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    The SECDEF Has Covid.  End The Lie.  End The Vaccine Mandate.

    August 18, 2022

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    On August 15, 2022, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin sent a press release stating that he had just tested positive for covid (2nd time this year) and commented on his “fully vaccinated status, including two booster shots.”  He further reminded the Department of Defense (DOD) that “vaccination remains a medical requirement for our workforce.”1

    The DOD mandated the covid vaccine for servicemembers in 2021 with a suspense of 21 November 2021.  Since then, research has shown that the vaccine booster rapidly wanes in effectiveness.  In April 2022, authors in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that effectiveness fell to 73% at 2-4 weeks and 64% at 5-9 weeks.2  Even more telling, in July 2022, researchers published results of a study concerning vaccinations and boosters in NBA players and rates of infection.  The article, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), followed a cohort of NBA players and staff from 1 Dec 2021 to 15 Jan 2022 during the height of the omicron surge.  Median age was 34 years (older than the average age of DOD servicemembers).  Of the players followed, 608 of 2,164 (28%) of fully boosted players contracted covid compared to 127 of 715 (17%) vaccinated (not boosted) players.  No players/staff were hospitalized or died.  93% of infections were determined to be omicron variant using advanced testing techniques.3  This trial showed that despite vaccines and boosters and one of the most intensive screening processes available, covid transmission was unavoidable even if vaccinated and boosted.

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    The US military has separated over 3,000 servicemembers for failure to become ‘fully vaccinated’ against covid.  Many more separations are pending.  Many servicemembers described harassment and unprofessional behavior from their chain of command regarding the vaccine issue.  Many who were separated were combat veterans with a wealth of leadership and real-world deployment experience, now lost to the military.

    As of 18 AUG 2022, the DOD reports 95 cumulative covid deaths4, up from 81 in December 2021, so averaging less than 2 per month for 2022.  During the time of the covid pandemic, the DOD Database reported a drastic increase in new disease processes in the military in 2021 over the past 5 years (2016-2020).  Interestingly, the report was quickly disputed by the DOD claiming a database error that was apparently was unrecognized for 5 years.  

    DOD members have much larger threats to their health.  A 2013 paper showed over 8% of servicemembers autopsied for all causes of death had advanced atherosclerotic heart disease, even though the average age at autopsy was 25 yrs for the 10 year period studied.5  Drug use and deaths among active duty members and veterans is increasing commensurate with the civilian population.  2021 had a record number of opiate and other drug related deaths.  

    In the past, the DOD has usually listened to the science and legal discussions on vaccines.  Mandatory anthrax vaccination was halted in 2003.  Inhalational anthrax had a projected kill rate of over 80% so for a time in the early war it’s administration could be justified for force protection.  However, vaccine safety and legalities of FDA approval halted its use.  Covid’s kill rate is under 1%.  The author, who has treated covid patients for nearly 3 years believes the rate to be much lower due to the numbers of covid patients who declined testing and/or treatment so that the denonimator is likely much higher.  

    The bottom line is that the threat of covid to the DOD’s population is extremely low.  The questions of the covid vaccine’s safety and the loss of experienced servicemembers due to vaccine noncompliance took a far greater toll than the disease itself.  DOD should end the mandate.  It is not following the threat assessment.  It is not following the ‘science.’  At this point, with deaths plummeting in the population at large, it appears vindictive.

    Covid vaccine mandates around the world are relaxing as reality and reason are resuming their rightful place.  And yet DOD remains steadfast in its conviction.  The vaccine is a tool, not THE tool.  For certain populations, it is effective and should be used to prevent severe covid disease.  For overweight people like the SECDEF and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and for those with multiple co-morbidities, it should be considered.  For the vast majority of healthy, young DOD servicemembers, it should be optional, not mandated as the relative benefit is not there.

    As the SECDEF muddles through his second covid diagnosis in 2022 despite being vaccinated and double boosted, he should ponder the mandate.  He should know that obesity increases the risk of covid death (if he is concerned about deaths) and decreases the covid vaccine effectiveness (if he is concerned about effectiveness).  If he truly want to be a covid ‘leader’ he should lose weight as an example for others in DOD to follow.   If he sincerely wants to improve the health of the military, perhaps he should look to prevention of perennial issues – obesity, drugs, etc and pivot away from the covid mandate.

    John Hughes, MD

    Emergency Physician

    USMA Class of 1996 (#1 graduate)

    3rd Generation West Pointer

    4 combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan



    3Tai, Caroline, et al.  “Association Between COVID Booster Vaccination and Omicron Infection in a Highly Vaccinated Cohort of Players  and Staff in the National Basketball Association.”  Journal of the American Medical Association.  12 July 2022.  Vol 328, No 2.  Pp. 209-211.





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    Given past recent dishonesty by government officials, I don't believe Austin has had covid.
    His announcements have a political purpose.
    Has the covid bug been identified?
    I hadn't heard that it was.
    With today's technology, identification of covid-19 should have happened long ago.
    It's been subject to "gain-of-function = virulence enhancement.
    Is it all about a mathematical model in mass murderer Dr. Fauci's head?
    NO, Covid-19 was a mechanism to get people vaccinated with a poisonous substance whose long-term effects will end up killing many more people than covid.
    It's part of the Western Elites and China's coordinated program of depopulation using medical tyranny, broken supply chains and starvation.
    Who has charge of the Nuclear Codes?
    It can't be that demented old man Joe Biden.
    The Nuclear Codes are the sine qua non [essential condition] of presidential power..
    Whoever is responsible for them is the actual ruler of America.
    I speculate that it is SECDEF Lloyd Austin who is the leader of the Cabal and controls the Federal Government.
    Anyone notice his arrogance toward the white trash at Senate hearings?
    The real reason for SECDEF's covid mandate is to get as many white extremists [=patriots] out of the military as possible and to bring in politically reliables to make the military more loyal to the Democrats.
    It's already been done to most of the officer corps' upper echelon.
    Apparently, the military is having recruitment problems.
    Is the Deep-State addressing this problem with its bloodthirsty advertisements for 87,000 IRS "Agents"?
    This force will swell to multiples of 87,000 and will come to resemble a Nazis SS-like entity.
    This will take a while.
    The Commie Deep-State DEMs don't plan on relinquishing power anytime in the next 50 years.

    nanny mckennon

    The secdef, Biden, Biden wife and numerous othes who state they have accepted multiple covid vaccines and boosters, not to mention pasting plastic over their dull heads as comical "preventive measures", have proven to the entire world that the vaxx stuff DOES NOT WORK, was not developed to work, and is a massive fraud and scam.


    I am wrong about Austin not having covid.
    He may have covid but I don't believe he has been vaccinated with the covid poisonous vaccine.
    The congress and its staffers have been exempted from any vaccine mandates.
    I wonder why.
    They all know at the top that the number of covid vaccine injuries are horrendous.
    It stands to reason that they are all taking Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine..


    Multiple cases China Virus is a disease of the fully vaccinated, and the cause of their inevitable deaths. Another booster, sir? They are free, effective for their intended purpose, and completely safe for those who decline to take them.


    At least he doesn’t have any comorbidities/sarcasm👺

    John Hughes

    I cannot confirm Secdef Austin's actual covid results. Right now I am seeing a bit of covid positive tests, mostly in vaccinated patients. Also lots of rebound covid from people who took paxlovid.



    OMG, is that *really* a photo of SecDef Austin? In any case, it's hilarious. How can someone so ignorant about the truth of the plandemic and have the authority to mandate kill-shots that decimate and demoralize our military is beyond me. Oh wait -- he has an even more mentally incompetent boss occupying the white house. At least Austin hasn't deteriorated to the point where he needs cards to tell him when to sit, stand or air-shake hands. Still, if that really is SecDef Austin wearing a face shield, that's proof enough he doesn't have the mental capacity to think clearly. Still laughing about that photo...


    NO one in the demon's realm got the "hot" shot! Those went to medical facilities, red states, and the military. here in the west ONLY the demons (that got saline) and purebloods (me) will still be alive-EACH group knowing the EXACT enemy!
    Are YOU ready?


    Yup, myself (pureblood) and all the other purebloods I know are ready. Glad you are too.


    Just Wait till his MONKEY POX Lesions start to show up and Pop!


    Maybe if he went full Vader with the separate air supply...


    They are Lie-beral Demonocrats.


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