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    Those Who Say ‘Don't Know’: Spartacus Jumps To KBJ's Defense

    March 28, 2022
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    With the news cycle so fixated on the potential for World War III, also of note over the weekend was Cory Booker's expression of pain induced by Republicans' questioning of KBJ. Did he forget what Kavanaugh was subjected to? 

    Simply put, it was the KGB-esque interrogation of KBJ to give over a few of her opinions that so horrified Booker. She ostensibly was grilled with outrageous, rapid-fire questions that would rattle the neurons of most Mensa members. 

    "When does life begin, in your opinion?" Senator Kennedy innocently asked.

    “Senator, I don’t know,” Jackson responded, before laughing Kamala style.

    Even worse was when Senator Blackburn - whose name reflects her terrible grilling habits - desired to know what 'woman' means to KBJ. Shame on her/she/hers. 

    And so, Spartacus explained, “I think there were a lot of moments like that, that were deflating to me and disappointing to me." 

    “Can an unborn child feel pain at 20 weeks in the birthing process?” Senator Graham inquired, and Cory’s hot air balloon crashed entirely.

    “Senator, I don’t know,” Jackson replied. Shows just how defeated the 'Party of Science' is. 

    The Judge admittedly has neither knowledge nor opinion about the fetal-tissue issue, but she does “have personal, religious, and otherwise beliefs that have nothing to do with the law in terms of when life begins.” The definition of ‘belief’ used to mean something one accepts as true or real - a firmly held opinion. Guess they don't cover that in law school. 

    The good news is that in the end, Jackson did define what it means to be a woman as she stood up with an unbent back to her inquisitorial tormentors. #I'mWithHer.

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    Blima Miller

    Blima Miller is a conservative opinion and satire journalist based on Long Island. Her previous publications include American Thinker, The Thinking Conservative, The Jewish Press, and her work has been featured on LocknLoad Radio.
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