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    Gun Nation Under God: Democrats Spring To Reaction

    June 4, 2022
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    You Can Keep Your Guns, And Your Doctor

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    At first, there didn’t seem to be a difference at face value between the concepts ‘Make America Great Again’ and ‘Build Back Better’. Now everything has changed. Trump’s America saw basic rights asserted, while in Bidenland the mission statement is to undo the Constitution. Approximately 25,000 National Guard members from across the country were summoned to secure Biden's inauguration. Yet on the gates of schools, the signs are expected to read ‘Gun Free Zone,’ and the students are expected to dial 911 for armed resistance.

    Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO) — Wisconsin’s only no-compromise gun rights organization — opposes calls by Sen. Chris Murphy for more gun control in the wake of the Robb Elementary school shooting.

    According to WGO, 30 percent of Texas schools have armed teachers and staff; However, Robb Elementary, where 19 students and two adults were killed, does not appear to be one. Robb Elementary is among most Texas schools subject to the Federal Gun-Free Zone Act, which prohibits concealed carry on the premises, according to the school’s own rules and codes of conduct.

    “Thirty percent of Texas’s schools enjoy armed protection by teachers and staff, and this killer did not choose those schools as his target,” said WGO Executive Director Thomas Leager. “He chose Robb Elementary for a reason — and that is because it was unprotected.”

    This calamity is not to be blamed on the Second Amendment but on dangerous gun control measures.  Undeterred by this reality, Democrats have with fresh vigor been pressing all triggers to ram ‘reasonable’ gun control legislation through Congress. They see fit to raise the firearm purchase age from 18 to 21, which would mean an 18-year-old who can be drafted to fight for his country would be limited in fighting for himself.

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    Speaking of reasonable measures, the gun violations of Hunter Biden are the first matter Congress members should explore if they’re interested in legislating away loopholes. Under federal law anyone “who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance” is forbidden from possessing firearms. Good thing his father forgot about that.

    The impression is that Democrats are experts in gauging what to ban. Abortion bans can't ever work because illegal abortions would just crop up everywhere. So it’s my body, my choice. But gun bans can and will work because Biden needs a legacy. Disarm the populace as much as possible, and leave it to law enforcement to carry the weapons of necessary evil. And not to worry: a country with only its police and military armed doesn’t automatically mean North Korea because nothing is ever absolute. Just like Biden claims “the Constitution, the Second Amendment was never absolute,” neither is government power which only corrupts…slightly.

    The Constitution’s framers proposed the Second Amendment after liberating a nation. This administration is of the belief that the Second Amendment was drawn up after an enjoyable hunting excursion. So although his (speechwriters’) proposed ban would target 9 mm bullets often used in handguns for self-defense, Biden reassured Americans this week that he is not taking away anyone's guns. You can keep your guns. And your doctor.



    Blima Miller

    Blima Miller is a conservative opinion and satire journalist based on Long Island. Her previous publications include American Thinker, The Thinking Conservative, The Jewish Press, and her work has been featured on LocknLoad Radio.
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