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    Biden Just Angered Millions Of Veterans And Active Duty Military

    August 17, 2021

    It Will Be Harder Now For Regime To Get U.S. Military To Shoot Americans

     Treatment following suicide attack, Afghanistan

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    Joe Biden just severely angered millions of veterans and active-duty military. This doesn't bode well for the repression the regime has in mind for the American public and her alleged 'domestic terrorists' (read Trump supporters).

    Military members were forced to watch as Afghani soldiers and civilians they worked with in-country were thrown to the Taliban wolves. Many of these Afghani men and women showed great courage in helping the American effort, only to be betrayed by the Biden regime. Images of these people falling off of C-17s in-flight will stain memories forever.

    Many veterans of the Afghanistan 'band of brothers' had close colleagues die in their arms in the 'sandbox' and to see their legacy thrown away like trash is psychologically damaging to say the least. The callous nature of the Biden regime, refusing even to prioritize Americans from leaving Kabul is shocking to any red-blooded citizen. The VA is sending out emails for psychological support as we speak.

    It is obvious what is happening as the coup continues. It is obvious what the next planned-out stage will be.

    The U.S. security service apparatus was involved in an information operation on Jan 6th to frame peacefully demonstrating Americans. Scores of political prisoners are in solitary confinement in Washington, D.C.

    The regime is rapidly attempting to transform the U.S. military in order to continue a campaign of repression against the Trump movement at some point.

    To be clear, we are not advocating violence. We believe the Biden regime is illegitimate and needs to be peacefully removed by the Constitutional process via state legislatures, where our Founders placed the power of the people.

    The Biden Afghanistan debacle will aid in that effort.

    The audits are coming.

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    Dawn Larkin

    The left will never admit when they are wrong, never! But, I tell you what, it will show at the polls in 2022 and 2024. People will not forget what this illegal administration along with the branches of gov't have done to this country and to the people.

    Marco Dimbo

    Nobody believes that Biden and Harris are legitimate. The other side did nothing about it. America and its judges will continue to suffer for their cowardice and the inaction of its opposition leaders.


    Biden is illegitimate and forensic audits are proving it. We want Trump back NOW. We are not asking and we will do it ourselves, WE THE PEOPLE, if need be.


    Please! Save all that bluster..... Americans will do nothing. They will roll over on command and take it up the jacksie and ask Biden for seconds. This nation has become a steaming pile of lazy, fat, cell phone addicted cowards. And THAT is why the left gets away with EVERYTHING! And will continue to do so. Prove me wrong!

    The Name of The Game is MONEY

    Trusting either side ( left or right ) in the name of patriotism is very foolish and dangerous these days. The last few years has played out like a movie script. Piss off China start a trade war that you cannot finish. Check. Start a fake virus and make an excuse to blow more stimulus trillions. Check. Use that virus to the control peoples DNA and therefore gain slow control over the people. Check. Write a bunch of executive orders to make America great again only to have the next administration overturn them by using executive orders. Check. Close the borders put up a wall by blowing billions. But dont finish the wall so the next administration can reopen the borders and let the criminals back in that the last administration kicked out. Check. Tell the American people you cannot have guns but leave Iraq, Afghanistan with our weapons to use against America. Check.

    Bottom line destabilize the American economy at all costs. Flush out political opponents by a fake election process and calling them to D.C. during an electoral college certification vote. Get Antifa, BLM to wear MAGA hats and clothes let them get away with murder only to jail the real patriots via a former Republican presidential act. George Bush after 9/11 signed the Patriot Act anyone can now be called a terrorist per government.

    Look at the long term folks. NO recent USA president has ever stopped the treasonous spending. Cause they only can go so far. They only create a crisis to spend more and more money to destroy the US dollar. We are being played by the elite. All presidents are puppets face it.

    The new war is the economic one and China and Russia are winning and we are losing. How can we have an independent America without our own currency? When the dollar collapses America is toast.


    Remember to "thank" a politician when they turn the power off in the next few weeks/months. Local courthouses/jails and precincts only have a few days diesel power w/o our military restocking them.


    Biden just effectively destroyed any US creditability and loyalty to our country in one move. They countries in the middle east will now forever see us as untrustworthy and turn to countries who are willing to honor their commitments such as China and Russia.


    The military will dance to whatever tune is being played.


    Biden did nothing but represent the shadow government who tells him what to say, when to say, what to do, when to do it, then sends him off for a nap and pudding.
    Biden is just the front man for whoever is running things behind the curtain. The powers behind this administration will not show their faces until all is within their complete control.
    Including every last citizen of this nation. And they are pushing that end goal as quick as they think they can get away with it.
    Pay attention for the next installment of the mechanics of the coup.
    Just sayin'.

    Frank Johnson

    Biden would do the same thing for veterans, conservatives, and other American citizens-- leave them stranded!

    max dugan

    wHICH IS one of the major reasons the dems had to get rid of trump. they are terrified.


    Our state legislators need to act now!


    We must contact our state legislators and have this (criminal) regime removed. The Biden admin. has undermined US national security; US immigration policies not enforced endangering our nation, enabling humanitarian atrocities at the So. border and now in Afghanistan, undermined US energy independence - a direct threat to national security, enabling wide spread COVID infections via infected illegal aliens in the midst of a pandemic, un abated spending... This administration is out of control and a threat to US security. Our state legislators must stand up for our nation.


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