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    The Clever Legalization Of Crime And Deviate Behavior

    August 18, 2022

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    If you grew up at a time when theft, indecent exposure, assault and battery were crimes, for which you were arrested and incarcerated, you might be very bewildered as to why all of this has changed.

    If you haven’t heard, nowadays, a man claiming to identify as a woman, can make his way into a women’s locker room, spa or just about any other venue, which was once meant to be exclusively for females, and not only expose himself to those around him, but he can also legally be a peeping Tom and watch as women dress and undress.  What a virtual paradise for sexually deviate men who could not have gotten away with such egregious behavior just a decade ago.

    Men who committed such acts were hastily carted off to police precincts and booked.  They were shunned by society and despised by any normal-thinking person. They were called mentally ill!

    Yet, these days, not only are such things permitted, but they are actually given protection.  Case in point:  Many of us have heard the recent report of an 80-year-old woman who was banned from a YMCA swimming pool after complaining about a trans woman (Translation: a man with male genitals who claims to identify as female) in the women’s locker room.  

    Washington State has made its way into the news, over the past couple of years, as a locale which has definitely gone off the rails, but nothing even comes close to this story which took place in Port Townsend, just some two hours away from the State capital of Seattle.  The rights of an 80-year-old woman who obviously possesses a sense of decency, morality and the ability to differentiate right from wrong, is the one who, in someone’s mind, deserves to be scorned and punished for the crime of wanting to guard herself against what we referred to as “deviate actions” just a few short years ago. 

    What is shocking is that this incident has been described as being the center of a “controversy,” when a biological woman dared to question the presence of a trans woman (biological man) at her pool’s changing facility.  Who would have thought?

    As unbelievable as it sounds, this unthinkable story is not an isolated incident.  At, yet, another fitness club, this one located in Michigan, a resident of the state also lost her gym membership, some years ago, after complaining about a transgender woman (biological man) in the locker room.  Her complaint of such a thing being “inappropriate” would have sounded completely reasonable and sane to any right-thinking person, but, in case you hadn’t noticed, societal norms have, over the past few years, undergone some huge seismic changes themselves.  

    Crimes and fixed boundaries are no longer a given.  In fact, with norms being so fluidly subjective, you could actually wake up, one morning, to discover that rape and murder are no longer detestable acts, punishable by law.  Although you may think this is a gross exaggeration or overstatement, we have witnessed, in recent days, severe beatings, the hauling away of vast amounts of merchandise, the destruction of property, both private and public, the burning of cars, stores and other city locations, all going unpunished, as a result of new progressive policies which refuse to protect citizens but, rather, seek to evade charges against thugs, vandals and those who commit violence.  Just turn on a TV any day of the week to see the carnage right before your eyes.

    As grievous as all this is, if your particular city has opted to dismiss law enforcement, as a way of deterring these despicable acts against the public, then there is not much you can do short of bringing a lawsuit against those who have allowed pain and suffering to rule these urban jungles, but that’s only if you’ve been victimized in some way.   

    Perhaps the glaring question here is, “Why would anyone, in charge, want to facilitate the legalization of criminal or deviate behavior which can only severely injure the morale of society, as a whole, by creating norms which welcome assault on individuals as well as fail to protect rights of decency for all?

    In the case of the Michigan health club, it was reported that the woman, a mother of two, who was banned from the facility, did not lose her membership because she complained but, rather, because of how she complained.  Per the CNN article, (“Planet Fitness revokes woman’s membership after transgender complaint, 3/9/15) “it was her manner in which she expressed her concerns that club management felt was inappropriate, resulting in the cancellation.”  But what was her manner?  Again, per the article, she states that she went to the front desk and stated the following, “I wanted to know why there was a man in the women’s locker room.  He looked like a man, and that’s what stopped me in my tracks.”

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    No time was wasted in letting her know that the health club employed a “no-judgment” policy which made her ineligible for a continued membership after repeatedly returning to the gym to warn other members that biological men were permitted to use the women’s locker room.  Of course, she said that had she been made aware of the existence of such a policy, she, likely, would have opted not to join.

    It is this very clever kind of legalization or legitimization which is responsible for the dismissal of societal consequences that safeguarded a stable, safe and sane supervision concerning the rights and protections of the public.  And while, members of the public, have always included sick and twisted purveyors of deviate behavior, we could always count on the fact that they made up a very tiny segment of the general population, who, if they dared to act out their reprobate fantasies, would immediately be dealt with in a way which would isolate them from normal members of society.  This is no longer the case as, each day, we are witnessing the legalization of degradation, anarchy and the tearing down of all that stabilizes civilization as we’ve known it.

    There is only one way to stop this kind of downward spiraling, and that is for normal, sane people, who value societal boundaries which make life tolerable and decent, to actively seek positions which place them in governing roles or support like-minded individuals who have had enough and want to take back their cities and states.

    Short of this, the “no-judgment” crowd will make sure that “everything goes” – that is, everything except your rights and protections, because the moment you complain that you are being harmed either mentally, emotionally or physically, you have moved over to the side which is unworthy of consideration by virtue of having expressed “judgment.”  Yep, that’s how it works!  

    There is only one way to beat them at their game.  It requires being the one in charge. Be the one who calls the shots before it’s really too late! 



    Cookie Schwaeber-Issan

    A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the U.S. before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives near Tel Aviv with her husband.
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    Untimely it's all part of the commie Globalist Left's drive to impose their New World Order.
    Their tactics are to cause chaos wherever and whenever possible by unravelling societal laws and mores.
    On a higher level it's viewed in light of "Social Justice" Ideology in order to fool people.
    The Left uses gaslighting and chaos with great skill.
    It's how they have amassed most of the hard and soft power in America.
    The Israeli Left is owned by the secular American Jewish Left.
    I consider them to be my political enemies and the UN-JEWS of Natan Sharansky:


    It's the new Golden Rule; Whoever's Got The Gold, Makes The Rules. The Lie-beral Demonocrats are mentally, morally, and spiritually corrupt and they expect conservative people to play along with their insanity. I AM NOT OBLIGATED TO PLAY ALONG WITH THEIR SEXUAL FANTASIES !!! I don't care how many 'laws' they come up with. They are on the fast track to hell...GO NOW !!!


    There is strength in numbers, right or wrong. Because of the political right's unwillingness to fight for what is good, the left has sensed blood in the water and is growing in strength by sheer numbers. All it takes is a small leak in the dam and the erosion has started, plugging this proverbial dam is a real challenge to those weak in character. Speaking out against such atrocities is one thing standing up and claiming your ground is a much greater and more difficult form of protest. If our so-called leaders don't have enough backbone to confront and make corrective actions happen, followers do not see the benefit. Because the leaders will not "have your back" when push comes to shove, how can we expect our structured society to remain healthy? Elect true leaders when you can find them, but only if their actions support their rhetoric.


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