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    Dude, Where’s My Tampon

    June 21, 2022
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    We’re here. We need to discuss the least sexy subject; tampons.

    They’re missing.

    The Left’s war on women knows no bottom. Literally.

    My girlfriend in San Diego sent me a photo from her local Target. Shelf after shelf where tampons used to be located are bare. What’s more, they’ve gone up in price. In a panic, I went to my local Duane Reade in Tribeca. No tampons. I dashed over to CVS. Out.

    These are the reasons why and they all emanate from the Left.

    One, supply chain problems. The Biden administration took us from energy independent and exporting to energy begging. Simultaneously, Buttigeig was made Secretary of Transportation. Buttigeig is busy in fantasy land, fixated on racist roads. In the meantime, everything under his jurisdiction on his watch has crumbled; planes, trains, freight ships, and automobiles transporting everything Americans need. Biden and Buttigeig’s dereliction has created supply shortages and higher prices across the board, across the nation.

    The tampon shortage is being blamed on COVID, but a virus didn’t do this, the Left did with its panic porn and policies.

    The Left says hoarding tampons during COVID is part of the blame. This might be true but if that's the case, the blame sits on the Left’s shoulders for instigating a bum rush on all products under the sun at the onset of the pandemic like it was Armageddon. People are still sitting on stockpiles of toilet paper. The tampon shortage has ratcheted up recently because of a supply chain breakdown. Then came staffing shortages due to the Left incentivizing people not to work and implementing unconstitutional and intolerable mandates. Manufacturing costs have also gone up as well packaging. Then, there’s Buttigeig’s transportation crisis affecting costs across the board.

    The Left has created a maelstrom of calamities that continue to mushroom.

    Approximately 6 billion tampons were sold in 2021. 34.1 million women in the United States use tampons. Yet, stores are only carrying 30% in stock. When you can find them, they’re more expensive due to inflation and shortages; they’ve gone up 10% between 2021 and 2022. But tampon inflation is one in which no one is talking about because it’s not worked into the numbers, it’s not part of the core components of inflation measured by the government.

    The second potential reason for tampon scarcity which no one is addressing because it sounds farcical but is no laughing matter is the Menstrual Dignity Act. An Oregon law is placing menstrual products in every restroom in all K–12 schools statewide starting this fall. Maybe Oregon is sitting on a stockpile in preparation. The “tool-kit” makes the requirement for school districts to provide free menstrual products for all menstruating.

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    If you’re confused about the word salad, “products for all menstruating”, wondering why “all” is used rather than women, it’s because, ready, anyone can menstruate. Yep, tampons are going in the boys’ bathrooms. Oregon law requires menstrual products to be available inside boys’ bathrooms in the state’s public schools. Ready, women? First we lose our bathrooms, now, we lose our tampons. How dignified.

    The Menstrual Dignity Act is Oregon’s Democratic Governor Kate Brown’s brainchild. While the suspension of belief aspect, that boys are menstruating, is the weirdest part of the Act, running a close second is the age groups being plied with tampons.

    The average age a girl gets her period is twelve. Now, the next question you might be wondering is why tampons need to be in a bathroom accommodating kindergartners. Kindergartners, in case you don’t know, are traditionally five years of age. Like the rest of lower school children, encompassing grades 1 - 5, they use a separate bathroom from the older kids for obvious reasons. Kindergartners use an entirely different bathroom than even the lower school. So there is zero earthly reason why the tampons can’t be dispensed in the middle school and upper school bathrooms. Why, during a shortage, does a female necessity need to become mere artifice, relegated to a tchotchke dust collector, in order to provide “dignity” to prepubescent children?

    As of now, the whole country is menstruating according to the Left which means the numbers are totally off; 34.1 million women don’t just need tampons, 329.5 million people, men, women, and children, are left in the lurch. Stores stocked with only 30% are actually in the negative, which might explain the empty shelves.

    Buttigeig, fresh off maternity leave, had a conniption when his flight was delayed; someone ought to let him know, he’s in charge of transportation. That he is unfazed by missing formula and tampons which tells me he might be sitting on a stockpile.



    Jacqueline Toboroff

    Jackie is the editor-in-chief of TheManhattan.press, 1st book hitting the shelves in March 2023, Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com
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