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    Why Is Gender Dysphoria Spreading Like Wildfire

    July 18, 2022
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    Generally speaking, when something spreads like wildfire, it’s because of a trend which everyone wants to get in on. Remember Fidget Spinners, those little three-sided toys that you twirled around with your finger or the bubble pop toys where you press down little bubbles that resemble bubble wrap paper?  These caught on and sold like hotcakes within weeks.  Everyone had them, because everyone wanted to be part of the new fad.

    So, when you think about the fact that very few people ever heard about gender dysphoria up until the last few years, but suddenly, it’s the dominating topic amongst parents, schools, media and kids, themselves, there is only one conclusion – efforts to spread the phenomenon are underway while, at the same time, kids are gravitating towards its very strong pull.  

    Never before have so many students in any given classroom been pre-occupied with the consideration that, perhaps, they, too, are victims of having been born into the wrong gender. Instead of math, science, history as well as the many extra-curricular activities taking the place of front and center, these kids have a gnawing feeling that if their friends feel bewildered, they, too, are obligated to follow suit.  

    While there is the theory that this always existed, but was never spoken of, the facts would indicate that there is no basis to this claim.  Does anyone remember having seen daily articles written on the subject until recently?  Does anyone remember gender dysphoria being a discussed topic among entire classes of children or their parents?  Does anyone remember multiple accommodations being made for kids, including the use of preferred pronouns, the setting up of separate bathrooms or the re-introduction of “the new student” whose dress and hairstyle affirm the need for everyone to adapt to the sudden change?

    All of these things are being managed and accommodated in a very intentional way in order to get us used to a new norm.  It is being done so by employing a well-known psychological term called “conditioning.”  Conditioning is the “process of training or accustoming a person to behave in a certain way or to accept certain circumstances.” (Dictionary.com)

    Conditioning facilitates the acceptance of whatever is being advanced through repetition of a concept, influencing the individual to think in a certain way and evoking the desired response.  The idea is that if something is said enough, seen enough or done enough, it will become less shocking, less rejected and less of a stigma, both to the one suffering, from what has been seen as an anomaly, as well as society as a whole. 

    However, an important question to ask might be how should society respond to a particular behavior which, up until now, psychiatry has defined as a mental disorder?  While that may come as a surprise to some readers, it is a fact that DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Fifth Edition), considered the “Bible of Psychiatry) does classify gender dysphoria as a mental disorder.  

    Having spoken to a trained psychiatrist, recently, on this subject, he confirmed that this, indeed, has been viewed as such, affecting both children and adolescents but, given the times in which we live and the way society is progressing, that it would not at all surprise him if the sixth edition of this psychiatric authoritative resource omits this definition entirely.

    But then the next question might be, “If psychiatry extends an accommodation for reality as it relates to what has been seen as abnormal, then where does it end?” In other words, will psychiatric criteria and definition no longer be reliable? Will they be an ever-changing, fluid set of standards which are subject to the dictates of some who keep pushing the goalposts?

    For example, if a child chooses to identify as a dog or a cat, something which, by today’s standards, would be seen as very troubling, would the spread of that concept, amongst other kids, necessitate the adoption of allowing for “identifying as an animal” to become an accepted behavior – no longer viewed as deviant or perverted?

    You see, the problem is not the abnormal tendency or practices.  Those things have always existed.  History is filled with many bizarre examples of mentally-ill people who believed in a wide variety of peculiar, twisted and perverse lifestyles and ideas.  The difference is that, in those days, reality was a very fixed concept whereby those straying from it, were called out as not living in accordance with what is considered to be normal, traditional, customary and conventional behavior accepted by all.  Those individuals were known to have abandoned common standards which were a gauge for our everyday lives, exhibiting clear and rational thinking.

    Yet, psychological conditioning somehow overrides normalcy, because conditioning is intended to turn the uncomfortable into the comfortable.  It is intended to make something palatable which had been previously rejected by most everyone, because it was just too unthinkable.  So, when modern psychology and psychiatry are willing to accommodate a deviate behavior in order to facilitate its lure, and when the media happily disseminate its growing numbers, it is, then, no wonder that the widespread phenomenon becomes trendy and given real consideration by those who would never have had a second thought about it.

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    Oddly enough, those who are sympathetic to gender dysphoria, as viewed in a recent article of the Jerusalem Post weekend magazine (Identity vs. Ideology, 7/15/22), attempt to frame it in a sensitive and thoughtful way in order to demonstrate just how difficult such a disorder is for both the child and parent - so much so, that every accommodation must be made in order to ease the suffering and facilitate acceptance.  Yet, the more articles published on the subject, the more the conditioning has a chance to do its job, both by desensitizing the reader to the growing numbers and by trying to make a case for why this phenomenon should now be accepted and welcomed into our society.  No one should reject it or challenge it as a mental disorder, because to do so would be cruel and, most of all, intolerant.  

    But we must not forget that, just as is common with other mental disorders, a significant percentage of those suffering from them, sadly, find themselves in a category of wanting to end their lives – something which is the most cruel of all statistics.  So, perhaps, the most important question society can ask itself is, “Should we be facilitating the spread of what is considered a mental disorder, and should we be doing all we can to accommodate its behavior into everyday life, as an acceptable option, which ought not to be challenged?” 

    Perhaps, it would be wise to heed the words of 17-year-old Chloe Cole, a former transgender teenager, who recently appeared on The Ingraham Angle to share her personal story of how, at age 13, she began to transition into a boy.  Today, she deeply regrets a decision whose consequences she did not fully understand.  Lamenting her hasty actions, she says she may never be able to have children and now is at greater risk for cervical cancer.  Chloe has now become a strong voice against transition as being the only path forward for gender dysphoria.  

    Another guest, Walt Heyer, founder of sexchangeregret.com, also appearing on The Ingraham Angle says that, as someone who began cross-dressing at an early age, he now believes that parental accommodation is nothing more than institutionalized sexual child abuse which is destroying an entire generation of children. Heyer says that you can change your persona, but that real sex-change is not possible. 

    These are two voices among many others, who may lack their own platform, but there is growing evidence that transition regret is rife amongst those who later come to understand that both female and male tendencies are part of what is housed in all of us, not only throughout our childhood, but into our adulthood as well.  Some men love fashion and some women love race cars, but it should not be a reason to believe that bodily mutilation is the best course of action. 

    It also must not turn into a popular fad or trend which confuses and worries our youth who deserve a bright, happy and uncomplicated future, as they discover the wonderful people that they were created to be! 



    Cookie Schwaeber-Issan

    A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the U.S. before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives near Tel Aviv with her husband.
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    It's a fad. No more. No less.


    It's become a fad being pressed upon children by teachers and social media. Teachers' unions are largely to blame. Any teacher doing this should be prosecuted for child abuse.


    I've been making thousands of dollars helping Nigerian princes get their inheritance out of Africa and into the U.S.


    If you wanted to destroy a society without a war, what would you do differently than is being done in the USA and the West in general?

    It is like a spirit of insanity and stupidity was unleased in the Western World and especially in the US Congress and among the press.


    Above all else . . . do not discriminate so as to protect any high self-esteem mental disorder.

    Linux User

    Spoiler Alert: Sorry, You Can't Become The Opposite Sex!
    Nothing works better than your original body parts... I wished I was taller; however cars are shrinking.... ha, ha 😉

    David Smith

    We don't tolerate the government decision to let potentially dangerous mental people out of hospitals and into society with a daily dose of drugs to hold back their tendencies. It is foisted on us. We ignore it in the hope it never affects us.
    Gender dysphoria is a deliberate left wing government policy to destroy all lives connected with their targets. Children.
    Society should show zero toward
    pushing this agenda and have any government worker fired, or hounded from their jobs for doing so


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