime they themselves have already committed -- but that’s a whole other story.) 

    And never mind that the president committed no crime. His speech was constitutionally protected and did not urge anybody to any act of violence, let alone to overthrow the government; the challenges to election-results followed prescribed legislative and constitutional processes, obstructing nothing except the assumption of a fraudulent presidency; the protests at the Capitol were unplanned, unarmed, and uncoordinated; and the timeline of events (from before January 6) onflicts with the charge. 

    Then there’s the word “insurrection.” When I hear that word used to describe the protesters’ march on the Capitol, it brings to mind a scene from the movie “Crocodile Dundee”: when three teenagers stop Dundee and his girlfriend in New York, and their leader flicks his switchblade at Mick, Sue urges Mick to cooperate, because, she gasps, “He’s got a knife!”; to which, Mick chuckles, pulls out his large hunting knife (that’s the size of a machete), and gives the boys a big grin, as if to say, You call that a knife!?

    It’s personal

    So the impeachment was not about a crime; it was about the man. (“Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime,” said Stalin’s chief of security Beria.)

    And many have noted that the impeachment looked vindictive and vengeful -- and it was. Trump hit a nerve. As far as the Swamp is concerned, he got too close for comfort. Witness the rabid reactions of Brennan, Comey, and many politicians (I repeat myself), and what they want done to half the country.

    For the Swamp, it was bad enough that Trump beat them in 2016 (despite their best efforts). But then he went on and committed the ultimate sin -- he “got into their kitchen,” turned on the lights, and let people see for themselves that the Swamp’s wizards were nothing but corrupt, conceited, condescending, incompetent, self-righteous empty-suited blowhards. For the humiliation of being unmasked, shown up, and mocked, the Swamp will never forgive Donald Trump, and they must now humiliate him.

    Nor did the Swamp appreciate Trump’s lack of cooperation with their efforts to remove him from office, but, instead, surviving, standing strong, and continuing to fight. 

    So now, Pelosi and the Swamp are getting their revenge -- on behalf of Hillary Clinton, whose life-goal was scuppered, and on behalf of the stained honor of Swamp luminaries such as Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Jim Biden, and other esteemed families and public servants. And, to rub it in, Pelosi chose Eric Swalwell (whose liaison with Chinese spy Fang Fang was disclosed a few months ago) and other Trump-haters to carry the Swamp’s spears into the Senate chamber.

    Then there’s Pelosi the person. (Alexandra Pelosi said of her mother: “She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding -- that’s all you need to know about her.”) Certainly, Nancy was none-too-happy with the “trespassers” who damaged the door to her office, who scattered her papers, who stole her computer, and especially that guy who propped his shoes on her desk. Such ingratitude, when “We feed them! We feed them!,” as she told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (although she probably didn’t mean from her own refrigerators and freezers. One shudders to think what Nancy might have done if the ingrates had come dangerously close to her stash of gourmet ice cream.)

    But “is it just...for the moment...with you -- Na’an-cy?”

    “Strictly business”

    Michael Corleone can answer that question: “It’s not personal, Sonny -- it’s strictly business.”

    And the business of Pelosi is politics. And politics is, after all, a big business -- just ask any dictator. And in the business of politics, the stakes are power, the focus is on the next campaign, and the campaign never ends. And as "War is the continuation of politics by other means,” politics is a continuation of war by other means.

    Which gets us closer to the mark. 

    For years to come (nay, for generations), the Swamp will use the two impeachments of Trump as a campaign “issue.” That’s why Nancy rushed the impeachment process through the House before Trump left office -- to get it “on the record,” “in the books'' -- just as, a year ago, after Trump was acquitted in the Senate, Democrats, led by Pelosi, crowed and gloated ad nauseum that “he was impeached!,” “he was impeached!”; it’s “on the record”; it’ll “go down in history.”

    If Trump does run again -- or, for that matter, if anybody else from his family does -- the Swamp will hammer home that Trump was the only federal officer ever impeached two times; and that’s on top of the relentless demonization of the man and his family. And if none of the Trumps runs for office, the Swamp will still bludgeon the movement with the “issue.” 

    Because the ultimate goal of the war that the Swamp and its allies have launched against half the country is to crush the Trumpist/populist movement, once and for all. Sure, the war will create greater division and resentment -- the Swamp monsters know that -- but that’s irrelevant. Yes, Big Swamp was finally able to get Trump out of the White House (after four years of gruelling effort), but it did not succeed in vanquishing the populist movement, as it hoped it would in the elections. The silent majority have shown that they are still standing strong and remain a powerful force. So, now, the Swamp is going for the kill.

    And with full control of the federal government, and solidly backed by its patrons, the Swamp will do everything in its power to keep that power, expand it, and never lose it again.

    Over the months and years to come, Big Swamp, using all its weapons and tentacles, will launch a full-scale war on Trump’s supporters and the populist movement. They will harass and harangue them; censor and muzzle them; surveille and intimidate them; stigmatize and isolate them; declare them radicals, terrorists, and traitors; outlaw and severely prosecute them; and demonize and dehumanize them. 

    To lay waste to the movement -- physically, legally, and morally -- there will be a concerted effort to declare the movement anti-American and a terrorist threat (which entails a “New Domestic War on Terror”). Until the movement surrenders, on bended knee, and kowtows, it will be portrayed as a threat to the political system and the country.

    And part of crushing the movement is killing its leader and symbol -- one front in the broader war. On the surface, the Swamp said it wanted to convict Trump in the Senate so he could not run for office again. But everybody knew the votes weren’t there for a conviction, and even if there were, that the Supreme Court would eventually declare the whole affair unconstitutional. Again, though, that’s irrelevant -- the goal is to destroy and disgrace Donald Trump, to damage him and his brand as much as possible, and to take him out of play -- out of the conversation and off the battlefield. (Recall that in the House’s impeachment “hearings” on January 11, the rules were changed, to allow representatives to call the president names -- look for those clips in upcoming ads).

    So the whole impeachment spectacle was just another arena for testing weapons from the Swamp’s arsenal. And the “trial” was a piece of political theater, a charade -- the very definition of a show-trial -- except, here, the verdict didn’t matter. The Senate chamber simply served as a movie set to tell a story for the viewing audience (the mob outside the “courtroom”) and produce audio and video for upcoming propaganda and lines of attack.

    Dogs on a leash

    The Swamp has something else up its sleeve -- an offer it hopes Trump can’t refuse.

    All around the world, and for as far as the eye can see, real-life courts are ready to hound the Trumps and tax their resources. The Swamp will keep those attack dogs on a leash, as leverage against Trump and the populist movement. And to keep the dogs at bay -- to complete the deal -- Trump has to promise not to run for office again and to stay out of politics. That applies to other members of his family too, a la Roman dictator Sulla’s proscriptions.

    In the end, Big Swamp wants all of this to send a clear and thunderous message to the populist movement and anyone who supports or wants to lead it: Don’t you even dare think of doing this again; if anybody challenges us, we’ll do to you, what we did to him.

    The Swamp just wants to be left alone, so it can get back to the status quo ante, as representatives for Big Tech, Big Finance, Big Business, and Big Media, in partnership with the Chinese Communist Party.

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    Ayad Rahim

    Ayad Rahim, a native of Iraq, worked as a journalist for 20 years, specializing in Iraq and the Arab world; he is a teacher, writer, and bookseller in Cleveland. Ayad blogs at theviewfromhereayad.blogspot.com
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    So, the question is, will Trump play along?

    That's actually a question that can't be answered right now.

    We'll see.

    Renee C Silverthorn

    Wow that's depressing. You mention there will be constant lawsuits against the Trump family. Isn't there any legal way to fight back to stop these harassing lawsuits? Can someone endlessly be sued frivolously? I'd like to know. It's a disgrace.


    Enjoyed the article. Real journalism. Trump's biggest enemy is the Left/Lib media, as it is the mouthpiece of the Democrats, as everyone knows. He personally handles them very well, unfortunately most Republicans are afraid of them. He has a strong spine and huge 'conochies' and he seems to be ready for round two. The Presidents legal fees are generally covered by their campaign funds. Rush Limbaugh raised/contributed ten million or so and others donate, etc. I'm speculating but, the recent lawsuits by Congressmen Bennie Thompson and Swalwell are civil suits and Trump likely has to pay. To stop this harassment, I hope he has the ability to counter sue. I would love to hear an attorney's view.

    Frank McCarthy

    Are there any statutes against frivolity" What ever happened to slander and defamation of character?
    Using public dollars in a case that goes nowhere and is dishonest at the get go. Canwe the public sue for damages...utilizing public finds for vendetta?


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