• Monster In The House – The Movie

    October 29, 2021
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    Guest post by W. R. Wansley

    The following is Horror Genre Fiction, Except for All the Facts.

    It's that time of year again when we are bombarded with movies and TV shows for Halloween. Some are new but many are old classics. Back in 1979, there was a TV commercial that blanketed the airwaves for just such a movie. It is called When a Stranger Calls.

    I never saw the movie but the commercial was scary enough. This was in the days before Caller-ID. A young and frightened woman, alone in a house at night has called the police after receiving several anonymous calls from a stranger threatening her. The phone rings again, but this time it’s a policeman. He says something like, “Jill, listen to me! We’ve traced the call. It’s coming from inside the house! Get out now!”

    The idea that you’re up against a deadly killer for what seems like an eternity only to find he’s been in your house the whole time would be unnerving to say the least. Other horror movies have used the same type of set-up where that which you feared most turns out, at the climatic end, to be the close family member, neighbor, or trusted friend. The shock! The Horror! The betrayal!

    Back in the days when President Trump was holding daily briefings on all the Administration’s efforts to combat the pandemic, there was our trusted NIH director, Anthony Fauci, standing by his side. He was all over the airwaves with his confident, “science based,” words of comfort to a concerned nation. The MSM glorified him and Governor Cuomo for their heroic leadership. They portrayed Fauci as a ballast of competence while our ship of state navigated the bio-storm waters while showing President Trump as the loose cannon on deck.

    President Trump, a builder – not a doctor, relied on the government experts who surrounded him. With many decades of experience and billion-dollar annual budgets, these were the people charged with protecting the country for just such a time as this. But after the work of Natalie Winters of the National Pulse and other intrepid truth-seekers, along with the recently release smoking-gun emails regarding the NIH and EcoHealth, among others, we now know the full horror of the astonishing fact that the man by the President’s side charged with defeating the virus was, all this time, the one man instrumental in creating it.

    Let that sink in. The irony. The horror! The man we trusted turns out to be the monster in the house the whole time!

    If you presented this horror movie plot to a group of Hollywood bigwigs, they would tell you it won’t work because no one would believe it. But what if you tell them, “but wait! It gets worse!”

    You tell them that the monster Fauci had been hiding in a room where he tortured beagle puppies and cut their vocal cords so they couldn’t scream in agony and that monster Cuomo sent thousands of old people to their deaths in nursing homes.

    You tell them that this virus was collected from bats in a cave by a woman called ‘the bat-lady’ from Wuhan, China. You then describe people falling out in the streets and people being welded up inside their houses.

    You describe that the plot also involves a stolen presidential election partly enabled by the pandemic using the bat virus engineered as a bioweapon by the Chinese Communist Party.

    You describe an illegitimate impostor President with dementia whose drug addled son has left his Laptop From Hell (the sequel) at a repair shop showing the impostor President and his entire administration as well as other world elites including social media oligarchs and MSM completely owned by the CCP and they all work together to keep it from coming out before the election.

          The Contagion thriller? Conspiracy thriller? Manchurian Candidate? Go on, the bigwigs say.

    You tell them that our protagonist is a pillow maker in Minnesota who calls himself a born-again Christian and former cocaine addict who was chased by the mob for gambling debts and that he is in an alliance with Jonny Quest’s bodyguard, Steve “Race” Bannon, and a British pro-American Nationalist named Raheem “Hadji” Kassam who wrote a book praising Enoch Powell.

          A motley crew of complex characters and talented misfits coming together to defeat the enemy and save the world? Go on, they say.

    You tell them that there was a safe, cheap drug that could end the pandemic but that it was intentionally suppressed from the public. That the CDC was lying. The NIH was lying. The Ministry of Truth was lying and that people in Australia were beaten up by thugs on orders from their PM and that the whole world, led by the British PM, were forced to have vaccine passports to leave their homes and that governments forced people to take the vaccine in order to keep their jobs and to buy and sell.

    And finally, that monster Fauci pushed the scantily tested vaccine on the world but it caused tens of thousands of people to suffer grievous side effect injuries and thousands more to die and that the inventor of the vaccines’ mRNA platform, the white-bearded Dr. Malone, predicted something called Antibody Dependent Enhancement that would possibly cause millions of vaccinated people to die in the coming winter. It now seems obvious to our heroes that there is a hidden dark agenda bent on world depopulation using the “vaccines.”

          A macabre and Orwellian dystopian fantasy, go on.

    You tell them that it’s discovered that all this is being directed by a bald headed guy with a thick German accent holed up in a ski resort in Davos, Switzerland, who is named, get this, Klaus Schwab. He runs the global organization called SPECTRE aka WEF aka NWO. They are bent on world domination using subversive and unconventional means.

    They are using a ruse called Climate Change to take over the entire world. During the pandemic lockdown, people are drinking more alcohol, taking more drugs and watching more mindless TV. Klaus tells the world not to worry because they “will own nothing and be happy.”

          Brave New World and a Bond villain, go on.

    You tell them that it involves a False Flag operation by the Deep State’s FBI Brown-shirts to entrap and smear patriots seeking to stop the election theft and the enthronement of the illegitimate pretender President and that the plot was uncovered by a guy working with the alliance at a place called Revolver News.

    You tell them that our protagonist pillow-maker goes everywhere trying to get someone to believe him about how the CCP took over the countries voting machines to steal the election but the more he shouts from the rooftops, no one believes him as the CCP created zombies in the courts deny his motions, the CCP zombies in the MSM dismiss him as a nut and the CCP Democrats in Congress encircle Bannon.

          Oh, now you’re combining the Beer Hall Putsch and a zombie apocalypse with Invasion of the Body Snatchers, they say.

    At this point the Hollywood bigwigs get up from their chairs and surround you. That’s when you notice the NWO pins on their lapels.

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    This is hysterically funny. Scary. True. Read it aloud to my husband and we both laughed. A lot. Brilliant writer, thank you for the lift. I sent this around to everyone on my (huge)mailing list with the greeting: Happy Halloween.

    Richard Evons

    Have this writer back as often as possible !!! Please...


    Fauci must die a very unnatural death for the harm he has done to the world


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