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    How To Go Shopping For Free

    November 29, 2021
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    Guest post by Jackie Torboroff

    There are few events that are immediate lessons on how elections have consequences.  Normally, elected officials create and vote on policy that largely remains abstract, like for example, spending bills.  The amount of debt is so obscene, it’s hard for nearly anyone to comprehend what it means or frankly, care.

    But come January 1st, there’s a new sheriff in town.  District Attorney Alvin Bragg. He won the November 2nd election handily with 83.51% of the vote amounting to 154,181 ballots cast in his favor. Apparently, Manhattanites like what he is pushing; deincarceration, few if any arrests, and “allowance” of retail theft. (Side note, if it’s “legal”, can it still be called “theft”?).

    Pre pandemic, NYC attracted approximately 65.2 million tourists bringing in $80.3 billion in revenue.  Once covid hit and travel was halted, tourism in the Big Apple fell by two-thirds resulting in tourism revenue dropping to $20.2 billion. Now, local government employees and MSM tell us NYC is rebounding; after a long one and a half years, it might very well be a smoke show. 

    NYC is visually, physically, and emotionally changed - not only because of covid but because of policies from 1 party Democrat rule.  Crime is rampant due to City Council voting to defund the NYPD by $1 billion dollars and dismantling the homeless division. Current DA Cy Vance Jr seemingly doesn’t like to prosecute labeling much as social justice crimes. We had a Governor, who, amongst other deficits, is an ousted sexual predator and in his stead, one doubling down on her predecessor's worst ideas. 

    Of the 5 boroughs, Manhattan is the crown jewel; the financial capital of the world with unparalleled culture, nightlife and hospitality, and thrill.  Well, get ready, with DA Bragg, the thrill of your life is coming, just not necessarily the thrill you might be alive to report.

    Small businesses and restaurants lining Madison Avenue, 5th Avenue, Soho, and Tribeca became home to Manhattan’s June 2020 BLM reign of terror that contributed to over 4 billion dollars in damage via looting, vandalization, arson and other criminality.  Rather than reject the criminality this organization perpetuated, small and large businesses alike endeared themselves to BLM and the new mindset; theft is ok. This perverted kowtowing gave the middle finger to both residents and tourists. The assault on these businesses resulted in massive closures, layoffs, and shells, many of which are still boarded up and a graffitied mess contributing to diaspora. From high-end to low-end, businesses like Nike, CVS, Target, Chanel, Moncler to name a few got political, lecturing clients and communities about social justice, showcasing an adept level of irony; there’s nothing social and there’s no justice. These businesses continue to betray communities grappling with real quality of life and safety concerns on the regular and financial upheaval by taking an unsustainable position void of common sense.  

    As the NY Post recently wrote, “thieves smashed their way into a luxury store on Madison Avenue, making off with tens of thousands of dollars in Givenchy purses and clothing, police said.” Approximately $80,000 of merchandise was cased, not to mention, damage to the boutique and strike fear in the heart of the community. But the following observation made by a witness is revealing in that, traditionally safe and wealthy areas are the target; “This usually happens in Soho, Balenciaga, Chanel… it’s much quieter here,” an employee, who asked not to be named, told The Post.  If there’s less NYPD, a current DA reluctant to prosecute resulting in death and diaspora, just imagine how much worse things will get with DA Bragg, who campaigned on being even more lenient to criminals. 

    DA Alvin Bragg, along with the new stance adopted by local government employees, businesses, and even schools means one thing; the majority who has played by the rules now can and should embrace a new mindset. As Boris Ephsteyn frequently says, “color within the lines, but color boldly.” Constituents now have an opportunity to prove - you get what you ask for.  

    Since DA Bragg intends to allow retail theft of up to $250.00, we’ve a chance to go shopping for free.  The paradigm between right and wrong has shifted thanks to pandering businesses and progressives.  Let’s help them understand that if 50, 500, 5,000 of us take up to $249.99, their bottom line might usurp their disingenuous social justice and political stance.  If enough merchandise is taken, how can their bills be paid?  Bank loans, mortgages, insurance, employees’ salaries?  Moreover, will employees want to work in what might prove to be a very dangerous situation?

    And to add to the thrill, how about we go score some drugs in iconic Washington Square Park beforehand.  Perhaps after taking the merchandise, we further ram home the point and head over to Canal Street and give the illegal vendors a run for their money as we try to make some bank on our haul?

    Elections have consequences, and January 1st, this city is poised to get a lot more insane.  Perhaps, the only way to save it is to demonstrate to the headstrong that things are no longer abstract.  

    Jacqueline Toboroff

    Former Candidate of City Council, District 1, who ran on a pro police platform.

    IG @jacquelinefornyc

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