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    August 24, 2021

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    Can a civilian be court martialed?

    As the Commander-In-Chief and chief officer of the United States military and America’s intelligence services, Joe Biden is subject to the rules of military conduct, justice, and trial by military tribunal.

    QUORA: “…Unique military crimes include, for example, offenses such as … dereliction of duty, misuse of, and wrongful disposition of military property … and conduct unbecoming an officer. The UCMJ also includes provisions punishing misbehavior before the enemy … aiding the enemy... Some of these offenses are capital offenses, meaning the maximum punishment is death. The UCMJ reflects the seriousness and importance of the military’s mission and recognizes that ultimately the safety of our forces and the security of our nation are being protected.’”

    All military systems place additional and special responsibilities upon officers. Article 133 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (10 USC § 933) establishes the offense of "conduct unbecoming an officer.” This article may be violated by any action or behavior in an official capacity that dishonors or disgraces the person as an officer…(his service and his nation.) In addition to the enumerated punitive articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 134, (10 USC § 934), makes punishable acts in three categories of offenses not specifically covered in any other article of the code…Clause 1 offenses involve disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces. Clause 2 offenses involve conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces….”

    The president’s primary role as Commander in Chief is to protect national security and the safety of the nation’s people, military and civilian. He has failed to perform his duty to both. This president withdrew the military from Kabul while he, his veep Kamala Harris, and his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, were made aware of the necessity to plan an ordered and safe drawdown of troops. They had the duty to protect Americans and friendlies during the withdrawal.

    This team ignored all warnings and intelligence provided them by diplomats from the area.

    The Biden Team pulled out the military and left behind civilians and $85 billions worth of lethal military equipment that will be used against us and our allies. These civilians, American and Afghan, have suffered greatly. Many have been killed. Biden also double crossed and sabotaged our Brit and other allies, by not giving them warning.

    This president’s dereliction of duty and astonishing incompetence in his job is unprecedented in the annals of American history.

    One can, and should argue for impeachment for Biden’s other derelictions and obstruction of justice. For example, the proven corruption of his family with profits accruing directly to himself, his ending DOJ investigations into Democrat governors who killed thousands of their state’s Covid patients, governors who then filed false reports, the Afghan disaster, and the ultimate shaming of our nation can be laid directly at his, Kamala Harris’, and Anthony Blinken’s feet.

    In light of the epic dereliction of presidential duty that caused the deaths of many, the loss of life and American treasure; that this president abandoned American civilians and left our allies stranded; left $85 billion of high tech military equipment and intelligence to America’s enemies, thus aiding the enemy, this president must face a court martial in front of his peers. 

    Moreover, the others involved must be held accountable. These are the utterly silly, unfit for the job vice president and incompetent SecState, and the Pentagon and intelligence chiefs who were complicit. They must be purged, impeached, and tried for high crimes.And then, forgotten.

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    Andrew Benjamin

    Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, equities trader, a former economic advisor to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani; serving on the transition team's Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget. Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, economic issues, the Mideast, terrorism, technology, high end audio and transnational politics.
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    It is visible, as with the FDA illegal aproval, that no resignation comes out, as no resignation from FDA.


    Pedosiden Biden is only the puppet. Cut one head, another will replace him. You need to expose the cabal


    Joe is, and always has been, a CRIMINAL. He THINKS like a con artist, embezzled, money laundered. He's callous, REALLY TACKY, classless, dignity-free, and DUMB.

    Democrats I talk to have no concern about the fact that their party offered them this demented, corrupt husk of a man, a person of no quality, talents, strength, wisdom, character, prudence, courage, compassion, honor, diligence, respect for law, etc. He has NOTHING TO OFFER.

    We are populated by Dim dumbasses, who vote for this crap... Although we ALL KNOW that Joe didn't win the election. HE STOLE A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

    David Couvillon

    Biden needs to go. But, he's not subject to the UCMJ. He is Commander in Chief, but is not enlisted or commissioned in the US Military. He cannot be court-martialed (BTW, a court martial must be initiated by a senior general officer in the chain of command - Biden has no senior general officer). Stick with economics, you don't know the law.


    Amen and amen! Charges of dereliction of duty must be brought.


    Biden represents everything treasonous in this administration. He is deliberately destroying our economy. He is still trying to put chains on us with the idiot "Covid passport" and completely bogus immunization "vaccine" . How much is China paying you? How much does a country cost nowadays? Prison will be the only justice!

    Prester Kahn

    David - you are correct in that the President is not a member of the military, per se, and as such is not subject to the UCMJ. For example, Eisenhower had to resign his commission as a 5 star general in order to assume the Presidency. (Kennedy re-appointed him to the rank afterwards.)

    You are incorrect, though in stating that a general/flag officer (in command) is required for a courts-martial. A general /flag officer is only required for a "General" Courts-martial. Special and Summary Courts-martial may be convened by lower ranking commanders of detached / separate units in accordance with 10 U.S. Code § 822.

    Louis Ott

    No. Rise up kill them all including the puppet master Obo and his entire entourage.


    I agree with louis! Do unto others…


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