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    The Biden Regime Is About To Be Delegitimized, And They Know It

    April 7, 2021
    The Biden Regime Is About To Be Delegitimized, And They Know It

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    Today in Maricopa County, AZ, law firms aligned with the Democrat Party coup orchestrated last November threatened to sue the auditors planning to go door-to-door in AZ to verify who voted and who didn't.

    Think about that.

    Why on God's green Earth would you threaten to sue over such a thing? The only answer is you don't want anyone to know about the massive election fraud that installed illegitimate Joe Biden in The White House.

    In a letter emailed Tuesday to the Senate’s hired auditors, attorneys for the non-profit voting-rights group Protect Democracy and three Phoenix firms warn that the auditors’ plan to knock on doors to search for voters likely violates state and federal law, wrote The Gateway Pundit.

    The lawyers say lawsuits could follow if the audit proceeds as planned.

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    In Georgia, Fulton County has played delaying tactic games as well; there is a hearing on April 13th to decide how the forensic audit of ballots at ground zero of election fraud in the Peach State moves forward. We expect more shenanigans there too.

    In short, along with actions in other states where the election fraud took place, the legitimacy of the Biden regime is about to be revealed, in a major way.

    The criminals cannot let this stand. They cannot let the ballots be analyzed. Their criminal house of cards will collapse.

    We expect extreme measures from the dark side.

    However, the public is watching. The Deplorables are winning the public relations war.



    CDM Staff

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    Sounds fantastic, but I'm a recovering hopeium addict. So I'm going with, "I'll believe it when I see it."


    Sorry, but the deep state will never allow a fair audit of the vote. When our elected officials failed to act, and our courts failed to act AND our military failed to act... we are left with only secession or civil war.


    Too much evidence has already been (aggressively) destroyed. The corrupt Maricopa "Election" Board still remains in control of all the evidence. They refuse to let Senate take custody of the ballots in place, and instead offer to "deliver to them" the ballots to some other location. In other words, the Senate is blocked off from having access to all of the evidence that still remains (which is itself tainted), and any access to the scene of the crime. The chain of custody is being broken by intent. The evidence is tampered evidence. That said, the Senate needs to get a backbone and take control of this situation and stop allowing themselves to be just pushed around over and over again by the corrupt Maricopa "Election" Board.

    At best we will learn of some specific examples of fraud and it will become hard for people to portray that as just a "glitch" or "irregularity". Hopefully, Arizona will be embarrassed to the point where they are forced (against they're will to change the Election Laws). But do not expect anyone to ever go to Jail for these crimes. The U.S. Court System has at every turn protected the criminal, globalist, Ruling Class and the perpetrators of Election Fraud. It is doubtful (if not impossible) that anything will ever cause these Election Thieves, and Globalists to lose any sleep here. Who would ever prosecute when THEY control the State DOJs and the entire U.S. Court System from top to bottom (and the Trump Court appointees were all chosen from Mitch McConnell's "pre-approved" sanitized list and were active and willful participants in covering up the Election Fraud too).

    I do not expect much to really happen here ...

    Mrs M

    We’ll be at war with Russia over Ukraine and Syria within the next 30 days. Funny how this picks up again with these two countries when Biden illegitimately takes over.

    Lisa Bast

    And they wonder why most Americans think there was election fraud. When you can’t be transparent, that sends a very strong message.

    Mike Anderson

    What's the point of auditing ballots 5 months after a stolen Election? If Democrat criminals were so brazen to steal a Presidential Election, wouldn't they make sure all or most of the fake ballots were corrected & having a forger go in & correct all those fake signatures like the day after the Election ended or that week or month, let alone having most of the fake ballots just sit there & not be corrected?? 🤭 😆 🤣


    None of the evidence was necessary. All investigations done for the benefit of We, The People. What don't you understand about, "We have it ALL."? If the people who say they support, even love, Trump, would just listen to him!! "These people are stupid." To whom is that last quite attributed?


    I pray that our God and Father will make our righteous warriors and patriotic Americans VICTORIOUS... I HAVE FAITH GOD WILL! Give us victory Lord, we bow to you and you only.


    I'll be the 1st to say I pray with all my heart this is true. But I'll throw in there I'm VERY tired of broken promises and dates given repeatedly and yet pass on by. Please, if this doesn't come to fruition, just stop. I can't do this anymore. I'm a god fearing patriot. But I'm tired of the rollercoaster

    Robert Moran

    Does anyone have any information about what happened to joebidenisnotmypresident.com?

    Beany in Michigan

    I won't be surprised if the building where the Maricopa County Election Board is holding the ballots goes up in flames, destroying all the ballots.

    Terry Bartley

    Why would US Senators allow a puny little election board tell them they cannot have ballots or count ballots in an election counting place? Why would any judge not put their sorry butt in jail? Why are we the People not surrounding the place and demanding justice? Before you answer, I know why... I'm just say'n..... I'm afraid if God does not intervein we have lost our Country. T.bart


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