• Never Again Is Happening Now

    September 15, 2021
    Thrid Reich era identity documents, consisting of a Gesundheitspass (Health Pass Card)

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    Guest post by Tamara Lashchyk

    The similarities are stunning. Any student of history can see the distressing resemblance between what is now taking place in New York City and what transpired in cities occupied by the Nazis. While we are not yet sending people to gas chambers, we are being reduced to guinea pigs for an untested vaccine that could potentially harm us. Solid medical research supports this claim, as does the evidence of hundreds of thousands of victims, who suffered vaccine-related injuries after submitting to the COVID jab.

    Alarmingly, the proposed vaccine passport is a further step towards tyranny. Does “Where are your papers?” (Krakow, ca.1938) ring a bell? A two-tiered society is emerging and those who simply want to exercise their right to medical choice are being smeared as “others.” This is how the Nazis successfully executed their heinous plan. By vilifying and dehumanizing, they fostered a culture where neighbors turned on one another. Irresistible social pressure is now pervasive, as our own President actually blames the unvaccinated for perpetuating the pandemic.

    Fear is a powerful instrument for control. Echoed via infinite loops on virtualy every mainstream “news” channel, COVID propaganda is literally brainwashing all viewers. My own dentist, who never had any medical issues before, was rushed to the hospital weeks after taking the shot. She now has a pacemaker and while she admitted her newfound health issues were caused by the vaccine, she says she would do it all over again.

    Quite simply, the pandemic is over. Those who claim they follow the science don’t produce any data to prove the contrary. Where are the numbers justifying such an extreme violation of our constitutional rights? Any lucid, analytical thinker can see the disconnect between fact and fiction, yet all objectivity is trumped by emotional triggers. 

    Simple math demonstrates that on the average, less than 1,000 people a day are dying from COVID in the United States. This equates to .0003% of the population, thus placing COVID below Alzheimer’s on the list of top terminal diseases. Far more deaths result from comorbidities than COVID itself. There can only be one conclusion. 

    This was never about public health, but rather it was always about governmental control. As such, they will never “eradicate COVID” from our society, because their plan is working perfectly. The majority of New York City residents are more than happy to relinquish their freedoms in exchange for doing what’s claimed to be for the “greater good.”  

    If this were truly about public health, doctors would be permitted to prescribe alternative protocols to aid patient recovery. Sadly, this hasn’t been the case. In order to ensure compliance with their vaccine program, state executive orders have banned prescriptions of alternative effective treatments. Shockingly, doctors who merely question the vaccine are being discredited and silenced. Even the creator of the MRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, found his Wikipedia page removed - a tactic of the CCP that makes any dissenting citizen disappear. Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s Founding Fathers, once stated “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I wonder how long before his statue is torn down and replaced with one of COVID’s Founding Fathers - Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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    Gassing of unvaxinated have begun in Australia. We are in 1939.


    If this continues we will deserve the end that rightfully have earned.


    With a 99.9% - 98%recovery rate, hospitals equipped with ventilators, Ivermectin and other treatments/medications, you have to wonder why the gov. keeps pushing the "pandemic" button. It defies "the science", statistics and common sense. It is about power and control.

    richard dlip

    If everybody would use Ivermectin and/or HCQ for early intervention, we wouldn't need vaccines that aren't, "requirements," boosters, mandates, masks, lockdowns, etc, and the CCP virus and it's variants would disappear in a month.


    What we may have ahead of us is a chance at starting over with those of us left who are unvaccinated, after all the vaccinated die off or become too neurologically impaired to function (although impairments unfortunately haven't stopped Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein or Waters). Those of us smart enough or suspicious enough to see through the clearly false smoke screen may get to be in charge in a year or two by default and then fix this thing to get back to a small Republican form of government envisioned in the Constitution--a form of government that has lifted so many up to economic and personal freedom (yes with some fits and starts, but still the best form of government yet devised). I suspect, however, that the demented elitists behind all this kabuki theater actually haven't taken the vaccine. Hope I'm wrong.

    Phil Pride

    There never was a pandemic to begin with. This was a SCAMDEMIC from the beginning...

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