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    Are We A Racist Country And Is Racism Systemic In America?

    May 26, 2021
    Are We A Racist Country And Is Racism Systemic In America?
    Image by TheTurducken

    Guest post by Jack McEncroe 

    A former President was asked about the answer to a crisis at that time and he responded, "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem".  

    Who is “government” and what do they produce?  

    Our government is comprised of elected and appointed officials and 2.1 million civilian workers, approximately 564,000 of whom live in Washington, DC, and surrounding counties.  

    What does our government produce? Our government produces absolutely nothing. Our government, on its own, has no resources and produces nothing.  

    The American citizens provide the only resources our government has through tariffs, regulatory fees and taxes. The government may print/ borrow money but the American people owe the debt.  

    The American citizens pay the salaries and expenses of the elected and appointed officials and the 2.1 million civilian workers. Why is this relevant? It will become apparent. 

    Have Americans let our Black brothers and sisters down?Indirectly yes, in our choices of elected politicians. For the past 55 years, some politicians have greatly limited opportunities in the Black community. Under the guise of compassion they have used welfare and numerous other programs to win hearts, minds, and votes while simultaneously creating a permanent underclass who votes their own futures away.  

    How can we remedy this injustice and restore their futures? We do that by providing jobs and opportunities for a solid education and advancement. Black students have excelled in charter schools in Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and the South Bronx in New York. These students were chosen by a lottery with no regard for their academic prowess and they excelled well beyond the national average. We need to allow free choice in the schools children attend. 

    Is America a racist country and is racism systemic in our country? Contrary to what politicians and the media tell you, the answer is no on both counts.  

    Do we have racists among us? 

    Yes, unfortunately we do, but America and the overwhelming majority of Americans are not racist.  

    Is law enforcement racist? 

    Same answer, no, but there are racist people within law enforcement just as there are in all walks of life. Racism flows both ways and sadly exists in all ethnic groups. 

    Are all of the present day protests being held on account of racism and the unconscionable and tragic death of George Floyd? We believe Sheriff Wiggins is correct when he explains that it is not just about race. The underlying foundation for all of this destruction is a movement capitalizing on the intolerable, terrible, and terminal treatment of George Floyd. It is not just about race. 

    We have two issues:

    1.    George Floyd’s unacceptable death while handcuffed and neutralized stoking the fire surrounding the Black community’s feeling of being targeted by the Police.

    2.    The injuries and deaths of innocent Americans and the destruction of public and private property and businesses. 

    In addressing #1: I checked the Federal data base and the Black community is responsible for 26.9% of all crime in America, 52% of all murders and manslaughter, and 54.5% of all robberies.  

    Challenging or nitpicking the veracity or accuracy of these exact statistics misses the point. The point is that any numbers approaching these levels are staggering.  

    Please consider that the Black population of America is only 13.4% and one can deduce that Black Americans have far more routine and dangerous encounters with police than any other race of Americans.  

    Leadership within the Black community should be addressing this and working with police departments but in many neighborhoods the criminals comprise the leadership. Is that a racist statement? No, it is a tragic fact!  

    How did we get here and what now?  The traditional nuclear family (those with both married parents) has been decreasing in Black communities since 1880. Democratic Senator and former sociologist Daniel Patrick Moynihan warned in the Moynihan Report in 1965 of the coming destruction of the Black family. In 1965, 25% of Black babies were born out of wedlock.  

    The year 1965 is relevant in that this is also the year that President Lyndon Johnson introducedtheGreat Society initiatives. We believe that the welfare state has contributed heavily to the removal of the husband from the home and the statistics are very revealing. 

    In 2011, 46 years after The War on Poverty was introduced, 72% of Black babies were born to unmarried mothers. That too is staggering and sadly is a tragic fact. It is not a stretch to say that lack of a father figure in Black households greatly contributed to the problem we now face. There is very little strong male leadership in Black communities. These American children have little or no guidance, and are easily influenced by the criminal element that has grown as the problem increases and the issues feed on themselves. 

    What now? I was one of two civilians involved in the formation of the Semper Fi High School All American Football Game sponsored by The United States Marine Corps. We held numerous football camps around the nation staffed by former NFL players and coaches but run by Marine Drill Instructors. Our first camp, as might be expected, had growing pains and was not well advertised in targeted areas so school buses were provided and driven through the Atlanta ghetto picking up young players. I was working my “day job” and could not attend but my partner, who is Black, relayed the story to me.  

    The school bus arrived at the high school field we had rented and the youngsters got off the bus with hats on backward, or worn sideways, pants below their butts, covered in tattoos, and “jivien’”, laughing, and dancing. In 5 minutes their pants were on correctly, hats on straight, they were stoically silent and marching under the command of Marine Drill Instructors.  

    My partner called me and was incredulous, and all I could do was pump my fist and laugh. I predicted the outcome because I was a Marine and I knew the magic of discipline and guidance and the otherworldly power of a Marine Drill Instructor. At the end of the 3-day camp the field was filled with very well-known former coaches and former Pro Bowl NFL players but the kids all gravitated to the Marine Drill Instructors. All kids thirst for attention, guidance, tough love, and discipline.  

    What now? 

    #1: We need the big city mayors to wake up and quit hiding from the problem. We need more police not less, and we need them in the high crime areas. We need them to be more than just law enforcement, we need them to be friends, mentors, and people to be admired. We need them to help fill the void that LBJ’s War on Poverty created by destroying the Black family. Who is responsible for the destruction of the Black family? Politicians! 

    However, first these mayors have to strongly back the police, and the criminals have to be removed from these neighborhoods permanently and punished. If there are concerns about prison space, there are abandoned parts of military bases all over this country that are readily available. Our judges have to abide by the law and quit employing social engineering techniques when sentencing. Who is responsible for no bail and immediate release of criminals in New York which handcuffs law enforcement? New York politicians!  

    #2: There are definitely factions / movements in our country that hate America as founded and want to abolish the Constitution. They believe in a big government that controls every facet of our lives. They believe in Globalism and Socialism over “America First” and Capitalism. However, most Americans believe in “America First”, Capitalism, and in our individual God-given liberties.  

    Traditionally, the wishes of the majority of Americans are only recognized near elections and then completely ignored once the elected disappear into the Washington bubble. 

    The factions/movements who hate America also reside in that bubble but are funded from around the world. George Soros is a very large financial supporter of radical subversive groups who hate America as founded. Soros is known for creating chaos wherever he can and benefitting financially from the chaos. Peaceful protests are highjacked by these subversive groups and that is where the destruction and “free re-distribution of goods” comes in. 

    These subversive groups/movements are paid “rent-a-mobs” whose only goal is to keep getting paid for stealing and destroying. They keep the spoils of their theft and get paid too. They treat Black, Mexican, Asians, and White Police Officers and businesses the same: kill, injure, steal, and destroy regardless of color or ethnicity. If this were solely about race, that would not be their method of operation.  

    These groups are targeting America, the American way of life, our history, and all Americans. They are targeting our God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and blaming it on racism.  

    These movements are led by politicians, the national media, and some very wealthy individuals in pursuit of increased power. Their goal is to divide us by any means possible and they employ chaos to break our will.  

    Politicians and the national media have an agenda that benefits their way of thinking but we are their employers and this is an election year, which they are attempting to influence —- but we have the last word. 

    The tail has been wagging the dog for far too long. The only question that ever needs to be asked when making a decision is “is this good for America and all Americans”?  

    Law and order must be restored now by any means available.  

    When they show up on Main Street in your town, it will be too late! 

    Wake up America!

    Jack McEncroe is  a Vietnam Combat Veteran and a US Marine Fighter and Attack Pilot who flew 352 combat missions in that war. He is also a Patriotic speaker who has maintained for decades that he is not an Irish-American and his fellow Americans are not Polish-Americans, German-Americans, French-Americans, Mexican-Americans, nor are they African-Americans. They are all Americans period. United we stand and divided we fall. The first people on their feet cheering are my black American brothers and sisters.  

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    National and Racial separation by God was the result of man's arrogance and rebellion against God when man unites as one as described at the Flood and then again at Babel. Remember this precedence set by God while considering the American experiment.

    Scripture clearly teaches us that the blending of nations and races together always resulted in man's pride, arrogance and rebellion against God. This precedence was set at the Flood and then again at Babel. God separated man by language and therefore "race" after Babel and He did it on purpose and for this reason only. He ensured it's continuance for a time by dividing the continents soon after. These acts of God after Babel created the races and nations of the world. It is the spirit of anti-Christ which claims racial and international unity as "good".

    See the pattern? This same pattern has swept the world not only with false racial narratives but with reprobate ideology: infant sacrifice, pedophilia, gender neutrality, unnatural homosexual acceptance as "normal", etc.

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    Perhaps we should consider that racial tensions throughout the industrialized world began at the formation of the American experiment. When the founders of America blended the races and nationalities together in open rebellion against God. The chickens are about to come home to roost as America reaps what it sowed. For those of you who still fantasize that America was God's new physical nation on earth. America is simply part of the 8th whose wings are about to be plucked off the lion (England) so that the lion can stand alone at the beast's table. The possibility of civil war is very great right now and this war will be fought largely along racial lines and throughout the industrialized world. Europe's recent trend of limitless refugee immigration has also set the same stage there.

    Because of man's willful ignorance of History in Scripture man is repeating the same abomination against God in these last days. This time however it is on a far larger scale than before and this time will also be the last time with Satan's one world government NOW realized. Once they purge all of the upright ones, those united as one against God in the name of their fake new unity and "morality" will all cry with one voice, "peace and safety" before their sudden destruction.



    "Is America a racist country and is racism systemic in our country? Contrary to what politicians and the media tell you, the answer is no on both counts. "

    Hate to break it to you but the answer is yes to systemic racism... if fact not only do we have systemic racism we have institutionalized systemic racism.

    I know into today world full of retard and stupid people word have a very fluid meaning. However in law, history, science and just rational common system they have meaning.

    The US supreme court has ruled time and time again that not only is the government racist but it has the courts blessing to be racist in a systemic and institutionalized way.

    You probably wonder what is ruling and many cases are... well just google "affirmative action". Now back in the day when words had meaning, the court and every sane and rational person agreed this is racism. Fun thing was it was "approved" racism. Now the ignorant and stupid flap a lot of gum and don't even know the meaning of words.

    Yes the US government is systemic institutionalized racism against white. It also have expanded to include bigotry against heterosexual and men. Nowadays people have become so used to being racist against whites they can't even think with the barest of thoughts on rational or objective facts.

    We will never fix anything or end racism and other problems in this country until idiots can learn simple definitions of words.

    David Nichols

    Racism is NORMAL. Whites think Blacks act strange. No "system" of racism is needed.


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