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    The Long-Game Conditioning Of Society

    April 6, 2022
    Image by Cesarleal

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    Are you afraid of spiders, snakes, or rodents?  Maybe you’re claustrophobic or afraid of heights.  Psychology has a solution for such dilemmas.  It’s called “Exposure Therapy.”  The idea behind it is to face your fear head on by being exposed, in a safe and controlled environment, to the very thing that freaks you out. 

    The hope is that, in time, as a result of this repeated effort, the fear will begin to subside to the point where what was once perceived to be a threat will eventually seem normal.

    While this may be a good method of helping people who suffer from certain personality disorders, the very same tactic has been employed on society, as a whole, to “condition” us through the repeated exposure of things which were once viewed as objectionable, destructive, immoral, dishonest or just plain undesirable behaviors and practices for all societies. 

    The thing about conditioning is that it does not usually yield an immediate desired outcome.  It takes time, repeated exposure over the long haul and a continual attempt to wear down the worrisome sensation that is felt by the individual(s).

    And this is exactly what has been taking place.  If you follow the course of events, which have slowly but steadily been happening, especially since the emergence of the 21st century, there’s no other way to explain the monumental societal changes which have seeped into our culture, except to attribute all of it to a long-term process of conditioning which has been chipping away at our traditionally-held viewpoints in order to change them to a specific desired response.

    Things that we would have never accepted 20 or 30 years ago are now looked upon as benign societal norms - everything from the incorporation of sweatpants being worn on flights or in school to the now increasing phenomenon of gender identity confusion.  Having been continually exposed to these new behaviors, on a daily basis, has surely borne a result of acceptance or, at least, being resigned to a very different path which is now looked upon as a normal part of our world. 

    Someone who was patient enough to wait out the results knew that people would eventually come around if they were exposed,long enough, to things they once saw as undesirable, but which, in time, they were assured were quite normal and even equitable.  

    But while conditioning and exposure therapy may be a very good treatment for mental phobias, which often limit people from enjoying every day normal life due to the great anxiety they cause, is it ethical to also utilize the same methods in order to try to get humanity to embrace a more debasing standard for society?

    The question of ethics does come up simply because societal conditioning, driven by individuals whose goal is to control and dominate populations, are able to hasten those goals by employing what boils down to the manipulation of masses throughnormalizing any particular deviate behavior.  

    One such example occurred in November, 2021 when a Virginia professor came under fire for saying that attraction to children isn’t always immoral.  The rebranded name for such a phenomenon was called “Minor-Attracted Persons or (MAPs).  The attempt to destigmatize pedophilia was yet another form of conditioning, whereby the public could view an odious and deviate behavior as somehow being more palatable. 

    In this case, the outcry was great by the vast majority of normal-thinking people who immediately rejected the notion that pedophilia could ever be sanitized and accepted as mainstream.  Yet, it may not be the last we hear on the subject, becausesomeone clearly wants to normalize it.  Consequently, in order for it to ever become an accepted societal norm, it will have to be revisited over and over again until the taint of the stigma is no longer viewed as shameful or disgraceful.  

    That is where playing the long game of conditioning comes in.  Knowing that these monumental changes do not occur overnight, the wait, by those pushing for the seismic shift is well worth the end result – a society with no boundaries, no rules, no consequences and complete anarchy.

    Of course, those endeavoring to bring about this new order would vehemently argue that the standards of one cannot nor should be the standard for all.  But by so claiming, what they are really saying is that our present laws, societal rules and norms are subjective and do not necessarily represent the viewpoint or desired lifestyle of others.

    While this may seem true on the surface, a healthy society must function on the basis of a universally accepted set of rules which govern morality, justice, decency, respect for others, regard of privacy and boundaries as well as furthering the well-being of society as a whole. Punishment for infractions must also be the motivational deterrent for those who are unwilling to live in accordance with such foundational principles. 

    History has shown us that well-established and respected societies have fallen when such governing laws were abandoned in deference to a full-scale exercise of freedoms without accountability. But real freedom can only work when they are accompanied by limitations which protect those who could easily be hurt when liberties taken end up injuring others.  

    So, the idea that today’s laws and societal standards are antiquated or unprogressive for a world that is rapidly changing is one way of facilitating conditioning, because people “obviously must get used to the idea that what worked 50 years ago no longer works today.”  Settled gender must be relegated to something which has passed its shelf life and must, therefore, have greater flexibility in order to be more current with today’s modern preferences.  

    Law enforcement, once revered and honored is yet another example of a long-held societal principle which has fallen victim to conditioning.  As more and more officers became vilified and disparaged, a defamation campaign changed how so many viewed those who had been committed to strengthening the fabric of our society through enforcing the laws which they had taken an oath to uphold.

    Another example, over the past year, has been the notion that parental rights over their children is neither justified nor correct as it concerns what is taught in schools or at what age their kids are exposed to controversial and explicitly provocative subjects which have, up until now, not been within the purview of educators to introduce or promote.  

    However, with enough conditioning, through the means of dishonesty, such as suggesting that parents are homophobic or racist, the justification to better educate their children through Critical Race Theory or gender studies has been demanded. It’s truly a sad day when a governor feels the need to enact a bill in order to protect kindergarten through third-grade children who, otherwise,would have been exposed to subjects totally inappropriate for such tender ages.The bottom line is that all of this mental manipulation has been a lengthy process designed to reinforce the changes which we are all seeing play out right before our eyes.  If we fail to recognize how quickly and radically our world is spinning out of control, those playing the long-game of conditioning will, indeed, have won.  The question is what kind of a world will we be left with? And how long can such a world last?  

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    Cookie Schwaeber-Issan

    A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the U.S. before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives near Tel Aviv with her husband.
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    A LONG-CON targeting the naive, gullible, and chronically stupid.


    Lie-beral Demonocrats with their 'No Rules, Just Right' mentality, do not realize the long term consequences of the 'Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am' Syndrome. You are NOT nice by not having rules.


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