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    Climate Change Doctors’ Activism Is HARMING Patients

    September 18, 2022
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    Image by David Lally

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    Guest post by John Hughes

    This weekend I went to a friend’s cabin in central Texas with my special needs son.  Despite the summer’s drought, swarms of honeybees and monarch butterflies filled the skies.  I recalled in past years how climate change activists had warned that honeybees and monarchs  were threatened by climate (temperature) change and served as the proverbial ‘canaries in the mine.’  The Earth is rapidly failing and the bees and butterflies aren’t supposed to be here according to the environmental ‘experts.’

    On 14 September 2022, President Biden announced the allocation for EV charger funding to 35 states.  The funds come from the 5 NOV 2021 Infrastructure and Jobs Act.  Over 10 months later, the money from the bill that President Biden and Speaker Pelosi screamed hysterically must be passed right then to prevent the earth from imploding from climate change, was finally allocated.  As an avid wannabe investor, I have tracked EVGO, BLNK, and CHPT (leading EV charging companies’ stock quotes) and watched the steady declines since November 2021 when the bill passed.   With billions heading their way shouldn’t these companies be making millionaires out of investors by now?

    On 16 September, 2022, California Governor Gavin Newsom  “announced a sweeping package of what he called the country’s “most aggressive” climate measures to “accelerate the state’s transition” to non-conventional energy sources.  The package includes 40 bills that appear to provide new green rules on laws related to things ranging from large-scale industry to the family home and private and public transportation. The Democratic governor’s office said in a statement the package of climate change-focused measures aims to cut pollution and target “big polluters.” It comes as America’s most populous state has struggled to provide stable electricity for residents amid a heat wave, which saw the state asking residents to use less power and suggest the best times to use air conditioners or charge electric cars. “This month has been a wake-up call for all of us that later is too late to act on climate change. California isn’t waiting anymore,” Newsom said in a statement. “Together with the Legislature, California is taking the most aggressive action on climate our nation has ever seen.”  I don’t recall seeing an appeal from the Governor for celebrities and elites in California to set the example and exchange their gas guzzling sports cars for EVs, trade their energy intensive mansions for small, efficient apartments, or stop flying on private jets. 

    California currently draws 25% of its power from outside the state (fossil fuels).  Of instate production, according to electricrate.com, 38% is renewables, 15% is hydroelectric, and the balance is natural gas and nuclear (47%).  CA decided to delay closing the last nuclear power plant (that apparently generates 10% of power for the state), but will not build any more natural gas plants.  So, the 38% renewable energy of instate production (or 29% of CA overall power needs) is currently renewable and 11% is hydroelectric.  This assumes hydroelectric won't increase as most rivers that can be dammed probably already are.  CA plans to be 100% green by 2045 in terms of all electricity production, but hasn’t said how it plans to grow renewable energy by over 600% to enable that goal in the next 20 years.  Worse, EVs use more power so they will need even more than that to power the zero emission vehicles they are demanding.

    So, California has no explanation for how it will eliminate importing dirty energy from other states, how Californians are supposed to charge the EVs they are being coerced to purchase, and no stated plan for disposal of the solar/wind equipment that is highly toxic.  Incidentally, most of the world’s solar panels are made in China using coal energy.  What happened to ‘one Earth’ in the fight for climate change?

    This brings us to the doctor problem.  An alarming number of doctors in the US and around the world are forming medical climate change groups.  These include The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health (500,000+ members), Center for Climate Change and Health, and many offshoot factions of the American Medical Association and other physician groups.  The Medical Society Consortium, aside from appearing more concerned with CRT and equity than actual climate change, like the others blindly endorses cutting fossil fuel production and replacement with green energy with no caveat to ensure adequate power during the transition.  California, which trumpets itself as the leader in doing such things, is treating the US to a glimpse of what the future holds for such blind, misguided planning.  This lobby is gaining increasing power in the medical community.  An increasing number of research projects and publications are focusing on health and climate change which means academic energy is being diverted to climate issues from non-climate health issues (like diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, etc).

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    Last week I asked Dr Marc Futernik, a California physician and outspoken physician leader in medical climate change activism, his thoughts on the risks of the dangers of turning off fossil fuels without an existing viable alternative.  He replied, “my focus is entirely on the climate.  I don’t see how anyone can watch what’s happening with any objectivity and not see that we have been duped and entirely missed the boat on this existential crisis.  (I have been singing this tune with few listeners since the late ‘80s.)  Fortunately, most intelligent people are fully aware now, and the tide is turning.  We are already well on our way to avoiding the worst scenarios, but it’s all happening even faster than expected so we need to move faster, too.”

    And yet, his activist organizations are fanning the flames of reckless government spending and lack understanding of simple math on available electricity that is leading to:    

    1. Inflation:  disproportionately affects poor and minorities who must now choose between paying rent/buying food/surviving and buying medication and health insurance.
    2. Recession:  job cuts which again disproportionately affect poor and minorities, forcing them to make the choice between survival and health expenses.
    3. Power outages:  disproportionately affects poor and minorities (how many Hollywood and political elites in CA will lose power with the minions?).  Loss of economic productivity and income, food spoilage, closures of health care offices and, if long enough, hospitals which increase illness and death.
    4. Censorship:  Dr Futernick, like others physician advocates don’t care if other doctors like me agree that we need a carbon free future but disagree on the timing and methods to get there.  In his (their) view, we need to get on board with their plan as it is the only way and it must be done now or people will die.  Climate change doctors are applying censorship and professional peer pressure to get other doctors to support them (or at least be quiet).
    5. Decreased agricultural production:  farmers in Europe and Asia are protesting governments that are using brute force to close ranches and farmlands.  This naturally is decreasing the global food supply and threatening global famine that will kill millions and lead to wars/conflict that will kill millions more.  These doctors pretend to think globally and therefore obediently supported Ukraine, but ignore the food supply risks to over a billion humans.
    6. Climate change candidates:  like abortion, climate change doctors blindly demand that voters choose their green candidates and ignore the other damaging far left positions that these politicians usually stand for and will harm patients such as drugs, defunding police, and open borders. Illegal alien deaths in the wilderness in border states is at an all-time high.

    Climate change doctors are outspoken to close fossil fuel power plants (even nuclear) immediately to save the earth with inadequate plans to replace the lost energy.  They are almost always silent on the catastrophes that aggressive “green” politicians are causing.  The catastrophes are harming and killing many more patients than their idealistic climate change activism hopes to save.  They are also silent and not holding their President and Speaker accountable for not rapidly spending the money that was allocated for green projects.  Instead they are like the other progressive voters, only yelling for more spending (without accountability) ASAP.

    I asked ER doctors in a national online chatroom if they thought it was hypocritical for doctors to advocate for such radical change when many if not most don’t drive zero emission vehicles.  Despite pointing out that the average Tesla driver makes $110,000 a year and the median income for ER doctors is over $300,000 a year, I was soundly rebuked and told that doctors were under no obligation to buy zero emission vehicles (despite that being a central tenet of their own ideology).  

    It appears that too many doctors don’t like their own medicine but are fine with poisoning the rest of America while they party it up in San Francisco this week at the annual ER doctor convention (ACEP22).  Meanwhile, record numbers of California’s homeless watch from the streets, stranded drivers cannot charge their cars, and the innocent are beheaded with swords in broad daylight due to statewide violence.

    Looks like many of my peers need to revisit the Hippocratic Oath..and relearn basic math.

    John Hughes, MD

    Emergency Physician

    USMA Class of 1996

    3rd Generation West Pointer

    4 combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan







    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    The press and the global warming crowd deliberately suppress the fact that ANTARCTICA has had record cold, snow and ice accumulation for decades. Even the last few years, ANTARCTICA cold, snow and ice have hit record numbers. The number of catastrophic hurricanes and tornadoes has dwindled the last couple of decades. The oceans have not risen appreciably other than the normal waxing and waning of ice melt and evaporation cycles. If you try to google it, the first few pages will be pro global warming but when you drill down to the more reputable “scientific” sites it says no global warming. Also droughts, cold snaps, and weather extremes are the rule all throughout recorded history. There are records clear back to the 1400’s verifying this fact. One has to dig for this data because the political and globalists agenda has big-tech, the leftist media, et al working at sequestering real facts as the “Brown Shirts” did for Hitler. Most folks don’t even go past the first page and these hyena Globalists at google know this.

    Lastly, look up the sun-spot cycle which is an eleven year cycle. The weather patterns on earth are affected profoundly by this cycle.

    They try to explain it away with all kinds of mental gymnastics but it doesn't pass the smell test. Funny one never hears of this, but then again suppression of reality by ideologues is commonplace.


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