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    July 21, 2022
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    Before Obama Moved Too Slow, This Time He Moved Too Fast

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    Inflation is good for America.

    Huge pay cuts from high taxes are good for America.

    Packs of money bulging from our pockets, and fat stock and real estate portfolios, add to the unnecessary bulk.

    We Americans are overweight anyway.

    We know that prosperity and wealth during the Trump years was bad for America.

    What is good for America are diminished stock portfolios, less retirement security, and less wealth and assets, thanks to Joe Biden.

    The Green New Steal is good for America.

    That is why Americans voted for inflation with Carter and Obama, and inflation and the Green New Deal with Biden. Both are meant to reduce too much wealth carried by overweight Americans who can no longer afford to eat.

    Wealth is better left to the wealthy, the Party of Big Business and Democrat billionaires who funded Joe Biden.

    What is good for America is China. China made fabulously wealthy by the Green New Deal and being the major producer of alternative energy. And selling China our own oil we needed for ourselves but can no longer afford. The oil they use to produce alt energy products we use.

    $7/per gallon at the pumps is good for America.

    Gas at $2.20/per gallon when Trump left office was really bad for America.

    Inflation under Trump at 0.07-015% was clearly bad for America.

    11.0% inflation under Biden is good for America, because Biden's rewriting THE ART OF THE DEAL will Make America Beggarly Again.

    The ongoing market collapse is good for America, your retirement funds, and your stock portfolios.

    O’Biden’s economists and Paul Krugman proved that a plump portfolio, huge dividends, a good retirement income, national prosperity, personal wealth, and a comfortable life, is bad for America.


    "Cumulatively across the S&P 500, Trump is at 23.77% compared to Biden at 4.28% a difference of 19.49%. On the NASDAQ, Trump is at 41.16% compared to Biden at -10.33%  a difference of 51.49%. Finally, on the DOW Jones, Trump is at 26.99% compared to Biden at 3.13% a difference of 23.86%."

    That is why Wall Street did right losing trillions by having funded Joe Biden’s campaign, and advanced the market crash to end American prosperity, which is good for America

    For the deplorable crime of having created trillions in prosperity for the middle class, a booming business and employment climate, Trump should be ashamed, tried, convicted, and imprisoned.

    Let's be fair.

    The Manhattan Project for the Covid vaccines, Operation Warp Speed, was President Biden's idea February 2020, when he organized and arm-twisted Big Pharma to develop and distribute this arguably unprecedented medical miracle that worked across serial mutations/generations of the original virus. All, in ten months (what normally takes five-to-ten years to develop).

    What was good for America, was Joe Biden, who first denied the success of Operation Warp Speed before taking credit for it. (The very same way he first diminished Trump's economic miracle before taking credit for it).

    Check the Operation Warp Speed website where there's no mention of... Donald Who?

    What is good for America, are open borders with three-to-four million undocumented Democrats Biden & Co. illegally imported and settled across the United States.

    Not being able to win elections without fraud, cheating, a series of impeachments and January 6th Circuses, Russia Collusion scams, the Democrats figured out a novel way to win. Replace the American voter.

    Having literally put a stop earlier to migration caravans, MS13 violence, raped mothers and children, and sex and drug trafficking, Trump was clearly bad for America.

    Turning first world Europe and United States into the Turd World (what Trump’s deplorables called "sh*thole countries"), was good for America and Europe. Under Biden, America can finally experience the benefits of equity, equality and social justice, homeless tent cities riddled with needles and crack, along with two mainlined languages called Hispanic and Ebonics (taught in our very best schools now also mainlining antisemitism and CRT).

    The U.S. can also erect thousands of taco stands on every corner of every Mexican, er, I meant, American city.

    In front of Trump Tower?

    Two invasions and wars in Ukraine, the first in 2014 under Obama-Biden; the second in 2022 under Biden, was good for America. No Russia-Ukraine war under Trump?

    Seriously, who needs peace, you?

    Manageable national debt, lower taxes with higher take home pay, growing debt but with much higher revenue and GDP to offset it under Trump, was really, really bad for America.

    Today’s unimaginable debt and national poverty is better for America.

    Higher taxes are even better at obtaining massive salary cuts for the American worker.

    That is why America’s unlimited credit card and money printing machines can spend more to pay off the nation’s debt with high taxes that get passed along to the consumer who can then spend less, have less, and eat less.

    Anyhow, many of you reading this are too overqualified to eat.

    Let’s rid America of all that bulk caused by prosperity. And Donald Trump.

    Your great grandchildren and their great-great grandchildren will pay off America’s debt in about four hundred years.

    Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

    The Green New Deal? It works! Ask Sri Lanka.

    Here I listed the U.S. media’s take; the logical and rational reasons why Americans threw Trump out. Not to forget the progressives’ even more convincing logic...

    His pudgy fingers, orange hair, girth, sense of humor and intelligence, vast experience having managed large enterprise, beautiful family not yet crack addicts, his refusing to enrich his own family at the nation’s expense, and his unprecedented competence.

    There are rumors circulating, that unlike Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden, Trump actually held a real job and managed people. Don’t believe it!

    Remember, the New York Times, TIME, Newsweek, CNN, MSNBC, Mother Jones, Common Dreams, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Think Progress, are not in the business of brainwashing you about Russia Collusion. They really keep you informed, honestly, and you are a free thinker...

    Keep repeating after me:

    *          There was no Election Rigging!

    *          There was no election fraud. None, zip, nada!

    *          There was an insurrection to overthrow the government!

    Keep repeating these democrat media-generated mantras until you really believe them like you should.

    Believe too, that a half-naked fruitcake wearing horns, a Viking suit, face paint, carrying a rubber spear, surrounded by housewives and a four hundred unarmed kooks waving flags as weapons, meant to take over America’s government, and could have fended off the one million-manned U.S. Armed Forces, rolling armor and artillery, aircraft carriers, fleet of Cobra attack helicopters, Warthogs, and F22 and F35 jetfighters.

    Or to quote the extraordinary orator, historian, and statesman, er, woman, er, whatever she feels like today, Kamala Harris, your next president:

    "When you get there, you will be there.”

    And most importantly, she can explain what you could not possibly understand on your own: "The ROOT cause of the ROOT cause is the ROOT cause."

    (c) Andrew G, Benjamin




    Andrew Benjamin

    Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, equities trader, a former economic advisor to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani; serving on the transition team's Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget. Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, economic issues, the Mideast, terrorism, technology, high end audio and transnational politics.
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