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    We Absolutely Must Peacefully Win This Second American Civil War 

    August 16, 2022
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    Image by Okaloosa County School Board Public Meeting

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    Guest post by Paul S. Gardiner

    The recent clandestine FBI raid on the home of President Donald Trump leaves little doubt that America indeed is in the midst of a second civil war. The war thus far is a non-shooting war with multiple “fronts” of attack waged and supported by both domestic and foreign enemies. If they are successful, they will have effectively nullified America’s constitutional republic and negated most, if not all, of Americans’ cherished constitutional rights and freedoms.    

    This civil war is being waged successfully against the American republic by multiple organizations and numerous powerful, very wealthy people (“progressives”) all striving to control the manner in which Americans think, speak, and act. Because Americans’ unique constitutional freedoms and rights are under severe attack, there is an urgent and immediate need for all patriotic Americans to get actively engaged against this attack. 

    This article suggests three actions that patriotic citizens can take to become effectively engaged against the enemies of their republic. As described herein, the power of a single citizen indeed can be very profound.     

    America is in dire need of leaders and supporters who care much more about the preservation of the nation’s constitutional republic than about enriching themselves or only doing what their major donors desire/require. America needs many more courageous, patriotic leaders like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who, along with other bold actions, recently fired a George Soros-funded, leftist Florida prosecutor. 

    Governor DeSantis is actively fighting the use of “woke” environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards by financial institutions to determine loans/other financial support for Florida businesses and citizens. Many more chief executives need to demonstrate such courage and conviction. 

    Strong, DeSantis-type conservative leadership is urgently needed at all levels of government (county, city, state, and federal). Such leadership is also urgently needed at all levels of America’s educational hierarchy including K-12 and college/university educational environments.         

    Domestic and foreign enemies waging and supporting America’s second civil war include:  

    1) The radical, far-left controlled Democrat Party. Today’s Democrat Party is controlled by members of the radical far-left who are committed to an ideology (religion!) that says America is an evil country that was illicitly founded by rich, old white men only for their betterment and perpetuation. These radicals lack and are not the least bit interested in a balanced history of  America’s Founders and founding. Such an approach will go against their race-based, Marxist agenda striving to divide the American population rather than unify the people. 

    Democrats’ attacks on the American republic include, among other things, a) maintaining an  extremely dangerous, deadly open southern border; b) supporting violent, lawless groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter; and c) deliberately eliminating America’s energy independence causing super inflation and risking America’s national security. Given the above, traditional long-time, patriotic Democrats are choosing to leave the party.     

    2) The Great Reset agenda of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Members of WHO and WEF (both substantially funded by Bill Gates and other wealthy “progressives”) have concocted what they call the Great Reset agenda. This is nothing less than an effort to control peoples’ lives by controlling their health and money. The radical far-left controlled Democrat Party supports the Great Reset agenda because it is an attack on America’s constitutional republic.    

    3) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Russia and other tyrannical governments. The CCP, Russia, North Korea, and other tyrannical governments are notorious for continual cyber attacks against America’s infrastructure. The involvement of the CCP in the development and release of the deadly COVID-19 virus is well accepted by numerous investigators and at least one brave Chinese whistle-blower. 

    The CCP exerts great influence at many of America’s leading colleges and universities to promote, either directly or indirectly, CCP propaganda against long accepted American values, including family and Christian values. The deep disdain that the CCP feels for Americans was revealed in a speech given in 2003 by Chinese defense minister (General) Chi Haotian where he stated that "It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans.  But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century in which the Chinese Communist Party leads the world."  

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     Actions that patriotic, freedom-loving Americans can take in this 21st century civil war:

    1) Use the tools provided by Act for America that allow citizens to easily contact their state and federal representatives about pending legislation that is being promoted by far-left Democrats. Various legislators have indicated that it takes hearing from only 40-50 of their constituents to make a difference in critical votes on pending legislation. 

    Interviews with legislators indicate that many consider a note or call from a single constituent to be representative of 1,000 people. Thus, the power of a single citizen indeed is very potent.      

    2) Form small groups of military veterans (and other citizen groups) to become active, vocal supporters of bona fide consersative political candidates; provide this same support for strong conservative candidates for local school boards and other education positions. An example of a highly successful, activist veterans organization is American Veterans Vote in Virginia.

    3) Parents and all citizens concerned about the education of America’s youth need to insist on viewing the curriculums that K-12 teachers are using to instruct students. Challenge any race-based materials, sexual orientation/transgender indoctrination, or anti-American books/materials being used. Continue to appear at school board meetings to demand the end of any critical race theory or derivative instruction being given to students. If necessary, contact the No Left Turn In Education organization for potential advice/legal assistance.

    In conclusion, now is not the time to be complacent about life in America---there is too much at stake. Citizens who love America with its cherished constitutional freedoms and rights truly need to become active and help win America’s second civil war!

    Paul S. Gardiner is a retired Army officer, Vietnam veteran, and graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Alabama, and the United States Army War College. He is hopeful that the information presented in this article will help motivate an army of  heretofore, uninvolved Americans to become actively involved in the current multi-front, civil war against the American constitutional republic. The freedoms and inalienable rights of all Americans must be preserved! 



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