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    Cancer, The Pandemic, The Hippocratic Oath, And The Destruction Of America

    August 14, 2021
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     Guest post by Tom Burbage

    Medical Science and the Hippocratic Oath have been the domain of a very specialized segments of our society who decided to dedicate their lives to the betterment of the human medical condition. Doctors Without Borders and volunteers manning the USS Mercy were modern day examples of Sister Theresa and other Saints who were willing to put the welfare of others above their own. The Hippocratic Oath to ‘Do no harm’ was the mantra of the arduous training pipeline for the medical professionals of the future. The power of the internet changed a lot of that. We can now self-diagnose our own challenges to a large extent, we can argue with highly trained medical professionals based on social media generated theories, we can choose to revere or persecute medical opinion. 

    This social media dynamic has replicated itself through many other pieces of our society.  As it takes a bigger role in our lives and our society, the more complex issues we face seem more explainable through the lens of “the Healers”. As always, there is a dark side and history is replete with many examples of weaponizing the science and medical piece of our society. The Holocaust and the experiments on prisoners for racial cleansing were horrific. Who could imagine today that we would fund a biological warfare experimental lab in our chief adversary to develop a virus that may eventually decimate the world as we know it? 

    The optimist believes we can heal the current sickness that seems to be taking over our culture. The pessimist believes the disease has progressed to a point where we are now just trying to make the patient comfortable for the remainder of their life. 

    One of the most devastating diseases humans face is cancer and it offers an interesting set of stages that are comparable to the ills of our society today. Stage 1 is a small and localized disease. Discovered and treated early, in almost every case, life continues back to normal. Our current affliction was not discovered early and certainly has not been treated effectively yet.

    Stage 2 and 3 indicates the disease has spread to the lymph systems, designed to fight infection and then to surrounding tissues when the lymph nodes are overcome. Not unlike police departments left with inadequate resources to fight crime, looters, protesters and shoplifters. The initiatives to defund the police, create racial tension, and open the borders put extreme pressure on the Lymph Systems of our Society and the cancer moves deeper. 

    Stage 4 indicates the disease has spread to distant areas and is potentially terminal. At this point the surface melanoma of Marxist teachings has grown roots into the deeper metastasized organs of our universities, high schools and now our elementary schools. Our public schools are in a battle for survival as anti-American rhetoric has replaced our traditional civics and history courses. “If we can recreate history, we can justify the present and control the future” may sound familiar to anyone familiar with the Marxist agenda embodied in Critical Race Theory. 

    Sometimes one disease can open our eyes to another. If there is a positive element to the pandemic it is that parents, with kids stuck at home, were suddenly exposed to the insidious invasion of our schools. The anti-bodies starting kicking in. As it continues its march into our government and military communities, we are slowly awakening to the fact that we are sick and getting sicker. Whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath of “Do no harm”? To the casual observer who has taken any time to understand these challenges, the anti-bodies are critical. Voices and votes could be the booster shot needed to overcome the entrenched cancerous cells, assuming we can survive the time element. Prayers might help, too. 

    Mr Burbage is a Naval Academy graduate, former Navy Test pilot and industry leader. He is working with a group of like minded individuals concerned with the ongoing movement to fundamentally change the focus of our military and specifically our Service Academies.

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    Indeed, to see the actual conduit of the governments means to see that the governments are not engaged in a debate of ideas, about climate pseudo- crisis or about a pseudo-corona modeled and unmadicated . Instead, today the governments revealed that they are people convinced that a government just must control the human beings, that the debate is something old. The latest years governmental passion about some danger generated by the human beings to the planet's climat, with reduceing interest for a real damage of some substances at the human being organism level or at the personal economic level, shows that this is just about inventing fictional realities, as is the fictional health of a public, faulse as health regards only cells of organism and the rest is just hygiene of the spaces or dense presence of a desease which is more the state of the health of the individuals within a society.

    Well, fictional realities and suppresion of debates was the method to restrict human beings from seeing the real world, constructing as replacement of it certain extremely modified remains of the facts of the world in a narrative only presentation, as in Platon with the shadows as the only visible things or as in the past european communist societies.

    To falsify the election aims at creating a certain faulse image for the individuals of a society about the other members of that society, and achives to secure for the authores the cvasi-perpetuation of the total power over society.

    Indeed the immune systhem of the vital personal space and so of the vital society space, reacts as debate or controverse or opposition or participation at the reality.


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