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    NETFLIX’ & The Obamas’ Gay-ification Of American Culture

    June 28, 2021
    Screenshot Netflix

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    Homosexuality in film has exploded since the release of Brokeback Mountain.

    More recently it’s been magnified after Barack Obama’s gay-ification of NETFLIX.

    The Obamas’ influence on NETFLIX’s board has subjected America’s children, night-after-night, to sweating adults engaged in same-sex acts; wives, moms and sisters intimate with the same sex, and men wearing floral print dresses not reminiscent of Monty Python.

    This manipulation of reality is accompanied with the cultural, media, and political conditioning of the consumer. Meanwhile, parents who objected to NETFLIX’s alternate universe were reflexively called homophobe, racist, and sexist.

    It may come as a surprise: men lacking homosexual tendencies will never knowingly pay to see Brokeback Mountain. Put another way, we’d rather be waterboarded.

    After NETFLIX handed Barry and Michelle select production, the New York Post reported, NETFLIX has become the Obama's Propaganda Machine.

    The pair didn't just stop at homosexuality in their attempt to trespass the norms of history, influence culture and common sense. Under their watch Netflix also produces kiddie porn.

    The list of NETFLIX productions with gay themes, or peripherally weaving gay narratives through their scripts, is daunting. One might even think that NETFLIX required of producers to insert gay, transgender threads into every script. Play if you want the pay.

    Gays comprise 4.5% of the population, with only 3.9% male according to WIKI.

    Through its providers, syndications and media outlets, American and western Euro culture is hammered with sex-fluidity, almost 100% of the time. In other words, 4.5% of the population dominates culture through its entertainment mediums and messaging. The 96% rest is dominated by the cancel culture that cancels norms. Cancel culture is the secular version of proto-religious shunning of people who won’t go along to get along.

    Take THE FALL OF A CITY, the story of Helen of Troy and the Trojan Wars.

    In this fictionalized gay fantasy of a fairy tale, the “warrior-god" Achilles is recast as a balder Obama look-alike, gay as anyone who's ever overdosed on laughing gas. Achilles’ “heel” is a "sensitive" gay "friend" who rounds out the warrior-god’s inner woman.

    To advance the viscosity of the fluidity flowing through this comedy, we watch these two sweating chest-to-chest in a mano-a-mano vision of a twirking Fire Island beach frolic.

    The two Spartans also "shared" (for variety’s sake) a Greek female slave. She became the ground meat in the mano-a-mano sandwich.

    Gay porn was not enough for NETFLIX, Michelle and Barack. Bisexuality and the gang rape of innocents over whom these gay men hung life and death power, are the norm at NETFLIX.

    In other words, as feminist motive can be based in lesbianism and the hatred of men; queer psychology may arguably be related to the hatred and fear of women and a revulsion of female genitalia. More interestingly, in NETFLIX’s FREUD, the medical pioneer’s bisexuality was never mentioned.

    What we have in FALL OF A CITY, folks, is the unmitigated narcissist Obama, casting himself in the image of a legendary Greek god. A Greek god is how he’s always imagined himself.

    Before having descended from Mt. Olympus with the Alinsky Tablets, Obama returned to Greece to compare the real deal with the Greek Temple he built for himself in 2008.

    Obama’s edifice to his immortal glory was based on Berlin's Pergamon Museum's ALTAR OF ZEUS! 

    EXCERPT: "In 2008, United States Senator Barack Obama spoke to 200,000 adoring fans in Berlin at the foot of the “Victory Column”—a military monument co-opted by Adolf Hitler and revamped by his chief architect, Albert Speer.

    The decision to speak at the controversial site before he was anointed “president” was the same arrogance and hubris that would come to signify Obama’s tenure in office.

    I was astounded to read of a very disconcerting spiritual connection beyond the obvious link to the 3rd Reich. It was first brought to my attention via Tom Horn’s excellent book Apollyon Rising 2012:

    …not far from where Obama delivered his rousing speech, is the Great Altar of Zeus in the Pergamon Museum. According to several reports, Obama visited the Great Altar while in Berlin…

    “And to the angel of the church in Pergamum write: The One who has the Sharp Two-Edged Sword says this—‘I know where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is; and you hold fast My Name, and did not deny My Faith even in the days of Antipas, My witness, My faithful one, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells.’” ~ Revelation 2:12-13..."  REF: Johnny Girucci

    Well-read on Saul Alinsky's book, Rules for Radicalsdedicated to Lucifer, with Biden now following his direct orders, Obama reminded America in which direction it is heading.

    The same place where the captive tens of millions of children are heading: to NETFLIX to be indoctrinated into the homosexual, lesbian, transgender-fluid lifestyle.

    Barry’s Executive Action encouraged men into schoolgirl's bathrooms; and to compete against girls on the sports field.

    2021 America is glorifying the Kamala Harris Administration’s (not a misprint) elevation of the improbable caricature of the obscene tranny, Rachel Levine. Grossly obese and pug ugly, Rachel wears heels, lipstick, a dress, and frizzy long dyed blond hair. In one word: revolting.

    Going FORWARD! we have an old man pretending to be a woman, severely-mentally ill, who will manage America's “healthcare” system.

    Doubling down at NETFLIX, Obama even hired his gofer Susan Rice of Benghazi lying fame to its board for programming. More recently Barack inserted the fabulist chronic liar Rice into the Oval Office, who now is Obama’s proxy commandant! Obama’s “leftenant” passthrough, Rice directs Veep Joe Biden and President Kamala Harris.

    Right after Biden’s swearing in, Rice allegedly forwarded Obama's pre-prepared 50 Executive Orders promptly signed - on the first day. Not a single EO benefited America. Every EO and EA (executive action) preserved Obama’s failed and destructive legacy, and was intended to overturn Trump’s success-filled one. This, regardless of the damage Biden’s malevolent submission will have caused the nation. Obama’s EOs are the reminders and punishing of America for having had the bad judgement to have voted for the right president the last round.

    Rice made sure that Biden surrounded himself with Obama rethreads...and he has.

    NETFLIX’s fluidity will forever imprint America’s youth into LGBTQ, the notion that 4.5% of America is THE norm, and the 96% who were the norm are to be shunned. Obama’s 50 EOs signed by Joe Biden insured fundamental CHANGE - the Iranian nukes the former president promised for America and Israel. One Holocaust was not enough.

    With foreign election interference combined with George Soros’ Open Society, Obama made himself America's first three term president. He hijacked the culture, Hollywood, legacy media, social media, academe, and weaponized America’s intelligence agencies. These explain the elevation of the compliant Joe Biden to the presidency. And an obedient one-voice Democrat Party and SCOTUS fearful of, and blackmailed by, their own weaponized operatives.

    As America suffers through the pummeling of Achilles’ heel, or better put, Obama’s Boot on America’s Face going Forward, what goes through your phobic and sexist minds Dear Reader?

    Don’t tell me what you’ve just read is preposterous! 

    A gay Greek Achilles, cast as a black central African Obama look-alike, is not preposterous?

    Not even after you watched a whole nation prostrate themselves at the feet of the one who worshiped his own glorious self at The Altar of Zeus?



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    Andrew Benjamin

    Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, equities trader, a former economic advisor to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani; serving on the transition team's Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget. Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, economic issues, the Mideast, terrorism, technology, high end audio and transnational politics.
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    William I. Brenner

    The Netflix series "Halston" about the fashion-brilliant gay designer, had to depict something most humans do not wish to view, ie, outdoor public anal fornication in a truck parking lot in the Meatpacking (sic) District of Manhattan with Halston himself participating. Most people know that certain trades, eg, fashion designers,balletists, and hairstylists, are populated by gay men but could care less. The society mostly accepts a "live and let live attitude" re gay men, the 3.9%. Where issues arise is the transgender intrusion and infliction of what most believe to be mental illness into the classroom and school bathrooms of elementary and high schools.

    Bruce Tominello

    Obama is a closeted gay man. As a non closeted gay man I can tell you with certainty that Obama was out and about in Chicago. Sadly many of his “acquaintances” are no longer with us to corroborate the stories.


    Is it true that Gays commit more suicide than do regular people? And if so do they have help in that suicide?

    Colonel Rottencrotch

    Barry and Mike ruined what was left of netflix.


    When you are bath house clientele, as we know Soetoro was, I am not at all surprised that he and Mike “fundamentally changed America” and continue to run the White House.
    I will dance and spit on their graves.


    Obama was a disaster who's catastrophic effects are just beginning to ripple through American history...as truncated as our history may turn out to be...

    Victor B Anderson
    Ron Ferrara

    Obama was accused of being gay by a man called Sinclair. That man ended up dead in a vehicle accident.


    Sodom & Gomorrah, is that what you depraved monsters really want???? May God have mercy on you, because I and most real Americans will not!!!


    Bill Clinton was our first black president and Bathhouse Barry was our first gay president. We are so screwed.

    Robert C Anderson

    Barak Obama does prefer gay sex per investigations by Dinesh D'Souza in his book "United States of Socialism", and one of his Chicago sex partners was arrested with a warrant issued by a Biden in Delaware. Another sex partner was killed before Obama was elected. The "Left" was concerned that Obama's gay lifestyle would not be acceptable in an election. Obama is a puppet of the globalist billionaires who have many other puppet "teleprompter readers" in politics. When Obama was taken away from the teleprompter in India, their politicians were surprised to discover that he had little to say.


    Sodom and gomorrah, what would God do?

    Old Vet

    It truly is sad that the first black man to become president was this POS.

    Countering Old Vet

    It is truly sad that the first orange man to become president was that thin skinned, dumb, inept, twice impeached, two time popular vote losing, one term POS

    GT Void

    Considering that Barry is an FTM and Moochelle an MTF, this is hardly a surprise.

    GT Void

    Wow, a lot of ignorance or just plain stupidity in that sentence. The impeachments were total farce and the last election a total fraud, obviously so. You really have to dumb not to see that. However, everything preceding that is correct as well as the last word in the statement.

    Get Void Between Your Ears

    By ignorance and stupidity in a sentence you are - of course - referring to the one sentence that is your previous post aren’t you GT Void Between Your Ears?


    I was good with you being you, as long as you didnt push it on me. But they cant leave it alone, everything is gay, trans, lesbian and a multitude of others in your face all the time. F you.

    Winona Layne

    We are witnessing the downfall of America by Satan's demonic disciples. Obama started this demonic agenda and look how much it's grown. Now even children are targets of this antiChrist agenda.

    Fresh air will do you good

    Winona - you need to get outside of the trailer sometime. The stagnant air is messing with your brain.


    Not sure what else anyone would expect from the first gay president...


    Obama was accused of being gay by a man called Sinclair. That man ended up dead in a vehicle accident.


    Has Larry Sinclair been FOSTERIZED? I didn't know that. Not the first...



    "Barack is gay and Michelle is a trannie"...cost Joan Rivers her life.


    The bogus and non-American false potus Obama Bin Barack attempts to raise his defeated and empty head by promoting boring 'National Parks' documentaries. Keep in mind that it was Obama Bin Barack, nee Barry Soetoro, who announced to all that he "hated Americans". Same goes for the disbarred-attorney elder-scamming pug-faced Soetoro woman.


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