• The Illusion Of Freedom

    September 24, 2022
    Image by Peeter Allik

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    As an American, I was always told I live in a free country. Yet we see our freedoms constantly eroding, most precipitously over the last two years.

    I now wonder if there was one specific event that launched us on this course? This prompts a deeper question: “Were we ever really free?”

    But first, let’s define ‘freedom’: exemption from external control, interference, or regulation. It’s the power to act without restraint.

    So, again I ask: were we ever really ‘free’?  I would say no. Almost no one fully exercises their own free will. 

    From birth, we are programmed with a system of controls - which ultimately enslave us. This human ‘software’ was first installed by our well-intentioned parents, themselves a product of the same system. Conditioning is simple: rewards when we behave and punishment when we don’t. Over time we self-monitor, and require little to no oversight. Fear is the strongest of all shackles. 

    Thus, we all essentially live in the prison of our minds. 

    Over our formative years, these operating models condition our behaviors. By the time we formally engage in society, our behaviors have completely linked with our instincts, which always aim to minimize pain and maximize pleasure. 

    Aside from bodily needs, we must not overlook the importance of the social arena. In a material culture which craves external validation, this becomes a most effective and subtle mechanism of control. 

    Advertising, of course, plays a major role by appealing to our fears of lack, prodding us to want what we don’t have and desire what we don’t need. We then make countless buying decisions based on empty promises to relieve our fears of aloneness and satiate our need to fit into a social construct.  

    This model of control is so effective, it can be seen in every organization and institution. When was the last time you freely expressed your opinion without self-censorship? If you work for a corporation, have you voiced an idea that challenged the status quo? Or have you witnessed a co-worker berated by an abusive boss? Did you speak up, or did you avert your eyes, hoping you weren’t next?

    Compliance is always rewarded, but every time you watch an injustice and do nothing, it chips aways at your moral center. If you’re feckless when the risk is low, you won’t have courage when it truly matters. This creates a demoralized society that is docile and malleable. 

    Think back to the events around 9/11. 

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    With the looming fear of more “terrorist strikes” we compliantly gave up our freedoms. I recall boarding the ferry just days after the attacks. I was more than willing to show the contents of my purse to the soldier who I believed would protect me. I realized then that my rights were being taken away, but I was too scared to protest. I wish I knew then, what I know now! 

    And what I know now, millions of others know too. The elite overlords overreached too quickly. They created a society easy to manipulate so they could consolidate power for themselves. This realization has jolted humanity from a deep slumber, only to find ourselves shackled by a system, to which we unknowingly acquiesced.

    There are many forms of tyranny now upon us. However, we also see an awakening populace like never before. We no longer blindly consent; we are taking back our power and our autonomy. 

    But we must all continue our quest for self-awareness, to understand what dictates our behaviors and drives our decisions. 

    Only then can we break free from our mental prison cells and exercise our will. Only then can we act without restraint, exempt from external control and interference. And only then will humanity truly be free. 


    Tamara Lashchyk

    Tamara Lashchyk is an entrepreneur, investor, coach and political commentator. Before starting her business, Tamara had a long standing and successful career on Wall Street – having worked at top tier Investment Banks such as JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and Deutsche Bank. In May of 2019 Tamara was a recipient of the Women of Wall Street Award for the notable work she has done to advance women in the industry. She is the Author of the book Lose the Gum, A Survival Guide for Women on Wall Street, Main Street & Every Street in Between. In November 2020, Tamara ran for NY State Assembly in Manhattan’s District 66 which gave her a unique perspective behind the scenes of American politics. She is now a contributor to CD Media and co-hosts the Wild Promise Podcast.
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    To learn more about human conditioning, read the book entitled "Propaganda" by Edward Bernays (Jew), nephew of Sigmund Freud (Jew), and realize that from the same Jewish family as Bernays and Freud we get Marc BERNAYS Randolph (Jew), creator of Netflix.

    I'm seeing a distinct pattern when it comes to controlling populations...


    letmepicyou: Well, thank goodness most of us refuse to see it, or Absolute Chaos would ensue. In normally trained societies, the uncertainties would quickly be replaced with a far-worse (subjective) enslavement. As long as it is gradual, I'm betting the enslavement we will accept can continue with disruption.


    I doubt we were ever completely free as a nation. Ever since our founding fathers and all those involved in creating America risked everything to give us America, there has always been someone there to try and take us down. Be it the Crown, Spain, France, Mexico, the Rothschilds, you name it. I don't know at what point communists truly did make their way into the dark shadows of this nation, but there's that too.

    Travis R

    Freedom is a double edged sword. Absolute freedom for some is tyranny for many. If you want absolute freedom find a island and live there. Otherwise give a little to get a little.

    Michael Day

    And NONSENSE is everywhere


    The power and money-obessed since the 1920s the (illusion) of freedom and liberty in the US have been gradually, quietly, and slyly chipping away by the ingrained greed of globalists, royalty, crime orgs, CEOs, dark state, and numerous other sinister entities and more recently has accelerated to a point where it's become obvious. The introducing of perverted doctrines and policies apparently doesn't require a curtain thrown over it anymore, and clearly none of these quiet underhanded goings-on effect the lives of those who engineer these travesties.


    No…you’ve never been free. This matrix is one of domination manipulation and control and you came here to free yourselves. It’s a consciousness shift and the majority of humanity have been living in fear which just perpetuates this matrix….fear…the Dark live off your fear. And now, after eons of time of trying to awaken humanity, it must all end to end the prison. This is spiritual war between God and AI…you better choose quick because it’s all crashing down around you, NOW. Good luck and God Bless

    old man of the sea

    The entire universe is made of two opposite electrical charges - negative and positive-. Without those two there is no spark, hence there is no universe and no life. The same is true here on earth. Life need two opposite sexes to propagate. As much we want to be independent individuals, we need the opposite sex for pleasure and propagate. Hence we must accommodate other people's needs and desires in order to fulfill our own. The conflict between true freedom (individualism) vs depending on others to fulfill our needs(collectivism) exist since the beginning of time, and it will be with us until the end of time. The question remains. Can human-beings balance the two? Not anytime soon


    old man that can see: Trying to balance between the two is also where the spark will occur to balance between the two..

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