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    Gotham City Hill: Just Another Borough Kid

    September 27, 2021
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    Image by Thomas Good

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    Guest post by Steve Loeb

    It feels like the race is over before it has even begun. Democrats act as if they know something the rest of us don’t; weeks away from New York City's General Election Adams has been crowned the winner.  No matter what the outcome is, Curtis will still always be a cultural icon who towers above Adams in this town. His history will always be embedded here because he fought crime and criminals and protected us for over four decades when others just posed and pretended for the cameras.  Curtis is a hands on guy. He is us. He sounds like us, lives a lot like most of us New Yawkers and in his heart he’s a boroughs kid. And its the boroughs kids that have the most impact in city government, because they know the unspoken language. Rudy Giuliani was one of those kids. 

    History will tell a Guardian Angels chapter no matter how Democrats try to rewrite it. Curtis will forever be remembered as one of the city's greatest communicators who crafted our city language like Barry Farber and Jimmy Breslin who like Curtis both loved our great city and its people so much, that one day they too decided they wanted to live in Gracie Mansion and tried their hand leading the Big Apple with a run for Mayor. If New Yorkers decide to make Curtis our mayor surely we could unite, rebuild, find common ground, and fix and innovate. If he wins, it means  we didn’t elect a professional politician, we elected one of us. We took a page from Curtis’ playbook, got involved, participated, and fell in love with this city again to save it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity -- If we just ignore the cynical predictions and do the right thing. This place is the “melting pot” where the beauty is in our differences. Before pulling the lever for “that guy who’s turn it was”, stop and think and do what you know would be the right thing to do for our city. Vote for Curtis so you can tell your kids when they ask, that you cast your vote for him because “he made you feel hopeful again.

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    --- Before pulling the lever for “that guy who’s turn it was”, stop and think ... ---

    What a nasty condescending thing to say. You know as well as anybody that NY's voting has been rigged for decades now, especially NYC's. Whose turn it is is whose turn it is, and will be enforced, brutally.


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