DESTROYING OURSELVES: Democrat Renaming Committee Attacks US Military

August 4, 2022
29th Infantry Division Unit Patch

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The Congressional Democrat Military Oversight Committee has struck again. Enacted in the 2021, this committee was the sole reason why President Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021.

The committee is fundamentally anti-American and wants to rewrite American history. This time they attempt to do so by altering the facts surrounding the infamous 29th Infantry Division unit patch.

According to a Monday release by the committee, the language used to describe it in the Army’s heraldic listings should get an update.

The insignia, a blue and gray take on the yin-yang, has been around since World War I, when the division activated troops from as far north as Maryland and down to South Carolina. The blue and gray are meant to symbolize the joining of formerly Union and Confederate states. Bigoted democrats intend to drop the meaning behind this symbol of reunification and celebration.

The committee also wants to rename all of the military bases named after Confederate generals. These bases were named after Southern officers as another form of reconciliation after the Civil War.

This Stalinist- style renaming committee has a 750+ long list of how they want to rewrite history. Read more below.

The list of military ‘items’ named for Confederacy is more than 750 long (

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