• Republicans: All bark, No Bite

    August 12, 2021

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    Republicans have long been known as the party of reason, and the Democrats have now become the party of dramatic antics and temper tantrums when they do not get their way.  Instead of resorting to Constitutional measures, the left has frequently utilized non-political instruments (such as the media, Hollywood, and cancel culture on an ideological level) to accomplish their objectives. However, as admirable as it may be that Republicans follow the democratic process and play by the rules, at what point will they realize that they are being out-gunned by the liberal army?  With multiple points of attack, the left has been gaining significant ground in America, while the right has been picking up mere scraps. Since 2008, Democrats have been on the offensive, progressively moving their battle lines forward step by step, as Republicans have retreated to their fortifications.

    Republicans will call out what Democrats do as incorrect, but usually only after the Democrats have come forth with their first offensive play.  With the left on the attack, Republicans play defense with information and facts, which is seemingly borderline irrelevant these days.  They moan and cry about leftist policies through their media platforms and to the Congressional floor but never actually present a plan or take drastic legal action to combat the left’s aggressively offensive moves as they are occuring. Over the last 4 years, Democrats comfortably used tax payers dollars to waste the time of our elected officials to focus on impeaching President Donald J. Trump in an attempted coup, rather than fix the actual problems they were elected to address. We all knew what they were doing was wrong but hey, they believed their own lies and did something about it. Republicans complained about their actions but after it was all over, it was back to radio silence. Republicans defended their stance without taking aggressive moves as retribution against Democrats for wasting time, taxpayer dollars, and generally ignoring the constitutional process.

    This past summer our great cities were desecrated during BLM riots, statues honoring our founders were torn down, our courts attacked, and the majority of American media lied about what was really happening. Republicans had all the evidence to do something about what was occuring, especially as many Democrats condoned and encouraged the violence. Instead, they once again hid behind their social media platforms and podcasts to talk about how they felt rather than to do something on the front lines. Their silence proved to be a critical mistake, especially as we had deranged liberal officials actually calling for an insurrection. A clear example of came from Maxine Waters, a 15-term House member who represents California’s 43rd Congressional District, who urged protestors in LA to get violent towards members of Trump’s cabinet, saying “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Yet when January 6th came along we did not hear the end of it with false claims of Donald Trump inciting an insurrection. That is when Republicans choose to use the evidence from this past summer to show what inciting an insurrection truly looks like.  They had all of summer to present this evidence, and chose to hold back in fear of being called bigots by the left. The offensive and aggressive tactics from the left have clearly been effective in all but silencing conservatives. Instead of aggressively attacking the left for their anti-American rhetoric that has led to devastation in our cities, they decide to do so only when on the defensive end by a compilation of all the evidence that should have been used for months. This recurring pattern will continue until Republicans decide to turn the tables. So long as Republicans stay on the defensive side, America will continue to become alienated from our founding principles. No matter how many times conservatives say “the time is now”, until aggressive action is taken to combat the left, the ‘destroy America’ track will continue, and Republicans will lose the hearts of centrists and moderates that observe mindlessly from their couches as observers see the left constantly winning battles.

    This is not just recent behavior. We saw this ‘do nothing’ attitude 4 years ago, as our 45th President Donald J. Trump was subjected to undue scrutiny. For the first time in history, there was not a peaceful transfer of power, although there originally appeared to be. The idea that Russia colluded with our election began because a Democrat pushed a baseless hoax. The reason for doing this was simple. They could not stand to believe (or allow the American population to believe) the truth:  Donald Trump is not the evil man that the media portrayed, and over 60 million voters willingly chose to elect him.  They pushed this belief that Russia colluded with our elections with their basis of proof being The Steele Dossier.  The Steele Dossier was a report based on ‘research’ containing allegations of conspiracy between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. By now, we know this entire allegation was ludicrous, and was a made up story paid for by the Clinton foundation itself.  No collusion, no conspiracy, ALL LIES. Only one elected Republican, Devin Nunes, US representative for California’s 22nd congressional district, seemed to care enough about the integrity of our elections and began an investigation to give us the information we know now -- that this was all a hoax. This happened 4 years ago and now many cry about this past 2021 election. Where were they 4 years ago? Or is it only when they have enough members backing that they speak? A crime of fabrication was committed by multiple Democratic members of congress, as well as Clinton-sponsored members of US bureaucracies, yet there has been no offensive action taken against relevant personnel. Republicans, once again, defended their party without taking reasonably aggressive actions against the true violators of the law, resulting in a lack of protection of American values and principles.

    Enough is enough. Republicans need to stop this ‘all bark, no bite’ attitude. They believe in preserving our country’s beliefs and values, yet are unwilling to ‘risk’ their namesakes to attack the blasphemous left. This type of behavior (doing virtually nothing) leaves America exposed to radical and defamatory claims that are yet to be truly combatted. If Republicans remain on the defensive, we can be certain that our democracy will continue to be under siege, and the destruction of America is imminent.

    Federally elected Republicans should follow in the footsteps of certain state officials, such as Gov. Abbott of Texas, Gov. Desantis of Florida and Gov. Noem of South Dakota. Instead of awaiting for leftist offensive action, such as a potential federal mask and vaccine mandate, these governors banned mask mandates within their states. These tactics allow their states to stay one step ahead of leftist actions, and are rare examples of Republicans taking an offensive approach to policy. These three governors are taking the appropriate action to preserve our Constitution, even if it only pertains to the states in which they oversee. The time of reason has passed, the responsibility of Republicans to step up and fight for what they believe is now.  It is time for us as citizens to hold Republicans accountable to their campaign promises. It is time to bite.

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    Taylor Morales

    Taylor Morales is a political activist and current student studying political science. She previously worked as part of Derrick Gibson’s campaign to challenge Andrew Cuomo for the Governorship in New York. Taylor is especially passionate about protecting and supporting our service members, as she has multiple family members who are in the military and the Police force.
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    No Bark No Bite....? How about just be honest, and quit being a crook.


    "Bark"....more like whimper. The working class is getting absolutely steamrolled by the incompetent Biden administration and RINOs in DC. I would much rather be an Afghani right now.


    I totally agree. Amazingly, I am running for a board of supervisors position. I am a republican, but I am running as an independent…the VA Republican Party is pathetic…I seem to get attacked more by my fellow conservatives….And I am the only one addressing anything! So dang absurd!


    You're asking a party which never had a spine to suddenly grow one? Abandon the big 2, put an end to their reign of terror once and for all

    Chris P Bacon

    Completely agree! Very well said. Hopefully some of our representatives read this. I would love to see the Republicans go on the offensive for a change


    In an era of wanton profligate federal spending, no Republican in his/her right mind will do anything but grandstand. Anything that resembles growing a spine results in his/her district being denied their "share" of the flood of government dollars, and the very next election he/she is voted out. My city is a state capitol and has a major university. Its entire economy is 110% dependent, either directly or indirectly, on federal largesse, and you can bet that my Republican congressman shuts his mouth and votes 'yea' on every damn spending bill that brings in the dough. Money that is pissed away on football games, vacations, and extravagant homes.

    Americans are hopelessly addicted like heroin to federal spending. We live the most opulent lifestyle of anyone on Earth, with multiple cars, palatial houses, swimming pools, RV's, season sports tickets, and multiple loans that all require TWO full time paying jobs to maintain, and ALL of it financed by federal debt. Even now we're in sheer panic over the thought that inflation may force us to choose between eating or buying that brand new car. But one day this will all come crashing down. Just like Rome. The greatest empire that ever lived and squandered it's wealth and might on riotous, indulgent spending. 2000 years later they're still a 2nd world country.

    If you're waiting on a politician to put a stop to what's going on, you're dreaming. It's going to take uprisings in response to financial destitution and hungry babies. People roaming around, stealing, grifting, and feeding their kids rats and song-birds. The American colonists didn't revolt against the King because it seemed like a good idea. They revolted because he was literally starving them by taxing the meager livelihood they managed to squeeze out of the soil. So until then, just do like everyone else - sit back and enjoy the ride because it's only going to happen once, and when it's over, it's over.


    Oh please. The GOP was correctly labeled The Stupid Party tears ago. The bring butter knives to gunfights.


    Oh please. The GOP was correctly labeled The Stupid Party years ago. The bring butter knives to gunfights.


    Amen to that! Its been tough to watch from the sidelines as a libertarian-leaning conservative. I feel like I've been hung out to dry by the Republican leadership. What happened to the fight for small government?!?!

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