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    We Are Defenseless, China Will Strike Before Biden Is Removed

    June 14, 2021
    Is The Pfizer Vaccine The CCP Vaccine?

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    It is obvous what is going on.

    We are defenseless at the moment. Joe Biden Does Not Have The Nuclear Codes.

    Who does?

    We are wide open to attack.

    Biden is already delegitimized as a leader. However, before the regime is forced to leave office, as the American people awaken to the fraud, the Chinese Communist Party will strike.

    The CCP has weakened us brilliantly and now is the time. If they wait, a strong American leader will emerge, and their chance will be lost forever, the new American leader will pressure China's weak points, and the CCP will fall.

    We cannot wait even two years to 2022.

    This macabre farce of a regime has to be replaced with an American patriot leader now, via a Constitutional method, nullification, dercertification, something.

    Our secrets are being revealed. Our technology is being transferred.

    One thing we know is this was all planned out decades in advance...the pandemic, the vaccine, the stolen election.

    They for sure have the next phase planned out as well.

    China has already committed multiple acts of war in the last 18 months. The CCP used weapons of mass destruction by prosecuting biological warfare against our nation. They committed thousands of cyber attacks in the recent decade, including flipping enough votes to install a puppet regime in The White House last November.

    Our military is being compromised daily. There is a Maoist revolution being executed inside our armed forces by treasonous officers, loyal to Obama and China only.

    China's attack on our homeland is being enabled by traitors in our midst.

    America needs leadership.

    We need someone to stand up and lead us out of this abyss, before it is too late.

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    John Acord

    If that leader exists he must be given absolute authority, unimpeded by any restrictions to lead us to victory;otherwise, our institutions are too compromised and the embedded ChiCom agents and their hordes of fellow-travellers will be able to thwart effective resistence.

    Jacques Noir

    We are under attack from within. A purge of traitors inculding SES and abolishment of three letter agencies. The Red Chinese are as nothing against the real America once unleashed.


    We are defenseless by careful design friends. We are in the end game for one world government and that cannot happen for the globalist community lead by China until America as a world power is destroyed. There will be no going back nor will there be any cavalry coming to our rescue. They have made their big move so allowing another populist movement in America to come into power is absolutely out of the question.

    Who would come anyway? All of the U.S. government at the top are bought and paid for by China including the top military brass. The U.N. is a big part of this grand scheme for one world government so don't expect any help from them.

    Civil war is the only option but keep in mind that none of you are prepared to fight it and even if you were, opposition control keeps you on your heels waiting for Trump or someone to come and save the day for America. That is not going to happen. As you all wait, the reprobates controlled by China get more steps ahead of you so even if you think you have the victory, chinese troops will squash it quickly and yes I believe it will go nuclear and those nukes will be dropped on red states strongholds only. Certainly not D.C. where China and their globalist allies reside.

    You have all been betrayed by the governments of the world controlled by Satan. You trusted in human government and not the Lord Jesus Christ so it serves us all right to be betrayed. Read your Bibles and Repent. If you do not obey the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ you will all perish whether right or left. Say goodbye to the cushy lives you all thought you had in America, there will be nothing left soon and we are most likely in the last seven years before Christ's Return to reclaim His possession from Satan. So you best make sure you are on the right side of HIM before it is too late for you. Don't worry He will recompense them far worse than anything you could even imagine doing. Obey the Creator and His Gospel now.



    We have women graduating Ranger school , we're toast.


    So few care that all is lost already.

    Remo Williams

    We are looking into the Abyss, standing at the edge of survival and obliteration. People should look at how the marxist left has infiltrated so completely all of our education institutions and media. The one person who could have moved to stop at least some of this was George Bush (junior), but he didn't lift a finger. The problem I see is exactly what was stated in the article, tactically the author is correct, we are standing on thin ice here, no one attacks when a country is strong. I've often held the opinion that during the Vietnam conflict our own Democratic Party actually helped the enemy kill our own people do to ridiculous ROE. I fear the same may happen again with China. If I were in charge I would task the Joint Chiefs to tell me how to completely disable China's military in less than 1 hour, and yes every weapon system is on the table. A prolonged conflict with China could be disastrous for humanity as whole.


    The Bible is clear as crystal that if massive, direct intervention from Heaven through the "Sons of God", all flesh would be destroyed. The good news is the Bible is always right about the future.


    Strategy and tactics combine for the absolute right moment and somewhere after the election Treason being brought out and and any action will be their time to act. National election tampering is TREASON. Local election tampering for mayor is fraud.


    Too many American traitors who sold out to China because of greed

    Joe B

    China has been able to infiltrate our institutions, media movie industry etc because of traitors in our own country willing to allow it. A former DOD official claims DOD helped fund the Wuhan China not just Fauci. China is allowed to buy land here. We have idiots in our government who allowed importing their Covid masks apparently never questioning if they could contain another virus .


    If you saw the latest woke army recruiting video and plans to make suits for pregnant combat pilots China has nothing to worry about.


    I hope the Chinks obliterate Los Angeles and San Francisco before we bomb them up into the Stone Age.


    Well, to intend and plan is not equivalent with success .

    Some groups were intending and imagining plans for ignoring, in a china communist style, through a global government, the world 's democracies and states for many years. And these groups are trying to acheive their desire, through languages lobbied or corrupted at some UNO agencies.

    One such trying is by inventing today a climate human damage, as if the weather's physics would be human dependent, or by inventing a huge dispertion density for a manufactured virus, as if the nature or the humans have just produced a complete out of the ecosysthem virus so that neither the healthy innate human immune systhems nor some drugs would be sufficient, so that to try to pretend a need for a global government acction with global vax citizens, meaning nullifying states, cultures, traditions, human creations and the diversity of human intellectual and artifacts life, the diversity of law codes and that of land circumsribable sovereignty, by the means of frauding voting machines and psychological panic attack.

    Trying is not equivalent with success, until we do reject it on thr ground of human thinking and human knowledge.

    Its just some tryings of some maladives fantasies, quite pathological.

    Mike Vaughan

    Just wishful thinking...But Hoping Trump still has the codes...Trump knew the election was stolen... Who in their right mind would give the codes to a puppet for the marxist left? Maybe there is some truth to the theory that the military is really in charge now from Trumps EO....And that there is a sting going on.....

    The Searchers

    We probably have some defenses, but likely will be dismantled in the next couple of years.
    US strategy is to make US economically interdependent, so China destroying US would destroy their biggest customer.
    China will likely end up protecting the US so it can continue economic exploitation.
    If the US becomes China’s economic slave, would it make any sense for the Chinese to destroy the US?
    The goal of China isn’t to destroy the US, but to make the US dependent on them economically and militarily so they can continue economic exploitation and world domination as the world’s only superpower.

    Mike Vaughan for the win!

    Oh my goodness - in a sea of delusion Mike Vaughan you take the crazy cake. Holy cow. The only codes trump has are the ones to access his McDonald’s account and those are likely 1234


    I'm only an retired enlisted person, but I wouldn't bet against American Patriots!!

    I would

    @Duffdad - I would

    Acceptable Losses

    There are Maoists in the DOD like Austin who do Obama's bidding. And they want to break up the U.S. so (((they))) can rule the world. They can only be successful if they win by subterfuge. An open act of war would be a mistake. They can't be sure the crew of each Boomer sub would stand down if the PRC pulls an open attack. One warhead hitting the Three Gorges Dam would effectively eliminate China as a nation. So, no overt act of war by China will occur. The attack would be clandestine.

    The COVID bioweapon was an act of war, but they concealed it well. The PRC would only use another clandestine means of attack. The PRC would not want a nuke on the 3 Gorges dam to kill 400 million of their people in 24 hours, with a few hundred million more starving to death. We are vulnerable, but not hopeless or helpless.

    So, imagine what would be the next devastating secret attack on the U.S.? Well, it won't be a disease, but it could be the Vaccine itself. If that is the case, the attack has already happened. If the Vaccine is a second bioweapon, then we will know soon enough and still have time to retaliate in a manner that would eliminate the PRC as a viable nation.

    More likely it will be an Internet outage with power and communications failures nationwide. That would very quickly kill tens, or even hundreds of thousands of medically vulnerable persons who rely on high tech treatment. The loss of air conditioning would kill many of our elderly too, possibly millions of elderly. Millions of dead innocents are going to really piss off the 75 million people who we know voted for President Trump. The death of so many vulnerable people would still leave the US with a retaliatory capacity that could eliminate China as a nation in a 24-48 hour period.

    It is more likely that the PRC sees that a large percentage of the US population are now awake to their machinations - let's say it was JUST the 75 million people who voted for President Trump. That is too many to think none of the 75 million are the loved ones of the crews of the Boomer fleet. The PRC won't take the chance. Whereas the U.S. as a nation cannot be destroyed by one well aimed nuke, China can - the 3 Gorges Dam.

    The PRC are going to cut their losses and toss (((them))) under the bus - there is, in fact, no honor among thieves. The PRC used the Cabal and the Cabal thought they controlled the PRC - they didn't. Blackmail only works if the victim cares what others think of him. The PRC is lead by absolutely amoral individuals - they don't care what anyone thinks of them.

    The Cabal picked a total loser, Hillary, to replace Obama and patriotic Americans chose to vote for Donald Trump. The Patriots won. And we are going to win again. President Trump will return to his rightful office within several months and the Cabal (including the Deep State) are going to be charged, tried, and convicted.


    The inflection point in the demise of America was when the Saudi King used massive bribery and corruption to put the obama in the White House. The obama immediately took control and corrupted the intelligence agencies which then allowed the fraudulent 2020 elections. to be implemented . The many elections of moslems into lower positions from police to senators were also likely due to fraudulent elections. The islamic focus is to put America under sharia slavery and the use of China is just another weapon in their plans.


    After China invades Taiwan, they have full control of the East, then they'll take the US apart. Most of the Democrat and half the Republican politicians are in their payroll or are being blackmailed by their swallows.


    Anyone got anymore of that "conspiracy theory" dope? The US gov't smoked all mine and didn't even pay for it!


    All this talk of war and intentional virus applications; anyone actually awake out there? Because if you are, you will do the following if you haven't already; keep an eye on Mike Lindell's lawsuit against Dominion and his upcoming symposium near the end of July to shed light on the whole manner with which the 2020 election was stolen. He's inviting the world to see and that includes you!

    Watch Absolute Truth, (if you can still find it on the web, I'd try Rumble.com) and then find Mike Lindell's 9 - 0.

    You will see that China and her allies, (care not whom they are) literally cyber-stole the US election in 2020, destroyed Venezuela in two years and likely stole the last Canadian election.....at a minimum!

    If you can bother yourself to locate it and understand, (again if you don't already know), you'll soon come to find that there are millions of us out there that will not go gently, obediently and silently into the Marxist night! Think you can't count on the Deplorables to make a statement and take a stand.....my prediction, (and it's only that a prediction not some prophetic statement or desire for details to occur) is that things are about to turn red! Only I don't mean commie RED, I mean the streets shall flow red with the blood of all....the battle has already commenced all y'all, so I can only suggest that you get wise, very very wise in the coning weeks and prepare yourself, your family and those of like minded individuals around you!

    As one person write earlier, seven years all; and I think we know who shall be victorious in the end! Don't think you need to have read much of the Bible to understand!

    We Are Borg

    Simple solution: China holds around $1.1T of U.S. Treasury bonds, or about 4% of our total $28T of national debt. They NEED our paper plus $3T in foreign exchange reserves in order to prop up their house-of-cards export-based economy. China must "peg" their currency, the yuan, to the USD in order to provide cheap exports to the U.S. Without our paper, their entire economy collapses!

    Oh, and we're paying them interest on those bonds; enough interest every year to almost finance their entire national defense budget. Yup, we've been paying for all those new hi-tech aircraft, ships and submarines we'll be fighting when China decides to invade Taiwan (soon).

    True, China could "punish" us by suddenly unloading all their U.S. obligations on the open market, causing a temporary rise in interest rates here, but the rest of the world would easily gobble up the excess in a matter of days. Even now, our paper is still considered THE safest and reliable investment in the world, everyone wants it. China's lame attempt at destroying the U.S. economy by getting rid of the one thing they need most will only cause a short-term affect on our economy at best. This is what they call a "Pyrrhic Victory" -- yeah, you won this one battle, but totally destroyed your army in the process.

    Then where will China be if they can no longer peg the yuan to the USD? All the sudden those "cheap" imports to the U.S. are no longer so cheap, the U.S. starts looking for other more-competitive suppliers -- maybe Taiwan, India, Philippines, or even Eastern European countries like Poland and Hungary.

    The Searchers

    We could request surrender terms, however the Anchorage, Alaska meeting emphasized the US is coming to China from a position of weakness and surrender is unconditional.


    The US Military are Controlled by Treasonous Generals


    The next 2 months are critical. If there gonna do it itll be done soon, Populism is growing to tsunami level, we will tear down what is broken and corrupted. The sleeping giant lives and is getting to its feet. God bless America, vote Trump. lol - we already did


    "We Are Defenseless, China Will Strike Before Biden Is Removed"
    "One thing we know is this was all planned out decades in advance…the pandemic, the vaccine, the stolen election."

    Like you said, CCP has already struck. There is no reason for them to have a "Pearl Harbor, D-Day Landing or 9-11" for that matter.
    The head of the fish has already started rotting.


    Did you mean, "We cannot wait even 2 years to 2024"?


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