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    Can’t Or Won’t Define What Is A Woman?

    March 30, 2022
    Ketanji Brown Jackson Illustration
    Image by Coreypkolb

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    Who would’ve ever thought that the simple question of what is a woman would turn into the most lethal minefield of all time? Yet it’s a precipice from which Ketanji Brown Jackson, prospective candidate for Supreme Court justice was not willing to be hurled.

    Stating that she cannot offer an answer, she would have been more sincere to say she “won’t” offer an answer. By so doing, she would have, at least, acknowledged the perplexing times in which we live – a time where the most basic laws of nature are no longer set in stone as they have been since the existence of the world.

     Only until the last few years, clerical forms were distributed which contained one of two boxes to check – male or female. Only until the last few years were two bathroom figures drawn on doors, helping us determine where we should go, and only until the last few years were men and women completely distinguishable in a way that even the youngest child could immediately decipher the gender of the person standing before them.

    So, what happened and why would defining who is a woman end up torpedoing the chances of a Harvard Law School graduate from seeking a position to the highest court in the land?

    The woke philosophy can take full credit for the fear that has now gripped the hearts of anyone who dares to deny the ever fluid nature of gender swapping. It has become a moment-to-moment prerogative, these days, to alternate from male to female, vice versa or to no gender whatsoever. If you feel it, you can will it into being. So they would have us believe.

    Actually, it’s even more complicated than that. Some claim that there are 21 different genders while others put it at 58. However, the top number boasts 72. Of course, none of these are biologically defined with any measure of empirical evidence but rather socially constructed in order to accommodate a “feeling” of the individual who is claiming such a belief.

    The term, “Everything is Relative,” has never been more apropos. One’s individual experience is now the defining perception for how things must be viewed. Consequently, if I’m outside, with my friend, on a sunny day, but I pull out my umbrella to shield myself from the raindrops perceived only by me, my friend now needs to make a new accommodation for my own erroneous belief that the weather has suddenly turned inclement.

    Not too long ago, such an act would have been seen as a sharp departure from reality, bordering on neurosis, but these days it’s merely the need to accommodate and validate a singular reality of an individual or group of individuals whose claims flies against whatever is being denied as the basis of actual fact and truth.

    And herein lies the dilemma. If nothing can be determined as fact or truth, then definitions can no longer be made. This new development would render Webster, Oxford and Wikipedia useless, because their definitions, which have been held for centuries, would boil down to only one possibility among what are now endless options.

    While those endless options have already made their way into the society of humanity, how many of the earth’s inhabitants actually believe that the social constructs of the last few years are valid, sound and logical? Well, if you live in a major metropolis, you might be all the more inclined to consider these new adaptations in deference to the old, but if you live in a village, a small town, a rural area or any of the other geographic locations which are inhabited by the vast majority of people, a man is still someone who generally has facial hair and male body parts whereas a woman is someone who generally has a higher-pitched voice, a differently shaped physique and matching reproductive organs.

    There, that wasn’t too hard to say, but, for some reason, admitting those things out loud could have seriously jeopardized the coveted position sought by Brown Jackson, so her survival instinct naturally kicked in, leading her to duck the question and claim biological ineptitude in order to avoid the ire of those who feel raindrops while the sun is brightly shining.

    It is those very misguided individuals who can be extremely proud of Ms. Brown Jackson for refusing to display sound knowledge, common sense and traditional belief at a time when our very foundational societal pillars are being not only challenged but torn down and replaced by fantasy and delusion.

    The wave of the future, as they see it, is to perpetuate the dawn of a new day which does not recognize absolutes, laws, consequences, fundamental principles or cornerstones which have ruled life and time.

    The ideal Supreme Court justice, to the woke crowd, should be someone who is ready to disregard history with all its lessons and create the new utopia which will make room for whatever goes even if that results in the detriment of an ordered society – which actually is the goal.

    In the end, Ketanji Brown Jackson would not define what is a woman, because she, too, is clearly on board with the creation of a new world order which will end the present one as we know it. Such a justice, who is incapable of defining a woman, cannot be expected to protect the rights of a woman, despite being one herself, but then that’s consistent if gender is no longer a special consideration. When nothing matters anymore, nothing needs to be defended anymore!

    But facts do matter, and here’s one that is worth our attention. The woke crowd, as powerful and loud as they may seem, are still in the minority – the extreme minority, and, that being the case, it is incumbent upon the rest of us to use our voices to perpetuate what is true, what is fact and what is reality.

    Mental illness can never become the dominant basis for perception, because it fails to ensure clarity of mind, stability of thought or reasonable and sane calculation.

    If you are still able to distinguish the many differences between men and women, do not be afraid to bravely verbalize them, because, by doing so, you will assure the rest of us that you have not taken leave of your senses – a blessing with which the Highest Judge endowed His creation and which was intended to be our greatest asset rather than a lethal minefield.

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    Cookie Schwaeber-Issan

    A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the U.S. before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives near Tel Aviv with her husband.
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    She should not even be considered for this position. It's obvious that obiden/obomma want another Bullshit Pusher !

    Brett M Short

    War criminal Biden needs arresting and put in prison for TREASON.


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