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    Ukraine – Why Freedom-Loving Americans Aren’t On Board

    May 14, 2022
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    Many people have been at a loss as to why freedom-loving Americans, especially conservatives, are not fully on board with Ukraine. Can’t they see this for what it obviously is? – a clear-cut case of an aggressor, invading a sovereign country, without provocation? – a pure and simple case of good versus evil?


    After six years of nonstop hoaxes and hysteria;

    After six years of being cynically subjected to the politics of panic-porn, where everything is a potentially world-ending catastrophe, and one “unprecedented crisis” after another is breathlessly rolled out to keep people terrified and on edge;

    After two years of censorship, deception, lies, manipulation of data, and suppression of information about a contagion – about its source, transmission, treatment, immunity, tests, cases, causes of death, vaccines, costs, profits, government payments, and U.S. funding and involvement in bioweapons labs;

    After two years of doctors, nurses, scientists, regulators, journalists, and teachers being systematically censored, smeared, lied about, vilified, persecuted, and prosecuted;

    After two years of playing the fear card, to scare people out of their wits and create mass hysteria;

    After two decades of politicians cynically playing the blame-game;

    After seeing politicians and elites whip the horses of hysteria and panic-porn to victory;

    After seeing everything politicized, including medicine, science, education, and supposedly neutral government bureaucracies; 

    After lies, propaganda, and deception about a contagion were used to control people and cripple societies around the world, destroying and ending the lives of billions;

    After leaders of the freest countries in the world grabbed hold of the dictatorial reins and pulled tighter and tighter, careless of the welfare of the general public, crippling their countries, destroying and ending the lives of billions – of killing life itself;

    After a ruling class installed an inhumane and evil regime that denied people their most basic human activities, while they luxuriated and lorded over their besieged peoples, like nobility, imposing rules and restrictions that applied only to their serfs;

    After seeing a ruling class out-source everything (including bioweapons labs) with no regard for their countrymen’s welfare – and, instead, ravage the country with opioids, cheap labor, and hopelessness;

    After the ruling class made its means, ends, and contempt for the general public quite clear;

    After decades of the majority of the country being mocked, smeared, maligned, lied about, marginalized, vilified, and criminalized;

    After seeing the pillaging, burning, and terrorizing of towns and cities across the country excused, enabled, and covered up;

    After all manner of cartoonish Manichean dualities were constructed – of good guys and bad guys; saintly saviors versus evil demons of death and destruction; of trust in government, the authorities, and rational, enlightened “science,” versus unthinking, irrational neanderthals;

    After more than six years of a thoroughgoing campaign of smears, intentional misrepresentations, lies, and demonization of a president, his family, his team, and his supporters, while others are coddled, fawned over, and deified;

    After the propaganda and falsehoods became so blatant, that people, as in dictatorships, stopped believing anything the ruling elite and their propagandists said, and went further, believing the opposite to be true and having to search alternative sources, and abroad, to find out what’s happening in their own country; 

    After an intensive campaign of censorship, lies, and blatant bias, to carry out and cover up cheating, manipulation, and illegalities in elections;

    After seeing a demented and corrupt politician – maybe the most corrupt in the nation’s history – installed and propped up in the White House;

    After seeing a war of aggression carried out against fellow citizens – targeting parents and officially labeling them terrorists; monitoring, censoring, and investigating citizens’ speech and political activity; spying on and suppressing politicians, journalists, and ordinary citizens; televised pre-dawn raids on citizens, who are then denied habeas corpus and a fair and speedy trial, held indefinitely in gulags, subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, and attacked by the government with a shock-and-awe campaign – all, to be cynically exploited for political gain;

    After America meddled in Ukraine’s politics, elections, and legal system, and organized a coup in the country, to squeeze Russia – purely to use both countries as battering rams in American politics;

    After Russia responded to the coup in Ukraine by invading the country (the start of the current war) and seizing and annexing Crimea, with no response from the U.S., except more corruption and exploitation of Ukraine and Russia by American politicians and their families;

    After half a dozen years of rabid, non-stop “RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!” – “Russian agents,” “Russian plants,” “Russian plots,” “Russian bots,” “Russian cyberwars,” “Russian prostitutes,” “Russian disinformation” – of Russia as the centerpiece of many of the hoaxes and lies, and Ukraine at the epicenter of the “Russian collusion” fable;

    After seeing politicians, bureaucrats, and propagandists cynically use Russia as a straw-man to vilify and intentionally sabotage a president and his administration, and debilitate the country;

    After seeing Russia demonized (as Arabs do with Jews and Israel) and used as a scapegoat for any and all ills and evils, to divert people’s attention from internal causes and failings;

    After seeing American politicians and their families use corrupt countries and dictatorships around the world, especially Ukraine, to extort and launder money;

    After we abandoned our troops, friends, and allies in Afghanistan; ceded the country, our bases, and our weapons to enemies; disgraced ourselves before the world; and showed us as weak and unreliable;

    After all that – after an around-the-clock carpet-bombing campaign of fear and loathing that presented fiction as fact, after all the lying, censorship, and manipulation of data, after all the suppression, destruction, and control – along comes another round of hysteria – and just when problems at home were accumulating, and internal pressure and dissent were intensifying.

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    So, before Russia invaded Ukraine, the anti-Russia mono-mania looked like just another attempt to create mass hysteria – this time, to divert attention from problems and discontent at home, and to boost a failing regime’s fortunes – by generating a “rally ‘round the flag” effect, and portraying the leader as the one hope to miraculously pull us back from the brink of world war three and a global nuclear holocaust.

    After half a dozen years of being lied to about everything, including the most basic things in life – all, in the service of a thoroughly corrupted ruling class (and an incompetent one, at that), a ruling class that’s in bed with the ascendant global power – Americans are hysteriad-out and justifiably very, very skeptical of anything that comes out of the ruling class and is parrotted by its propagandists.

    What’s next?, they ask – what could they be unleashing on us now? – just when people’s patience was running out and they began rising up against their masters – masters who continue whipping the horses of propaganda, demonization, and hysteria – the whole team of cynical, apocalyptic horses.

    And, now, in an obvious attempt to get the country behind a failing and unpopular regime – in an election year – the spin-meisters pivot from government-administered wars of internal aggression and control, to a war and bogey-man of a more-conventional variety – in an attempt (as failed states and societies have done throughout history), to divert people’s attention from troubles at home and cover up their crimes.

    And you want us to get on board another of your stalking horses and be your foot soldiers and cheering section?!



    Ayad Rahim

    Ayad Rahim, a native of Iraq, worked as a journalist for 20 years, specializing in Iraq and the Arab world; he is a teacher, writer, and bookseller in Cleveland. Ayad blogs at theviewfromhereayad.blogspot.com
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    Lamont Cranston

    What a rambling, rather incoherent dissertation of dissimilar political and social phenomenon, all focused on excusing Russian aggression.


    The "aggression" was engineered. Provoked by having Ukrainian forces shell ethnic Russian civilians in the Donbas, basically a war crime. Then there's the attempt by NATO to get Ukraine to join, presumably followed by positioning of offensive missiles there. Putin, like JFK, has no intention of allowing that, and being a hero like JFK, he decided to stop it.

    Ukraine is a puppet state created by S0ros, the Biden Crime Family and the US Deep State, who carried out precisely the actions required to force Russia to invade, much as the McCollum Memo was intended to and achieved when carried out, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to flip US public opinion in favor of joining WWII.


    Looks like a bullseye. Things are manipulated more than most believe.

    Louise R

    Beautifully written amazing 100% true description of exactly why conservatives like me aren't willing to accept the mainstream narrative about Russia and Ukraine on its face. I know I'm not. I don't believe most of what I read or hear on this subject. I believe most reports are untrue or untrustworthy, for every reason you stated.


    Very inclusive description of all of the tyranny forced upon citizens! And basically, why are we putting US citizens 56 billion more in debt to another country......when our own border is being invaded and people can't feed themselves and their families.


    I think it pretty well sums up what we are being subjected to. Our government, while never particularly honest and forthright, has become absolute pathological liars. Literally everything they say and do is a distraction or an outright lie. They are absolutely not to be believed about anything.
    I see our politicians are still going to Ukraine to pick up their bribes. No surprise.
    I dont care about Russia. Neither do I care about Ukraine. If they both disappeared off the face of the earth, the biggest effect would be less corruption. At least until Pelosi, McConnel, et al find someone else to whore themselves out to.

    Arnold Holtzman

    You are 100% spot on. This is a Soros/CIA engineered conflict to eventually get Russia to threaten the US. Then Biden orders Martial Law and the mid-term elections get cancellrd. The Ukraine was and remains an ideological arm of the na*ZI regime.


    Ayad Rahim, is spot on! Until the CIA, FBI and most politicians are held responsible for all the problems they have caused and still cause, I don't buy any of their BS.

    E, ROBOT

    Just another distraction to get our minds off the globalists take over of our country.

    Mervyn dePendleton

    I have to point out the big inaccuracy that is repeated by most all papers and speeches. The Crimea was NOT SEIZED, it was returned to Russia by an overwhelming support in a Referendum that was verified by international observers. Those same countries now tell the lie and omit revealing they certified the Referendum as being done correctly without any fear or violence. The people living in Crimea are overwhelmingly Russian with a minority of Ukrainians and there is a small percentage of Tatars that were returned to Crimea after their time in Siberia after Stalin had sent them to the Gulags.

    Frank McCarthy

    Nice argument the writer is man in full no kids writing pap - tripe dogma for another newwzblog.
    It is not a pleasant site to see a my very own government (The Biden -Consortium) tossing tantrums while in the throes of taking power from the people and manipulating those same good hearted folks.
    We as such need a ton of help here within our own today unsecured borders.
    Who says the "World is our Oyster"? And Russia is busy taking back it's territory from the exalted Kiev-Ukraine mafia.
    So let Europe do what it must with a landmass that is neither NATO nor EU, because this $56 Billion giveaway, belongs to us, not for a politically expedient Democrat and Republican party pipedream that has become a bloody nightmare for many innocent people.

    Frank McCarthy

    I just needed to say in response to "unthinking, irrational Neanderthals; I would not jump to quick to disparage these brilliant cultured (yes the earliest art made in by them, predates us by 75,000 years and more, and it is mesmerizing! These were survivors of millennia of ice ages, drought, animal attacks, famine, then eventually Homo Sapien sapiens.
    A better analog for Democrats (they seem to all be on the left) are a pack of ravenous feral dogs.

    John C

    The left is terrified that all of the Biden and Democrat Corruption in Ukraine will be exposed by the Russians. Ukraine is as big a sewer as DC.

    jerry snaper

    Overlooked is that the obama has been the catalyst for much of the words problems, He very cleverly placed his operatives in the intelligence offices to corrupt and carry out islams master plan of world domination and the introduction of shariah slavery


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