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    April 10, 2022


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    Fact: the nominee is not the first black woman considered for the court – not by a mile. “Judge Amalya Lyle Kearse, a Black woman from Vauxhall, New Jersey, was within arm’s reach of a Supreme Court nomination 41 years ago. And 35 years ago. And 31 years ago. And 28 years ago. - FORBES

    “President” Joe Biden violated federal law in his selection of a supreme court jurist solely based on her sex and race. He considered no one else, and instructed his gofers to ignore any other candidate. Apparently no white, Hispanic or Asian, or a male, had the qualifications to serve.

    The president made his intent public. He then delivered on his promise knowing he’s violating the law of the land. With a few RINOs predictably playing along, Democrats in the senate on cynical partisan grounds, confirmed Biden’s selection. These affirmative votes violate the constitution by having confirmed a federal employee based only on her sex and race. With their votes, this gaggle of racists had agreed to discriminate and exclude other races and the opposite sexfrom gainful employment.

    Employment based on sex and race is discriminatory under the laws of all fifty states. This is especially true for the bench that rules on cases of discrimination. Rulings for the entire nation can affect generations. 

    The 14th Amendment of the U.S Constitution – CORNELL LAW: 

    Congress, using its power to regulate interstate commerce, enacted the Civil Rights Act of 1964 under Title 42, Chapter 21 of the United States Code. Discrimination based on "race, color, religion, or national origin" in public establishments that have a connection to interstate commerce or are supported by the state is prohibited. See 42 U.S.C. § 2000a

    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits employment discrimination where the employer is engaged in interstate commerce. Congress has passed numerous other laws dealing with employment discrimination

    The judiciary, most notably the Supreme Court, plays a crucial role in interpreting civil rights, as a single Supreme Court ruling can alter the recognition of rights throughout the nation. REF

    Referencing the law above, SCOTUS rules on matters of commerce, interstate commerce, education, media, employment and housing, banking, and venues of public establishment. Education and media on the net as well as banking and judicial rulings cross state lines by wire – and are considered “interstate commerce” even when the institution of learning, banking, and employment are local. 

    All of these activities are presumably supported by the state (see the first paragraph under CORNELL LAW above). Finally, the court is engaged in interstate commerce itself and cases bearing on civil rights by virtue of its previous rulings.

    It is not merely the illegal nomination of a SCOTUS jurist that had violated the civil rights of other Americans and the judicial norms of color-blind justice. 

    The selection dehumanized them too.

    It is not merely the confirmation that has done likewise.

    It is that confirming jurists based on their race and sex directly violates the civil rights of American voters of every creed, race and color, and candidates even more qualified were not being considered and not given a fair shake. Ultimately, it ended the possibility of the excluded jurists who would certainly have promulgated rulings that would have changed the course of history.

    Joe Biden’s and the Democrat’s disingenuous and racist act violated the legitimate functioning of a democratic state, itsconstitution, and all institutions and courts of law across the land.

    Every state in the union has become an aggrieved party. Every state has standing in that state’s federal court to bring civil rights actions based on the U.S. Constitution’s 14th amendment, against the racist and sexist acts of the president and Congress.

    If the courts successfully ruled that the president’s nomination was illegal based on the premises outlined here, selective bias, it would make the confirmation illegal as well.


    Boston University Law Review Symposium.

    Villanova Law Review 

    Who Will Biden Nominate for the Supreme Court? Meet the Shortlist


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    Andrew Benjamin

    Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, equities trader, a former economic advisor to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani; serving on the transition team's Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget. Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, economic issues, the Mideast, terrorism, technology, high end audio and transnational politics.
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    you will not prevail in this. The SCROUTUS has ruled that any action meant to right a past racial wrong is allowed. She'll be touted as "justice" for the many years of discrimination against blacks on the court.

    Jim Bahb

    What’s interesting is this: the CPUSA (dems) have pre-appointed a person to fill a court seat not yet vacant. What if Brennan were to reconsider rescind his resignation? Would the Ketanji then just lie in wait for a seat to open and then ascend. What if that opening were to occur months or even years later—when the opposition party ruled? What’s to keep Biden et al from appointing replacements for the entire Court. Can successive appointments be “layered” to encumber seats coming available 50 years from now? Browns “appointment” is a farce.

    Deplorable Joe Voter

    You may as well ask a judge to find him/herself guilty of a crime.

    Simply not going to happen as the body with the final say is the body committing the offenses.

    Nabi Rasch

    Good one! You can't prevail in anything these days unless you're leftarded'


    That is my question. Could this also be a beckdoor attempt to pack the court?


    If pressed, she'll simply say she "identifies as a multi-racial, non-binary person", thereby sidestepping federal law.

    Nabi Rasch

    She could merely say 'I'm not a biologist' and get a whole new conflict going.

    Alej Marcos

    Our criminal government continues apace.


    All I can say is "ditto" to all the other posts.

    Wilma Flyer

    Well, that, and we have an Affirmative Action SCOTUS justice.


    Laws don't matter to the Left. They do as they will with impunity.


    Laws don't matter to the Right either. Or anyone for that matter.

    This too will be allowed to proceed with only fist shaking and whining from GoP and American people.
    If a law is not enforced, then it doesn't matter.

    Crotchety Dude

    The word is "Scrotus" for singular, and "Scrotum" for the plural form. Literally meaning: "the scrotum is now filled by the comers."

    sharon sivori

    You have to realize this illegitimate administration presides in a foreign country. Washington DC is not part of the USA anymore(this democracy became bankrupt before the 2020 election) We are now the Republic of America. Those illegals in Washington have no Constitution or Bill of Rights, they do not acknowledge our rules. Didn't it seem strange that biden is getting away with ILLEGAL LAWS, LAWS that violate our laws??? Well, there you go. We must get the election overturned by having the states decertify and OUR REAL PRESIDENT sworn back in.


    .....2,000+ years down the drain. Every gain toward civilised society and culture wiped out. We are back to pre-Christian levels of corruption. When it has become so entrenched and blatant that they do not feel the need to hide it - that is where we are at. Civilisation was real for a time, that time has passed.





    Biden should be impeached for acting unconstitutionally and thus deliberately breaking his own oath of office.

    Conway poppa

    We have no elected leader who will do their rightful duty. They are either in bed with the cabal collecting from the drug cartels which is very lucrative and the reason we have open borders or from the cartel pushing the WEF or the Soros/Schwab. McCarthy and McConnell are useless extra teats on the old boar. They are going to do nothing which endangers their grift. Who does that leave? Pelosi? Schumer? Yeah, right. To keep up the charade of a two party system McConnell and McCarthy are allowed to win their districts because the Dim machine knows that the two RINOs are no different than having Democrats in the seats.
    Has anyone seen anything constructive done by these two? They knew the vote tally on Jackson, so they nay. Romney, Murkowski and Collins took the fall because they know they are done at the end of their terms anyway.


    Federal law only matters if Demorats wish to use it against a political opponent. Otherwise federal law is to be thoroughly ignored.

    Bob Dorman

    This entire administration is a violation of federal law. So what? The rubber spined republicans and our feckless attorney general won't do anything about it. As long as those in charge of upholding the law just sit back and allow these atrocities to continue, they will continue.


    I noticed you willfully discriminated against the colorful race White people are by not capitalizing the pronoun . In fact only White people show at least five colors in the summertime after time in the sunlight.
    "Apparently no white, Hispanic or Asian, or a male, had the qualifications to serve."

    Fact is the "US" government is a foreign entity by the constitution, proven by the constitution. It is perfectly "legal" according to said document to make oneself a voluntary slave.

    The Joker Is The Trump Card

    Obiden laughs at the rule of law that was deleted by the "historic" pen and phone.
    The Long March of the CPUSA that started in 1922 is now complete and they no longer hide the Fundamental Transformation into the United States of South Africa.

    “Ruined! Ruined! My time has clean run out! The clock has stopped, the pygmy house has crumbled. Soon I shall embrace eternity to my breast, and soon I shall howl gigantic curses at mankind. … If there is a Something which devours, I’ll leap within it, though I bring the world to ruins—the world which bulks between me and the abyss, I will smash to pieces with my enduring curses.”

    Oulanem, Karl Marx, 1839


    Who within the government will stand and say: The emperor has no clothes ! Somebody, somewhere has the position to do something about this fake government, instead of playing along. What about those Dominion voting machines? What is the use in voting again if the outcome can be predetermined AND ACCEPTED. Why is this ignored ?!?! Yes, if things don't change, I predict that bad things are going to happen. We can't continue and pretend that everything is ok.

    Michigan J Frogg

    My exact sentiments, DAV.


    Federal law means nothing.


    Ah, you must still think that the government obeys laws. How quaint. Government is the greatest evil ever created by man....prove me wrong.


    Of course the democrats will nominate the most anti-American piece of crap that they can. Notice that Joe's left hand, that conceals "the finger" is not visible in the picture.

    Kathryn Jorgensen

    There are too many Marxists in government everywhere - basically nearly any person or entity such as SCOTUS that *could* do anything about it won't since they're Marxists and put their religion ahead of anything else (i.e. laws for example).


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