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    Mike Pence Who Received Mysterious Coin For Betraying Trump And Sealed America's Fate, Talks About Biden Evil

    October 18, 2021
    Mike Pence Who Received Mysterious Coin For Betraying Trump And Sealed America's Fate, Talks About Biden Evil

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    Former Vice President Mike Pence took a mysterious coin after his betrayal of President Trump when counting electoral votes last January. It was entirely reasonable for Pence to send the electors back to the states as several state legislatures requested as even then the evidence of massive election fraud was rampant.

    Pence did nothing of the sort and betrayed Trump and the nation

    On FBN’s “Kudlow," Pence now talks of the evil consequences of the Biden administration's actions in Afghanistan as he seeks to rehabilitate his political career.

    It won't work Mike.

    “Larry, weakness arouses evil, and the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan this August was a disgrace,” he said. “And it was a disservice to the generation of Americans who wore the uniform who served, especially those who sacrificed in Afghanistan, defending freedom. But there is no question that there was strategic implications to that disaster as well. And it is — it’s one of the reasons why I — I have spent time with some families of our service members who fell among the 13 at the attack at Kabul Airport.”

    “And I just have — I have told them, and I tell anyone looking on today, nothing of what this administration did in mishandling our withdrawal of Afghanistan will ever diminish the honor that’s owed to them and their families and all those who served, but now, more than ever, we need to send a message of strength to the Asia Pacific to stand with our treaty allies, with Japan, with South Korea, with Australia,” he added. “And, yes, we need to live up to the Taiwan Relations Act and make it clear to China that the United States is going to uphold our treaty commitments in that region. We have to — we have to make up for — sadly, we have to make up for the strategic implications of that disastrous withdrawal. And my hope is this administration will do just that.”

    It takes evil to know evil Mike.

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    Miss J

    trump seems to like him, tho

    Betty L Clouse

    No he doesn't I can't stand him! I would not vote for him for dog catcher he would kill them! He is a known
    liar and not a Christian man that was also a lie and he joined the ranks of the communist democrats it's pay back to you Pence everyone hates you now like a monster you are!! All the deaths soldiers are your hands now and I hope your life will soon be hollow and you will get pay back for helping murdering those soldiers you had a hand it you are so disgusting, evil liar!!

    Betty L Clouse

    Miss J you are so clueless and ignorant have to be a dumb communist democrat of evil!! Trump can't stand him, get facts straighbt moron!!


    He was in a no win situation with the electors. He should have just done the right thing.


    I defy anyone to point to one person Trump picked for his administration who wasn't a swamp creature. Pence was no different...and neither was Trump. Keep lying to yourself, Betty. You're the moron here.


    Sure it wasn't thirty pieces of silver?


    If this man were to be the Republican nominee I absolutely would not vote for him, I just would not vote.

    Mr Pie

    I did a write in vote for satan when Mittens was the rnc candidate. I really figured he could do less damage than Mittins, who is dumb enough to follow Mormons lie.

    Enlightened Truth

    I would never vote for a Mormon. They believe that Lucifer is the spiritual brother of Christ.

    Enlightened Truth

    Mike Pence is a demon spawn


    I saw a pic of Pence receiving that coin or token. He wore a black cloth mask and so did the rest surrounding him to lay hands upon him. Like some religious ceremony.
    Reminded me of how my church ordains preachers, elders, and deacons. But the politicians surrounding Mike were not men of faith.

    the Bruce

    Pence=deep state


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