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    The Brilliance Of A Reset Beyond Our Wildest Imagination

    April 10, 2022
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    Guest post by Rob Cunningham

    How might a man direct a team of strategic thinkers and bold leaders to expose a worldwide cabal of narcissists hellbent on maintaining total dominion over this earth?

    How difficult would this task be, given the vast majority of men and women have been comprehensively and elaborately deceived for centuries,  beyond the wildest imagination of almost everyone? 

    If an overwhelming majority of adults become fully and convincingly aware, through a combination of arrests, guilty pleas, jury convictions, video recordings, military tribunals and an indisputable amount of evidence, proving the most powerful, wealthy and politically connected “elites” in banking, law, government, military, media, journalism, religion, academia, healthcare, entertainment and public safety have lied, deceived, hacked, enslaved, abused, stolen and perverted virtually all areas of society, would those who exposed, convicted and removed these criminals be celebrated as the greatest heroes in history?

    Coincidence or Collaboration?

    When an undeniable preponderance of evidence is presented to the world, proving beyond all doubt that the ten events listed below were not mere coincidences but elaborately orchestrated public deceptions, in violation of all moral, legal, constitutional and ethical standards, should those involved be prosecuted?  

    The choice to know is difficult for those unwilling to suspend their pride, fear, shame and let go of partisan ideology to examine facts, truths and common sense. This exercise has nothing to do with partisan politics and everything to do with honesty and dishonesty.   These ten events were orchestrated by governments and corporate “elites” for the ulterior motives of political power, financial control and character assassination. 

    1. Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax

    2. Mueller’s 2-Year Special Counsel Hoax

    3. Ukraine Impeachment Hoax

    4. Covid-19 Pandemic & Genocide

    5. Pharma Crimes Against Humanity

    6. 2020 Election Infrastructure Attack

    7. Jan 6, 2021 Washington, DC, Insurrection Hoax 

    8. Jan 2021 “Insurrection” Impeachment Hoax

    9. Hunter Biden’s Laptop “Russian Disinformation” Hoax

    10. 51 “Intelligence” Experts Lied to Help Joe Biden Campaign


    If even one of the above events, much less all of them, occurred, is not all institutional credibility of those involved completely shattered?  

    Move on? Hell No.

    Those who champion the idea of ignoring the past six years and encourage others to “move on” are waving a flag of moral cowardice for all the world to see. 

    A modern version of David vs.Goliath is happening before our very eyes, with each new heinous societal attack awakening more and more people to the inhuman abuses we’ve endured for far too long. Those guilty of committing such heinous crimes against humanity as listed above will stop at nothing until “we the people” end their reign of terror. We live in an era of unconventional information, biological, economic, military and spiritual warfare. Yet, people the world over stand at the precipice of reclaiming our true authority and unalienable freedoms from these warlords, corrupt bankers and demonic freaks lording over us all. 

    Since 2015, our world has witnessed a leadership brilliance that has awakened, educated, inspired and reorganized billions to reclaim what rightfully belongs to us. Only by the grace and power of God could a group of leaders be so equipped and anointed to awaken us from our slumbered state of mind. Now is our time. We are warriors and we must work to free ourselves. And when we stand and fight, we will win. 

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Their greed and lust for (more) wealth, power, and control caused them to make stupid mistakes which exposed them and their malicious schemes to rule the world.

    Rob Cunningham

    100% in agreement with you, Tony. And the corruption is across the board, left/right, red/blue, male/female, religious/atheist. The ever-expanding bureaucracy is their political system that functions like a boa constrictor, slowing squeezing the life out of its prey.


    Your list is excellent but does not capture the full extent of the globalist's diabolical plans. The events started long ago, in the 50's,60's, and 70's,with the communist mind warping on college campuses. It was coupled with CIA, Hollywood, media, deep state collaboration to control the narrative and detract from their plotting.
    The crown jewel of their plan was the election of Barrack Obama. All of the 10 events you mentioned came from Obama and he is still calling the shots in moving the globalist's into complete control.
    Will the masses awaken fast enough by first placing a wave of American Republicans into congress? Followed by the reinstalkation of Trump as president?

    Shemp Hawking

    It's a given that the unimpeded success that these maggots are enjoying can be attributed to blackmail and threats of frame-ups, financial ruin, and even physical harm. If you think that's far-fetched, consider the fact that they've engineered a method to get away with pre-meditaed, cold blooded murder on a global scale.

    Lamont Cranston

    When we stand and fight? Really? Nobody is going to stand and fight! People today are apathetic, self-focused, shallow, greedy, arrogant, ignorant and cowardly. Courageous is not in their lexicon. Nice article. Great sentiment. Just not going to happen.


    Leadership brilliance since 2015? WTH are you talking about?! Trump had 4 years of remarkable success, which our current junta has dismantled and then some. What leadership? We have no leadership, and taking on the system without it is suicidal. Meaningless words on paper…

    Rob Cunningham

    SteveT, could you please point out another world leader in our lifetimes that was a catalyst for a global awakening against oppressive, invasive, corrupt governments? Have you ever seen such a worldwide citizen revolt against the NWO Agenda being played out in the nations, cities and streets of over 100 nations at the same time? Do you believe this is all coincidental? Do you believe the Deep State panic, stupidity and desperation is make believe or real? Who, other than President Donald J Trump and his ideological partners, are setting the pace and leading the charge for the Red Pill Awakening across the globe?


    I'm always SHOCKED that nobody does anything about it. But especially those in power that have the authority to investigate and make arrest and the leaders who can meter out the punishments inculding hangings.

    Oh, wait. Those are the very people committing the crimes. Never mind.....

    Rob Cunningham

    The “brilliance” is the mass, global awakening & turning to God. In a world that has drifted so deep into the pit of moral relativism, directionless and without a sail to navigate, 1) people the world over are going to be forced to recognize and admit, there truly is a demonic, evil force that lives in this earth, and 2) IF in fact a demonic evil does exist, SO MUST GOD! People the world over are being stunned into sobriety, forced to face the truth of evil all around them and within them, disconnect from their faith in government and materialism, and genuinely seek a relationship with our living Creator, God.


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