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    Wokeness Is Sabotaging The Military Academies

    July 19, 2021
    Image by Tijoka

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    Professor Lynne Chandler Garcia recently published an op-ed in the Washington Post in which she defended indoctrinating her students on the concepts of critical race theory, or CRT.

    Normally, this wouldn’t raise any eyebrows. A member of the intelligentsia teaching her students a boutique academic theory? Hardly shocking. What did get people’s attention was Garcia's place of employment. None other than the U.S. Air Force Academy.

    CRT presents a nebulous set of beliefs that encourage people to look at every issue through the prism of race. Its next step is to sort individuals into groups of "oppressors" and "oppressed." It’s a poisonous ideology that accuses white people of being oppressors and asserts that minorities cannot succeed in America without perpetuating white supremacy...

    To read more visit The Washington Examiner.

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    Steven Grigsby

    Only in Colorado Cuckoo Land the nickname for the USAF Academy. I guess we are transiting form the US Air Force to the US Air Farce. And Hudson High (West Point Army) and Canoe U (Annapolis Navy) aren't any better.


    I have four kids in the US military with the youngest having plans to enlist. The four have refused to re-up their contracts while my youngster has changed his mind. None want to sully their good names and that of the family by associating with known traitors among the brass.

    Decline to State

    Oh well. Free education. 5 years and bail.



    This video interview with documents is from 16 july Corona Committee from Germany.

    This is one toxin, the mental one, and there is the other toxin, the biological one which has 73 patentes for all its components since 2002,

    with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. To have patentes for it, means to not be from nature. There was no lab leak.


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