• Warning: Beware Of The Trojan Horse

    April 6, 2021

    Warning: Beware Of The Trojan Horse

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    Guest Post by Thomas Starr

    A few weeks ago, I listened to an interview of Dennis Prager, the founder of PragerU.com. Prager made a chilling warning: “it is literally accurate to say, the west is at stake at this time.” Consider the statement. Was Dennis Prager publicly making a hyperbolic outrageous claim, or was he right? I ran the thought over again and it began to shake me to my core - I knew it was absolutely true. I gather many Americans feel the same - something is very wrong in America.

    It took over two millennia to build the greatest civilization of all time, Western civilization, and the pinnacle of Western civilization is the United States of America, an exceptional and good nation. Although imperfect, the U.S. actually embodies freedom, liberty, justice, prosperity, exceptionalism, greatness, and all of the noblest attributes of a free and just country, yet one can feel the solid ground shifting beneath ones feet. A sickness festers in our society, a lingering malaise, a dispirited zeitgeist. The wives are the tell - many openly worry about the future and fate of the country. Yet, what exactly is the danger?

    The simple answer is neo-Marxism, which has many weapons in its arsenal. The leading operative at the moment is the ideology known as Critical Race Theory (CRT).

    Modern American society is seemingly crippled by the corrosive effects of neo-Marxism in our institutions, society, and American way of life. From the BLM protests of the summer of 2020, to the ongoing Wuhan Virus pandemic, to the crisis on the southern border, to the two tiered justice system, to the out of control government spending, to the fraudulent and corruption filled 2020 election, to the resulting Georgia runoffs, the nation’s moorings have been untethered. All elements of a Marxist cultural revolution are in motion.

    I first became concerned with the insidious nature of CRT when I heard its basic tenet discussed on public radio. I heard a discussion with several school administrators, a high school student and a radio host. Their message was simple: it was not good enough to “not be a racist - you have to be anti-racist.” Their point was that although you may not be a racist in your heart, thoughts and deeds, but since you had white privilege, you needed to be proactively, anti-racist. As an example, the administrator went on to say that sending your kid to a private school is actually racist, due to white privilege, and you should send your kid to public school instead.

    This view introduces a new, yet subtle dimension of the race debate - instead of a descriptive element, the left introduces a prescriptive element, which advances their agenda of equity. Their view of equity calls for an equality of outcome, not an equality of opportunity, thus devaluing the engine of American greatness -- merit.

    We personally send or plan to send our kids to a Catholic school so that they can be immersed in classic Western education while being baptized in Christian philosophy and theology. As a neighbor once said, she wants her kids immersed with Jesus - and so do we. To us, the foundations of a well-formed Christian is three fold: the witness of the faith by the family, the absorption of knowledge and wisdom of the faith in a Christian school, and the practice of the faith in the Church. All vital to the future of a healthy church, community and I argue, country.

    To Christians, the family is the “domestic church,” which the left has never failed to attack. It is not too hard to see where this is headed, the supporting Christian/parochial schools are going to be attacked ever more in the future, under the guise that it is racist to seek a higher standard of education for your children.

    The key problem has played out over decades in the black community.

    Dissolution of the black family, specifically out of wedlock births and single parent families has set back the once vibrant and healthy nuclear black family to a crisis point. Thomas Sowell has shown that “the black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow where most black children grew up in homes with two parents.” In fact, “when blacks were just one generation out of slavery, the census data of that era showed that slightly higher percentage of black adults had married than had white adults.”

    Shockingly, the Black Lives Matter organization, until recently, set as a goal: “We disrupt the western prescribed nuclear family.” In actual practice, disrupting the nuclear family implies destruction of the foundations of our society by attacking the “Domestic Church,” and thus the most basic pillar of society. Add CRT to the mix and even more families in America will become broken or non-functional.

    So the big question is -- what is the antidote to neo-Marxism? Prager made it clear and worth remembering. It has ALWAYS been the case that RELIGION was the one antidote to communism, stressing, in all cases.

    From the Muslims in Afghanistan to the Catholics in Poland, the Christian West defeating Fascists and most notably, the last best hope, a diverse group of religions in America, has always been the bulwark and antidote against not just an onslaught of American Marxism, but worldwide communism as well - until now. Notice only after leftists have worked so hard to purge religion from all facets of American life and society do we find ourselves in this situation. Indeed, Gallup just [reported] this week that Church membership among US adults fell below 50%, the first time in EIGHT decades.

    In ancient times, a Trojan horse was used by Greeks to enter the city of Troy to destroy the opposing army and win the war. The attack on the nuclear family, the school system, the churches and other institutions is poison in the heart of the country. My personal view is Americans may strive for equality, yet ought to resist the call for equity - simply put, equality replaced by equity destroys liberty.

    We have our work cut out. The problem is, we have no time to dither. The leftists continue to inject CRT ideology into our culture, our religious institutions, our politics and our people - the Trojan horse is within the city walls, but never forget to keep the faith.

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    Deborah Mary Sacco

    Gen. Flynn and Gen. McInerney on April 5th said on HIS GLORY channel that the Trojan Horse really is the Vaccine and it must be stopped worldwide. Finally it is coming out.

    Brett Short

    The "vaccine" is NOT a vaccine by medical definition of vaccine. The poison being promulgated actually suppresses the immune system leaving the body open to a real virus, as the vid is a fake virus. Corona viruses are real, but this crap is a hoax. I will certainly NOT take their poison. Biden can take the vaccine and shove it up his raggedy ol' ass!

    ShakenNot Stirred

    Well said. However, this communistic takeover is FAR greater than CRT could ever illustrate. True, the nuclear family is being obliterated, one letter at a time, and P will be the next legally pushed letter to add. Right now we are only identifying the toenails on the beast. The head of the beast must be severed. To do that requires a much more painful view of who and what the beast actually IS, where it originated, how it grew, and how it fights. America is not anywhere near ready to ask those questions. In fact much of America would rather just die off in peace, than face the beast and do something about it. If we love our children and grand children, a percentage of us must be bold enough to identify and then slay that beast.

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