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Don’t Shed A Tear For The Monarchy

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With the Queen off the chess board, the King is left exposed. Now the end game is inevitable. During her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II had succeeded in holding the Commonwealth together through her strength of character and by upholding traditional values.  

Elizabeth had a strong sense of duty, decorum, demeanor and personality. Charles, on the other hand, is perceived as weak. Many Britons still recoil at the circumstances surrounding Princess Diana’s death; Charles stole their fairytale princess from them. 

Moreover, Charles is socially awkward and seems disinterested in connecting with the people. To him they exist as mere ‘subjects.’ At any rate, he does not display real compassion and empathy.

Most importantly, his radical political agenda has already been rejected by British citizens in the BREXIT referendum. A cry for independence from the European Union, BREXIT was, in essence, a rejection of an elitist system that has failed the working class. 

Charles’ weaknesses will inevitably surface. When he fails to inspire and win the hearts and minds of the people, in desperation he may likely enact martial law. He already alluded to this last year when he proposed a “military style campaign” to fight the climate crisis. 

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The unpopularity of the global elite has reached a boiling point. Many parts of the world are starving and with winter, much of the world will suffer from cold. Still, the establishment continues to double down on their climate agenda and push their fantasy of renewables. Yet none of these coming hardships will be felt by them and all the people will resent that. 

Meghan Markel also plays an important role. Often behaving like an entitled and spoiled brat, she continues to fan the flames of pop culture for the No. 1 topic on the ‘woke’ pyramid – racism. She already smeared the Royal family as ‘racist,’ and has been validated in this by the pop Queen herself, diva Oprah Winfrey. By accusing the Royals of ‘racism,’ Meghan drove the last nails into the coffin of the Monarchy.

According to some reports, Charles will not be coronated until next year. In fact, the longer this takes, the more unlikely he will become King at all. His ‘subjects’ are restless, and we will see more Commonwealth countries demand independence under their constitutional right to self-govern. The Monarchy will fracture.

2.5 billion citizens live in the Commonwealth. That’s one third of the planet. Humanity is awakening to a realization that their ‘liberty and freedoms’ may have been just an illusion all along. Populist storms are looming everywhere. There is an unstoppable hunger for freedom, autonomy, and sovereignty.

Our rights come from God. No single human should reign over their ‘subjects.’ This is natural law. This is universal law. All people want their freedom now. They are no longer asking; they will take it. The concept of a Monarchy is abhorrent, and the Monarchy will collapse. It’s checkmate.

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PeteW September 17, 2022 at 7:23 am

Good article. Good conclusions.

I dunno why anyone today would want parasitic royalty in their country. This tradition should have died with the Magna Carta. Unfortunately, events of the last century are working to destroy the gains of the Manga Carta and every other gain of “rights” for the common man. Bad scene.

Mary Jo September 17, 2022 at 9:07 am

There are some tunnels in Paris that Meghan Markle should visit. Just kidding. As a Christian, I am supposed to pray for my enemies. However, I don’t know how much of an influence she is on the royal family, maybe not as much as the author thinks. I can’t believe that Brits think the monarchy is racist or ever has been, but the propagandists keep trying. But to the author’s point, perhaps it’s Charles weakness that will succumb to the vile accusations.

There is a whole lot of marxism going on in our world. But this past week we saw Sweden and Chile reject it. Good news.

Ozark Tam September 19, 2022 at 9:22 pm

I think the extremely unpopular King Charles will be the last to sit on England’s throne…unless he abdicates leaving the young and charismatic William and his lovely mate, Kate, as King and Queen. We Americans tend to downplay the role the Monarchy plays in the lives of the Commonwealth. These members of royalty – until of late – have been admired. Charles is a narcissist who will quickly show his contempt for the common man just as he did at that signing in dealing w/ a pen tray!

As for Markle…she’s a non-entity, was dis-invited to a prominent funeral event and her husband and children are soon to be removed from all royal lineage b/c of Markle’s narcissism!! One narcissist silencing another in grand fashion!! If it occurs, I will smile w/ glee!!

IfNotNowWhen September 21, 2022 at 8:19 am

Overlooked is Markle being pd millions to be disrupter of monarchy, Soros ruined England’s banking and won’t be stopped with his latest racism tool.While Charles is WEF since 90s, Meghan is taking royals down. She stupidly said gleefully in her recent interview that she is disrupting royalty just by being. When was that the intention?

She told us it was needing privacy, which was the biggest lie ever told. She can’t do anything without her bad acting facial expressions. And her snottiness couldn’t hold her hand back when she flicked/hit the woman who ignored her in front row. Not out of kindness, that flick was evil-get out of my sight- b•••ch.

Also overlooked is the royals as industry. Tourist dollars by the billions flood in and that will not be simple to replace. Charles may have to go when his children foundations worldwide are investigated, but William is clean enough to fill the coffers of tourist industry for decades.


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