• Remove Mayor Adams For Breaking The Law

    July 26, 2022
    President Joe Biden participates in a Gun Violence Prevention Task Force meeting, Thursday, February 3, 2022, at NYPD Headquarters in New York. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

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    That New York City Mayor Adams is accepting and housing illegals surreptitiously in hotels should be enough to have him removed from office. 

    There are approximately 800,000 illegals residing in New York City.  Based on this administration, the number can only balloon.  Adams’ gripe; 3,000 illegals have overwhelmed homeless shelters in hotels.  What’s he going to do?  Pull a Governor Abbott or Ducey and send them packing to DC?  No. Looking after constituents is “cowardly.” Adams called the Republican governors of Texas and Arizona “cowards” for sending the White House manufactured problem of illegals streaming into America back to the place that originated the problem, Washington, DC.   

    Adams says, “Our country is home of the free, land of the brave,”  Right. COVID mandates, lockdowns, banning family and loved ones from attending funerals, traveling, going to school, and being disallowed to go to work doesn’t scream “free.”  

    “We do not become cowards and send people away who are looking for help”; unless they need a life saving operation in a hospital during COVID eternity - if that’s the case, they can just die.  Oh, and if New York City legal moms are looking for baby formula, forget about it, illegals’ needs first.  

    Adams isn’t too cowardly to ask for help, though.  Send the taxpayers’ money, Joe! Adams demands a Federal injection of cash, again. 

    Adams says to those crossing the border illegally: 'If we have to get hotel rooms, we get hotel rooms.'  You hear that, Upper West Side and Tribeca?  

    Illegals are illegal. This is why the Left has pushed to call illegals something more palatable; “undocumented”, “victims”, “asylum seekers”, to fool and shame Americans. But fool and shame aside, accepting and financing illegals‘ “free” stay is, well, illegal. 

    As Americans’ lives plummet in every way, we must reject all advances and manipulation from the Left.  We must compel New York Governor Hochul to invoke the invasion clause, article IV, Section 4. Since she won’t, alternate methods should be vigorously explored. New Yorkers are powerful; they helped free Jose Alba from DA Bragg’s clutches.

    The Biden administration funnels $62 billion dollars of American taxpayers’ money to Ukraine to protect Ukraine’s borders, sovereignty, and cultural traditions.  At the very same time, it’s eradicating America’s borders, sovereignty, and Judeo Christian cultural traditions. 

    It’s incorrect nomenclature to refer to what’s happening as an “invasion” at the border. The Biden administration and Adams have sent a Batman signal begging illegals to come. Leftist rulers, like New York Governor Hochul and New York City Mayor Adams, looking to expand their voter base illegally and “reimagine”, are intentionally causing ruination. 

    As per Miranda Devine’s reporting, “secret flights ferrying illegal migrants from the southern border to unsuspecting communities around the country… happen[s]at all hours.”  Under Biden, over 3 million illegals have come to America as he summarily ignores Trump’s Title 42. Though the Supreme Court won’t restore the Biden administration's illegal immigration policy limiting who Homeland Security authorities can arrest and deport, what we have is an administration hellbent on breaking the law. AOC says calling it a “surge” at the border is a “white supremacy ideology” and that Americans should pay reparations to illegals separated from family.

    In New York, Biden‘s dispatched nightly flights curry illegals into newly opened airports, such as the Westchester County airport and then New York Stewart International Airport in the Hudson Valley to accommodate volume.  These airports fall under the control of Hochul. Also within her control is declaring an invasion and enacting the Constitution’s invasion policy. The point is, she doesn’t want to.  

    Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, Buttigeig, has been derelict on legal American’s travel quandaries. Americans are experiencing historic travel nightmares and no additional planes or airports have been created to ease the pain.  In fact, travel woes were created by an administration that has caused the problem; tyrannical and useless mandates mean less pilots and staff and going from energy dominant to energy begging means fuel economies. The result is a mosh pit at airports, regular delays and cancellations, and suspended travel routes

    Once the illegals disembark from Westchester County and Stewart International airports, taxpayer funded buses pick them up and bring them where? Who knows, Biden and Hochul won’t say.  Adams campaigned on allowing non citizens to vote. That illegals are syphoning taxpayers’ money, overwhelming already broken schools and hospitals that can’t turn anyone away,, housing them isn’t his beef - it’s that the homeless shelters are stretched to capacity. This should tell him everything he needs to know.

    The correct amount of illegals is zero. Moreover, it isn’t enough to just stop illegals from coming, the illegals here need to be returned to their country, all of them, including the children. Since they’re here illegally, they are criminals. Why are we importing criminals? If Zeldin wins governorship, in addition to firing DA Bragg on day one, he should declare on invasion on New York State and send the illegals packing.

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    Jacqueline Toboroff

    Jackie is the editor-in-chief of TheManhattan.press, 1st book hitting the shelves in March 2023, Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com
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    Lyudmila Loseva

    Such "leaders" as Eric Adams, Governor Hochul, Pete Buttigeig, AOC, with her idiotic "white supremacy" and the like, are engaged in one common cause - the destruction of America.


    You asked for them…. Now you have them…STFU!


    Mayor and the new 'UNCLE" Eric Adams is also Joe Biden's new bff on the Biden Plantation, ever since "secret" meetings took place between them twice when UNCLE ERIC was installed by George Soros, via voter fraud and tampering, as the bogus and pandering mayor. Fact is the Joe Biden & KKK/Hochul & Associates found newer and underhanded methods with which to use blacks and ethnic groups by increasing the violent crime rate, forced domestic servitude in elitists' households and plantations, and drug addictions not only in NYC but in other blue cities and states as well. (SEE TED CRUZ'S VIDEO ON THE MEXICO BORDER REGARDING BIDEN'S 'NARCO SLAVE AND SEKS SLAVE TRADE INTO THE US).

    Ben Colder

    Why is it that a black person cannot be a good mayor?I know this is not the PC thing to say but look what happens every damned time .You would think that at least one black person would have some sense and I guess all the smart people of color have more sense
    to stay out of the limelight this sounds like race baiting and this will not make the cut but why look at the mayor of the Crime capital Lightweight look at that fool in New York what is wrong.You would think that they would want to be the best just to show whites or whatever that they can do it its all about making themselves rich just like the rest of the crooks.

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