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    Defeat The "Great Reset" To Save American Freedoms

    March 26, 2022
    Image by Donald Trung Quoc Don (Chữ Hán: 徵國單) 

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    Guest post by Paul S. Gardiner

    The "Great Reset" is truly a serious threat to American freedoms, especially the freedoms of speech, religion, and assembly. It also is a serious threat to America's unique constitutional republic. Thus, every freedom-loving American needs to fight against this so-called reset with "tooth and nail".

    Alarmingly, over 80 percent of large American companies have already become part of the Great Reset in one way or another. This information is revealed in Glenn Beck's thoroughly documented book, The Great Reset, containing over 500 footnoted references.

    Based on the statements of three prominent American political commentators, Dr. Victor David Hanson , Dr. Michael Rectenwald,  and Mr. Glenn Beck , this article highlights many of the most important components of the Great Reset, its threat to America, and actions to defeat it.   

    The core strategy of the people promoting the Great Reset is rather simple: control people's thinking, speech, and behavior by controlling their money and access to money. The Great Reset is basically the brainchild of the World Economic Forum (WEF), an organization made up of the world's political, economic, and cultural "elites" that meets annually in Davos, Switzerland.  Sadly, many very wealthy Americans ("elites") support the WEF and the goals of the Great Reset.  

    In simplest terms, the Great Reset entails the printing of huge sums of money by leftist controlled central banks and governments, with no concern about deficits or national debts, and then awarding this money to individuals and organizations who support the goals of a leftist, radical agenda. Conversely, individuals and organizations who do not support the leftist, radical agenda will not receive any of this "free money". The unrestrained printing of money is permissible per the tenets of modern monetary theory where deficit spending and huge national debts are irrelevant. 

    Of course, supporting a leftist, radical agenda requires supporting all kinds of leftist ideas and beliefs such as the widely debunked emergency of human-caused climate change , social equity programs, LTBGQ agenda, transgender rights, open borders, critical race theory, big government (versus limited government), and anything else that the leftist, radical population feels is important to their agenda.  

    Ultimately, proponents of the Great Reset plan to control people's behavior by means of advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and a worldwide digital currency where a leftist government or bank could easily strip a person of all means to purchase goods, pay bills, etc., due to their "unacceptable" behavior. Further, Great Reset supporters have established a communist Chinese-like "social credit" scoring system (see below) where organizations and individuals are given a social credit score, rewarding those who have a high rating and punishing those with low scores.  

    Following are three examples of how the Great Reset ultimately could affect the lives of "ordinary" Americans:

    1) A man owns a trucking business and he makes public statements opposing the leftish climate change agenda to completely rid America of fossil fuels by year 2030. When he applies for a loan to expand his business, his bank and other banks refuse to loan him any money because of his "unacceptable" statements about the climate change agenda. In order to get the loan, he is required to go along with the climate change agenda and refute his previous statements opposing the agenda---a violation of the man's freedom of speech.

    2) A woman belongs to a parents group that opposes the teaching of Critical Race Theory at her child's school and she worships at a church where the pastor preaches against homosexuality. She receives a notice from her bank that her account is no longer welcome at the bank or her application for a loan has been disapproved due to her "unacceptable" participation in the above activities; she can receive the funds if she leaves the parents group and her church---a violation of the woman's freedoms of assembly and religion.

    3) A conservative political candidate speaks against the transgender and LTBGQ movements. He receives a notice from his bank and other banks that his campaign funds are frozen due to his "unacceptable" statements about the above movements---a violation of the person's freedom of speech.     

    While the above violations may be remedied through court actions, substantial legal expenses and the time involved for a court action may dissuade many from taking action, and hence, will go along with what the leftist financial institutions demand. 

    Americans need to know that as part of the Great Reset, the WEF has developed an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) index (social credit index?) by which an individual or organization is rated to determine their "wokeness" and how in tune they are with the leftist, radical agenda. If rated low, banks could refuse loans and/or close accounts for a non-woke individual or organization. According to The Great Reset, this index is now used by thousands of companies in more than 50 countries, including many companies in the United States.    

    How to overcome the Great Reset? In Glenn Beck's book (which is highly recommended reading), he explains how Americans can stall, if not defeat, the radical agenda of the Great Reset. Crucial actions needed in this fight are the following: 1) elect national, state, and local leaders who will adamantly and fearlessly fight against the goals of the radical Great Reset; 2) pass federal regulation and ultimately federal legislation that will make it illegal for banks and financial institutions to make lending decisions based on anything other than financial concerns; 3) defund leftist-controlled programs at the United Nations; 4) pass a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution; and 5) reform American education at the college and K-12 levels so that America's youth are fairly taught both the good and bad of America's history.        

    In conclusion, the Great Reset is a challenging, complex subject, and this article is not intended to be an all-inclusive description. But now that its fundamental tenet has been exposed, i. e., controlling people's thinking, speech, and behavior by controlling their money, Americans must pull together to fight/defeat this insidious effort---an effort by many of the world's "elites" to gain control and power over the nations and peoples of the world. America needs bold, courageous leaders who are unafraid to do whatever is necessary to defeat the leftist promoters of the radical Great Reset. 

    Paul S Gardiner is a retired Army officer, Vietnam veteran, and avid lover of America. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, University of Alabama, and the United States Army War College. 

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    CDM Staff

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    No weapon formed against me will prosper. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

    A B

    Don't be fooled, just about everyone you can name in big business is willingly in on WEF, is subservient to WEF, or controlled by WEF. That includes DONALD TRUMP.

    Jewel Kidd

    You are wrong about Trump. So what if he said he made 15 new friends and shook their hands and made nice with them. His message was and always will be the same. America first. Everything he has done was always for our country and it’s people. He is NOT one of them and anyone who says he is, is talking out their a$$.


    Wrong. Trump sold out. Endorsing RINOS left and right. Endorsing dangerous gene therapies that are being misrepresented as vaccines. Sorry buddy. I voted for him but he sold out.


    It’s way too long and the facts are very simple. If you currently have a social media presence FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER then you are supporting and enabling the destruction of our nation. Period!
    If you have a Facebook account you are complicit in moving the great reset even closer so anything else you do is moot.

    You cannot participate in the largest propaganda outlet in the history if the planet and pretend to be concerned about this. When you lie down with dogs and wake up with fleas it’s not the dogs fault you have fleas

    When you prioritize your entertainment over values and ethics you are part of the problem.

    Shemp Hawking

    Wrong. Under Trump, we had a booming economy. Our manufaturing base was returning from overseas. We were energy independent and exporting the surplus. We exported 6 billion dollars of wheat in 2019. Our military was funded, fit, and ready. Foreign policy worked. Sell your BS elsewhere.

    Shemp Hawking

    The stated remedies are sound recourse. The problem is that the Great Reset was a gargantuan, meticulously planned undertaking fifty years in the making. They iInfiltrated political parties, education systems, judicial systems, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and the military - in multiple countries no less, and they remain entrenched thanks to election fraud, judicial activism, bribery, blackmail, and murder. They have achieved total control and it's crystal clear that there's no peaceful way to remedy the situation.


    The number one thing the WEF want to achieve besides depopulation, is DISARMING the American people They want you as compliant disarmed SLAVES!

    Anne Reiser

    1) elect national, state, and local leaders who will adamantly and fearlessly fight against the goals of the radical Great Reset;
    2020 MUST BE DECERTIFIED....no states should use DOMINION or any computerized voting system...tabulators are fine but NO INTERNET.....no states should have ERIC involved in voter rolls

    2) pass federal regulation and ultimately federal legislation that will make it illegal for banks and financial institutions to make lending decisions based on anything other than financial concerns;
    only if #1 is done will this be possible

    3) defund leftist-controlled programs at the United Nations;
    ALL PROGRAMS AT UN ARE LEFTIST; we MUST get out of UN once and for all

    4) pass a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution;

    5) reform American education at the college and K-12 levels so that America’s youth are fairly taught both the good and bad of America’s history.
    again, only if #1 is done will this be possible


    If the Reset fully occurs it will be much, much worse than the three examples depicted above.
    Big Brother will give you allowance and tell you how to spend it. What to rent. No saving allowed. Big Brother will tell you where to live and pick out your pod mates for you. No marrying, having kids, or pets.
    Big Brother will track and trace using wearables and even probes similar to RiteCite to survey your every move using the internet of bodies in the smart cities they have planned.
    You will not have a fulfilling job--or do anything fulfilling. You likely will be a career lab rat since technocrats want robots and AI running almost everything. You will submit to genetic experiments to consume the crappy companies. The few mega corporations can produce shoddy crap because you will have no options but what the monopolies churn out. Most of the social interactions They will allow will be confined to the severely restricted internet of 8-10 channels. Similar to what China and North Korea already have in place.
    It will be the nearest thing to Hell anyone on earth can experience. Better off dead than going along.


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