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    Why Are So Many American Women, NYC Women, Finding Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky So Hot?

    February 27, 2022
    Image by The Presidential Office of Ukraine

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    Guest post by Jackie Toboroff

    This isn’t a superfluous, trashy tabloid question but a serious one necessitating a real conversation here in America, and specifically radical enclaves, like ivy league universities and Manhattan private schools, rather than their preferred hormone replacement therapy round-tables, because finding Zelensky hot is a rejection of the Left’s agenda and all things woke.

    In fact, it is the poll; Zelensky is the antithesis of Delaware bound Biden, come-down-with-covid Trudeau hiding from freedom truckers, and Macron who prefers fighting paper dragons like climate change. 

    The American government, media, celebrities and educators have spent an inordinate amount of time and money inculcating Americans through subtle and brazen messaging, insisting that everything we know to be scientifically and empirically true regarding genders, is wrong. In minutes, Zelensky toppled that messaging.

    Since the dawn of time, men hunted and women gathered. No lectures were needed when assuming traditional gender roles; implicitly understood was, we’re genetically different. Men are stronger. Women carry and bear babies and are by nature nurturers. All we need to do is look at animals that haven’t yet gone through mental massaging for a reminder of genetics and natural gender roles.

    But as America has become so evolved, we have devolved. We deny common sense, nature, science, right from wrong, intuition, and truth.

    We’re told men are toxic. Men should be effeminate. We have infinite genders.  Men can menstruate.  Well, men can’t menstruate.  Deal with it.

    And I posit, maybe we’re in this real-time mess in America because those in government and controlling media, culture, education and medical profiteers have told the public that heterosexual women want to date a man that… menstruates.  

    Women are talking about Zelensky, a man they probably couldn’t identify in a line-up until 3 days ago, because he grabbed a gun, strapped on a military vest, rolled up his sleeves, and at least appeared in the photo to defend his land, his people, his women and children.  And that is smoking hot.  We women can feel his testosterone from the Ukraine all the way to America, all the way to Manhattan, and it’s igniting our estrogen.  

    There’s nothing wrong with a man who can communicate, help with the dishes, but no, he does not need to be in touch with his feminine side - I am the feminie side!  And, I submit; give me a man strong enough in his manhood so that I can be a woman. 

    Jacqueline Toboroff 

    IG @jacquelinefornyc

    Twitter @jacquetnyc

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Stephen Morgan

    Because the majority of American Women have been conditioned to be attracted effeminite men.


    Perhaps it's because he's a former comedian who has been backed, supported, and installed by George Soros. Or maybe it's the fact that he hides us-funded biolabs in the ukraine, evidence of which has "mysteriously" disappeared from the official usembassy website. ya that's the ticket---must be one or the other or both.


    The Z man is hot like Macron, Trudeau, and Biden
    Often hard to find because their usually hiding

    These "little" men "say" anyone can do this job
    Even some bubbling very incompetent slob

    These are the men that women keep as a pet
    Trump, on the other hand, gets them all wet


    It's hilarious when a woman attempts to define manhood. Here's a hint, toots. Women don't define manhood, men do.

    The end

    Z is hot cuz hes the good guy...biden and putin are working together with xi to destroy america from within using sun tzu..

    Biden is just a puppet..Z is a real hero like patton. Everyone has it backwards. It is biden and putin together not agaimst each other. The bio labs are putin and biden against the west not bio labs by just biden against the east. There are more labs by lviv..5 and near poland and only 1 near kharkov.

    This is all about destroying the west and bringing it to its knees causing mass civil war and chaos where its leaders will abandon it to new zealand.

    It is all already planned..then tactical nuclear strikes and mass invasion of america to secure the chaos...china will act as a savior saving the world invading everyone...

    Our military and navy and society will completely collapse..the vaccines have only been administered to the west..russia china and all the enemies didn't take it...

    Soon you'll see...our military will be useless as 95% have been tripled vaxd with boosters...5 shots...theyll be dead soon..and anyone else who took the vaccine will be dead too this year and next...

    When china invades us we will have no military and no society..we will be a mad max land with nukes...china and the new xommie order will invade us like ants on an elephant...

    It is all coming very soon...im rdy but hardly anyone else is...theyre all thinking biden is a bad guy and putin is some savior like jesus christ lol...its very sad how easy it was to manipulaye the left and right...none of them knew wth was going on


    You are completely delusional.


    Because they're stupid and they're sluts.


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