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    General Milley, Why Aren't You Calling Out Communist Extremism In Our Military?

    May 30, 2021

    A Maoist Cultural Revolution Is Happening On Your Watch

    General Milley, Why Aren't You Calling Out Communist Extremism In Our Military?
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    The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, spoke at my alma mater this week, the United States Air Force Academy. He said all the right things.

    He talked about being loyal to the Constitution, to staying out of politics as a military officer, to defending the nation with honor, defending the American way of life.

    Yet today, in real life, by omission, General Milley does none of these things.

    We have been harsh on General Milley at CDMedia for his outspoken comments against former* President Donald Trump, where Milley publicly engaged in political behavior. That was troubling enough.

    However today, as he holds the biggest bully pulpit in the military world, (we understand he has no line command authority and is in a staff position) Milley does not use that pulpit to call out a full-blown Maoist insurrection metastasizing in our armed forces as we speak.

    Why is that? Why does it take a lowly field grade officer, Lt Col Lohmeiher, USAF, to ring the klaxon? What possible excuse could Milley have for not taking on the real extremism bubbling right under his nose? Why isn't Milley publicly supporting Lt Col Lohmeier?

    And while we are at it, why aren't other flag officers in the United States military coming to Lohmeier's defense?

    Do Milley, and these other officers in positions of senior command, really believe that 'white supremacy' is the existential threat to the United States? Do they not see our cities burning? Do they not see the abject racism against whites, and Jews, coming from Black Lives Matter and other cultural Marxist organizations, streamed every night to our living rooms?

    Milley spoke a stone's throw away of monuments to Billy Mitchell, Curtis Lemay, Hap Arnold, Robin Olds, Lance Sijan at the main grounds of USAFA. These were warriors of honor, who sacrificed for our beloved republic.

    Today as we speak, we hear of incoming cadets at Air Force being mailed videos full of cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory.

    Where are the Billy Mitchell's of our day?

    The Court-Martial of Colonel Billy Mitchell

    Our military used to have the respect of the nation, above all other governmental institutions.

    Officers like General Milley are destroying that respect as they allow a communist infiltration of the ranks.

    Maybe we give Milley the benefit of the doubt, maybe he doesn't really know what is happening and just trying to do the right thing. Maybe.

    However, we find that hard to swallow.

    Perhaps there is a darker answer to the question.

    Milley and others need to understand that eventually, the American people will win against this coup. Those officers that helped execute this Maoist infiltration will be held accountable in a courts martial.

    We suggest some new Billy Mitchells start standing up.

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    All FreeMasons in the military get the fucking rope.


    Cowardly comment section. Your site is doomed as ignored propaganda.

    Russell Jones

    Because he's a communist sympathizer. If Trump gets back to the White House, his first order of business should be to clean up the military mess that has been created by Obama and Biden. Those two have worked to elminate all real patriots and promote leftists like Milley.


    Those who ignore truth are doomed.

    Barry J

    Billy Mitchell was courts martialed by the Generals who were offended by his revolutionary ideas, but he was right. Seems to me General Milley is on the opposite side of the equation. Critical Race Theory has no place in the military, and nor does Marxism. The USAF discovered that Black airmen were not being promoted as fast as their peers in the early 1970s so they developed Social Actions. Groups of white NCOs were put into classrooms, and Black social actions NCOs spent considerable time addressing racism in the USAF. If Critical Race Theory is now necessary it seems the Social Actions program was a failure. Blacks were given every opportunity to succeed, and selection processes to Officer Training School were weighted to increase the numbers of Black officers in the force. There was a Black trainee in my 1978 OTS class who had a Master's degree from a Black college. When he was tested for reading ability it turned out he read at a 6th grade level. But he graduated with gold bars like the rest of us. We helped each other out. A female officer trainee was scared by the .38 pistol, but two guys shot next to her and she made expert on her qualification! The US military is a place for real equal opportunity, or at least it was in my day. Is "woke" a new military rank?

    John Whitworth

    The job of the Military is to Kill and Destroy things...on behalf of the country you serve. Turning the Military into a Social Experiment was an Outrage when Hillary tried it...its 10 times worse now


    Thought Milley was arrested and sent to GITMO.

    Larry M

    Making general is often affected by military politics and sometimes affected by personal political positions at the Officers Club.
    If Gen Milley gives his opinion in a graduation speech, you can bet that all Generals and Colonels wanting to advance in the next six to eight years will fall in line. Obama proved that when he suggested many quit in his day.
    I am fully with Todd on this.


    get rid of that snake.


    Perhaps this General is of the same ilk as Philby.


    I served in the late 70s, mostly under Carter. The young officers that stayed to make a career during and immediately after that period were not the best caliber people. Essentially they were the slugs and the office pogues that wouldn’t or couldn’t do anything else. Fast forward to the year 2001 and you find that most senior military leaders began their careers in the 70s and were probably unfit for any level of command, let alone flag levels. Oh they had punched all their tickets and attended all the right schools, but very few had led companies or platoons in combat. Couple that with the fact that every major conflict the US has been involved in since WWII has been undeclared war, and thus run by politicians, and you have no choice but to look upon a seriously damaged US military. Our fine young men and women volunteer for service, expecting to be exposed to fine senior leadership, but are instead met with slugs and pogues more interested in their precious careers than developing a well tuned fighting unit. The all volunteer, standing US military has been an abject failure.


    USNA just had Kamala as their commencement speaker. She told everyone to enjoy their “long weekend”. Our son graduated 2020. At the time we thought our Mids were robbed because they didn’t get to have Commissioning Week. I think the 2021 grads who had to listen to her nonsense were the ones who really suffered.


    ALL Military officers are Cuckolds. And they LOVE LGBTQ. It got bad when they went to Afghanistan and learned to abuse boys sexually. You know, THEIR culture and all that. "Go along to get along.' They got hooked. Now i is LGBTQ 24/7. And celebrate ALL but the White Man.


    Milley & the Pentagram Generals are All on the Ching Chong Chicom Payroll.


    Remember the USS Liberty!


    One of the things I was told when I was in the military: generals become politicians, once they get their stars. No, we can not separate our political views when we are in. Yes, I have seen racism when in the service, but it was not white against black: so, politics are and will be the same. Generals are raised up or put down by those in power via the Whitehouse. With those in-charge today being communist minded, so will be the generals, because they do not want to loose their stars, or actually have those views and beliefs. I will ask, if Millie did not have those views and opinions, then why is he Chief of Staff? There is also another option, maybe he is laying in wait to enact a "military coup d'etat" , to collect the needed crimes to remove those who have sold out America. I know what I'd like to see, but I fear that it will not make a difference, at this point in time. If there is a civil war and military coup d'etat, the world will come down on us to "safe guard" our nuclear weapons. The plan is perfect and at this point, the out come is all the same: the fall of America as we knew it. God help us. I can not as Him to bless us, as a nation we have turned our collective back to him.


    Most people don't know that senior officers with 2 or more stars are political appointees. The owning service makes a list of eligible candidates to the president, who then selects his nominees, and submits their names to the Senate for confirmation, much like federal judges. Milley made his second star under Obama, when the latter was conducting his purge of patriotic officers from the DOD. That tells you what you need to know about Gen Milley.


    Curtis LeMay?
    comment image


    My brother was in the AF in the 70s and HATED it because of the many arrogant, beligerant, nasty new Black NCOs. He took an early out.

    I also remember the 2019 West Point Grads that President Trump stood for hours shaking hands with and they had the gall to write a letter denigrating their Commander in Chief, President Trump, and General Milley for standing together at the church next to the White House after BLM tried to burn it. But instead of sock puppet Milley having a spine, he decided to be an embarrassement to President Trump and apologize for his behavior. Every one of the grads that signed that letter should have been stripped of their commission. And General Milley should have been given THE BOOT!! BEYOND DISGUSTED!!


    The Military are cowards and spineless. The US Armed Forces today are nothing more than the Strong Arm Criminal Thug Gang Members to protect The Banksters profits around the world.
    The US Military are nothing less than Treasonous Morons.

    Any person stupid enough to be maimed and or killed for The Banks and The Military Industrial Complex, deserves what they get.

    If you are in the military today, I spit in your face for your treason to this country and it's people!! You are a Treasonous Traitor for obeying Unconstitutional Orders and obeying the very Admirals, Generals, and Constipated Commander in Chief who's very intention is to destroy that which you took an oath to defend. Yet, you do nothing but obey your captors.



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