• Get Ready To Give Up Driving

    March 24, 2022
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    If you love your car, you’d better enjoy it while you can, because driving yourself around may end up being a relic of the past if those making the new rules get their way.

    Hard to believe, right?  Yet, when you look at today’s trends, it may not be so far-fetched.  Unless you’ve got a private chauffeur who fills up your car, you know that U.S. gas prices have risen to unprecedented sums which could actually continue to climb even further.  Add to this the deliberate closing of the Keystone Pipeline which, by 2023, could have provided some 830,000 barrels of oil per day with a projected increased capacity of over a million barrels per day.  Nearly half of that amount would have been turned into gas for cars.   

    Of course, there are those who attribute the latest impediment to oil supplies to Russian aggression against Ukraine, causing some nations to end their association with Putin, by cutting themselves off from further Russian oil purchases.  The illogical result is having to rely upon hostile countries such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran to pick up the slack.  But if they don’t seem any too anxious to do so, what will happen to the price of available gas or the will of governments to find new outlets and development so that supplies remain plentiful?

    Very simple!  There is no will of big government to find an alternative solution when their plan is to create a cradle to grave dependency upon its population.  That’s where Plan B comes into play.   For those with a specific green agenda, their perfect little world is achieved when you give up driving.  Of course, they can’t yet reveal their hand, so it begins with their promotion offer -- cars which run on something other than gas as well as the big push to use public transportation.  

    In fact, if you listen to U.S. Transportation head, Pete Buttigieg, his dream is for everyone to switch over to public transportation – everyone except him, because just like John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, his work is just too important to not have access to private transportation while everyone else is inconvenienced. 

    The way Buttigieg sees it, people need to change how they get around - which means they will need to “evolve” in terms of how they look at personal mobility.  He assures us that “things are going to make sense even as we have a shifting future and shifting patterns of life, as the pandemic showed us in an accelerated fashion.” (www.theverge.com, May 10, 2021) 

    He’s counting on what doesn’t make sense to any of us now, who think that our cars are the best way to get around, will eventually become an apparent spontaneous revelation which will propel us to change our comfortable habits of the last 100 years for something much less accessible and much less reliable.

    But don’t be too discouraged!  He offers up electric vehicles as the wave of the future even though charging stations are still not on every corner.  Interestingly enough, though, he never speaks about the very real potential threat of an attack on the country’s energy grid and how a new type of cyber war could paralyze every owner of an electric car, leaving them stranded and immobile in the event of such an invasion.  Nor does he mention the exorbitant price of purchasing such a car, with the least expensive Hyundai Kona Electric, edging close to $30,000 and the most expensive, in terms of standard levels is Tesla starting at $60,000.   

    Also absent from the conversation is the battery and the raw materials needed to produce it which include lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphite, manganese and copper. With the aspiration of half a million electric vehicles on the road by 2040, what will be the cost of these materials, not to mention their accessibility?  Considering their country sources which include Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Democratic Republic of Congo (DCR), it stands to reason that the stability of these countries would play a major factor in their ability to work freely in the marketplace in order to maintain adequate supplies.  However, given the fact that China dominates the harvesting and processing of these materials throughout the world, neither supplies nor free commerce can be assured.  One example is what’s happening in the DCR, presently the largest global producer of cobalt.  Their resources are “disproportionately invested in and mined by Chinese firms backed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) (Risky business: the hidden cost of EV battery raw materials www.automotive world.com, 11/23/20) 

    Any country depending upon electric vehicle batteries could easily find themselves disenfranchised from that market if they are deemed to upset the Chinese apple cart in any way. 

    Did you know that Canada has a plan in place to ban the sale of fuel-burning new cars and light-duty trucks as of 2035 in order to achieve net-zero emissions by the year 2050?  In short, governments, if they so choose, have the ability to force consumers to do as they say whether or not it’s affordable.  Your preference or choice is of no relevance.

    But, in truth, none of this is really about green concerns, a clean environment and fewer emissions.  It’s about a new world order, an expression recently used by Biden, which seeks to create full dependency upon otherwise wealthy, self-sustaining nations and individuals.  Up until now, they determined their own destinies and future by being as self-reliant as possible, knowing that they could not necessarily count on others to watch out for their best interests. 

    But on the other hand, one could make the argument that it is, in fact, all about environmental issues.  Because given the shockingamount of wealth that is being amassed by those who have been milking that industry as they receive huge grants, often based on erroneous claims, feigned environmental concerns have to remain front and center as their outcry of their urgency demands dramatic sacrifices.  Yet, be certain of this one thing.  While they continue to line their pockets, you can be sure you won’t see them taking a bus anytime soon.

    Their argument for these changes is framed in their naïve belief that “we must all work together as one for the good of mankind.”  The question is, “Do they really believe that, or is this simply a calculated plan to abolish, yet, another freedom in order to keep us solely reliant on big government and globalists who want total control?” 

    Excuse me for not believing in the altruistic and selfless motives of the aforementioned, but having come off of a two-year experiment called Covid-19, I am a bit hesitant to swallow the slick sales pitch for ditching our cars in the name of progress and for the sake of accommodating “shifting patterns of life.”

    I’m willing to bet that there are plenty who, like me, value their independence in the form of their own gasoline-operated car which is always ready to take them where they want and as far as they want, at whatever time of day or night they want. 

    And, by the way, even if they see gasoline as being an old technology which will be changed within the next twenty years, why should we be so quick to bankrupt viable industries and millions of jobs before the transition actually occurs? Only someone who wants to cause chaos and more dependency would think that’s a good idea.

    Be forewarned!  There are plans to separate you from the freedom of mobility you presently enjoy.  It’s not so hard to believe when you think about what they’ve already tried to separate us from over the last two years!  Freedoms are taken away incrementally, and this one is already in the works!

    Remember, two weeks to flatten the curve turned into two years.  In the end, you may discover that the best investment you could make is in a good old-fashioned bicycle, because when the next global crisis hits, and it surely will, it may be the only means of transportation we’re allowed to use!

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    Cookie Schwaeber-Issan

    A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the U.S. before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives near Tel Aviv with her husband.
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