• President Trump Needs To Announce Now!

    August 10, 2022
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    Doing so “will help box-in” the Democrat Communist thugs within the Federal Government … identifying them of clearly and deliberately abusing federal power and authority … therefore, President Trump needs to announce his run as a candidate for POTUS for the 2024 Election, IMMEDIATELY!

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    President Trump needs to file and announce his run for the 2024 Presidential race now!  Doing so formally makes him an officially "announced candidate."  It changes the dynamic. It makes him an exempt candidate. This is important because at that point the Democrats aka Communists, to using Federal authority and power demonstrates an abuse of Federal authority and power to specifically go after a candidate. I realize that for many this may be difficult to understand -- but realize that by becoming an official candidate, the Biden Regime by implementing such an act, against a candidate, let alone a President –this forces the regime -- its true intent, in its purist sense -- the utilizing Federal assets illegally and clearly demonstrates an unconstitutional abuse of power, authority and the Constitution.  Further, and this is key, by announcing and filing as a candidate, anything the Communists thugs in the Federal Government and agencies does or attempts to do to President Trump will be seen as a deliberately and intentionally usurping its Constitution authority … it will be obvious and clear to all to see, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Can you image for even a second, the using of the "Federal Government" in an effort to trying stop a legitimate federal candidate. Note, I specifically made the point to use the term the “Federal Government" – and not the Democrat Party, and or some other political candidate doing a smear campaign against President Trump. This is not campaign politics. This is the Federal Government, under the leadership of the Marxist thug bosses at the DOJ, the FBI, and no doubt the Biden Regime White House. This is the Biden Regime taking it up itself to utilize the powers of those Departments and other Federal agencies to deliberately and intentionally attacking a private citizen, who will be next? 

    Further, it demonstrates and proves that the Biden Regime clearly, will go to any lengths and take any steps necessary to abuse its Constitution authority and responsibilities to justify the means, such as this. It must be realized that the raid was more than obviously a partisan act on the part of the Democrat Communists. It was in fact, criminally nefarious, again for utilizing the powers of Federal Government authority to deliberately attack a citizen – no doubt in an attempt take-out or take-down a candidate. This is and was an unprecedented act – except of course, in places like China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. Worse, as consistently stated, it is a massive and horrific abuse of Federal authority and power. So, we have a third world Banana Republic operation that has transformed America from a Constitutional Republic, into a totalitarian Marxist Communist state.

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    Bottom line, again, President Trump needs to file and announce his run for the 2024 Presidential race now. By doing so, officially makes President Trump an "announced candidate."  Further, by President Trump announcing and filing as a 2024 candidate, serves to force the Biden Regime and the Marxist thugs in the Federal bureaucracy to “PROVE” that the actions they take against a candidate, are specifically partisan. Likewise, doing so identifies “intent” to use of Federal authority and agencies for purely partisan politics. It also demonstrates an effort to weaponize the Federal agencies and assets for the intent and purpose to conduct “partisan political” raids, attacks, subversion, and sabotage, or worse. At the same time, it actually turns the DOJ, FBI, and other agencies into “lethal arms” of the Democrat Communist Party, hence no different than the Gestapo, Stasi, or KGB.

    Announcing his 2024 run, President Trump builds the case against the Biden Regime abuse and unconstitutional tactics, it protects the rolls of candidates and shields them from similar acts and protects the American Republic from further abuses. Further, it helps to validate and bolster the argument that these same abusive methods were used by the Obama Regime went it utilized FISA warrants, bugging and wire-tapping, and illegal investigations and seizures – all of which are supposed to protected by the Fourth Amendment. 

    Formerly becoming an official candidate helps Americans to realize and better understand that any acts taken against President Trump are politically driven partisan acts illegally and unconstitutionally executed utilizing Federal authority, assets, and power. 


    Jim Waurishuk, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

    Retired USAF Colonel, serving 30-years as a Tactical Air Control Party (TAC-P), Special Reconnaissance, and Special Mission Strategic Intelligence Officer to multiple Tier 1 units as part of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Served as Deputy Director for Intelligence U.S. Central Command and on the White House National Security Council (NSC) staff. Former Chairman, Hillsborough County Republican Party and the Republican Party of Florida Executive Board. Currently, Executive Board America First - Florida. Currently, Chairman, Hillsborough County Republican Party, Republican Party of Florida’s Executive Board, Chairman of Congressional District-14 Caucus Hillsborough County, FL.
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    michael savell

    He needs to do a deal with these people,their immunity from prosecution for him taking over the presidency immediately otherwise he is a dead man walking and many americans will die or spend their whole lives in a penal colony after these IRS agents have finished with them.The left have obviously changed the rules of tax accounting retrospectively to ensnare many people,no good saying there was no law 5 minutes ago,These people appear to have all their bets covered and it seems there are only a handful of politicians who can argue on a weak publics behalf.Better a deal than total extinction.You fall,Europe will be smashed to pieces.

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