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    Trump Raid -- Crossing The Rubicon

    August 14, 2022
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    “Dark Times For America” - 30 FBI Agents Raided Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Home Turning The U.S. Into A Zimbabwean Venezuelan Banana Republic

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    Guest post by Chris Paige

    In light of the FBI's unprecedented and unlawful raid upon the home of former President Donald Trump, all Americans must rally in defense of our liberties.  

    First and foremost, we must abolish the FBI.  The awesome investigatory powers of the US should be wielded only by US attorneys who are supervised by federal judges - not unaccountable bureaucrats who can do whatever they want to whomever they want.  Throughout its long and shameful history, the FBI had targeted political dissidents and minorities, and it's time for their abuse to end.

    Second, we must make every bureaucrat accountable, ending civil service protection for any government employee at GS 12 or higher.  That is, anyone with decision-making authority should serve at the pleasure of the president; teachers, nurses and other non-decision-making persons would retain their civil service protections.

    Third, we need to create an Office of Integrity within the Department of Justice; these attorneys and investigators would represent the targets of investigations - targets who often don't and can't know they are targets.  These attorneys, who would unfettered access to the investigators’ files, would be empowered and compensated to pursue cases against investigators who abused their power, so they could ensure an adversarial check at every step of process.

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    Fourth, we need to impose an open file on all prosecutions.  Since prosecutors work for the public, they work for the defendants too - and there's no excuse for hiding evidence from your own client.  If we've learned anything about criminal justice, it's that it's virtually impossible to convict an innocent person unless you hide evidence, so let's make that impossible: turn over everything because there should be nothing in the government's files that hurt the government's case and, if there is, we need to know about it.

    Accountability, transparency, separation of powers - these are the principles that made us great and free.  It's time to end our experiment with the administrative state; it's time to restore the Constitution and our freedoms.

    Chris Page is a former Olin Law and Economics Scholar at Yale Law School and a non-partisan pollster



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