• If Woke America Spent Half The Effort Cancelling The Drug Culture As They Spend On Cancelling Parents, Christianity, And Conservatives, Drug Overdose Deaths Would Nearly Go To Zero

    October 17, 2022
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    Stop the drug war

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    Woke America has become ruthlessly efficient, canceling anything it finds offensive. Christians – canceled. Incorrect statement about LGTBQ+ - gone. Criticize Biden – bye, bye. Say anything remotely construed as 'misinformation' – Paypal fines you $2,500. Question CDC data on Facebook – strike. Retweet anything about J6 – account removed. The list goes on.

    According to government data sites, drug overdose deaths increased from 16,849 in 1999 to 91,799 in 2020 (544% increase), while the US population increased from 279M to 329M (18% increase). During those years, the only ideas floated by the medical community were Narcan and needle exchanges. In my 20 years of practicing, I have never met a former IV drug user who quit because of a government program – Narcan, needle exchange, arranged rehab. The recovering addicts quit for other reasons, family pressure/adverse medical complications/interventions, etc. Remember Slash from Guns N Roses? He only stopped using heroin when he got an AICD (I read his biography last year). I have a friend who is a prison psychiatrist, and I asked him if he had ever seen an addict quit because of needle exchange or Narcan. His reply: "No, they only abuse all of the sh_t. Suboxone in prison is commonly snorted and injected. So much for harm reduction…a joke. Or the heavies extort the grunts like a tax. Or run a tab. Penalties severe for transgression…shanks et al."

    I don't routinely accept CDC policy at face value, especially when it doesn't pass the sniff test with my clinical experiences. I have a police officer friend who points out that Narcan creates issues because IV users in his jurisdiction will frequently use extra heroin for the extra high when they know a police officer is on patrol because they will be rescued by the police officer's Narcan.

    What is Woke America doing about the issue? Marching to legalize drugs in as many states as possible. Worshipping Hollywood and music elites who glamourize drug use. Vilifying Nancy Reagan's anti-drug program. The post office unveiled a Nancy Reagan commemorative stamp in 2022. The woke culture blamed Nancy Reagan for a slow AIDS response in the 1980s and spoke out. "The discussion around the timing of the Nancy Reagan stamp's unveiling led Epperson to make her own stamp of the former first lady with "JUST SAY NO!" written over Nancy Reagan's face in red. The slogan comes from a campaign of the same name that Nancy Reagan led to raise awareness about drug abuse." 1

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    It is well known that the majority of drugs, particularly fentanyl, come across the southern border. This is the same border the Woke crowd wants to rip open even more. Woke doctors have all but removed drug deaths from a list of America's health concerns. Pre-occupied with transgenderism, climate change, and ethnic disparities, plans to combat the fentanyl epidemic are absent from medical journals, websites, and convention agendas. The American College of Emergency Physicians won't even allow doctors in private chatrooms on its website to discuss the fentanyl epidemic. Posts get blocked - the result: 107,000 drug overdose deaths in 2021, mostly from fentanyl. It's likely that 2022 will see more.

    Imagine a world where Twitter, Facebook, Google, TikTok, and every other social media platform canceled any celebrity that glorified drugs, used drugs or failed to use the phrase "drugs are bad" in every paragraph. Drugs would become 'uncool,' and kids and young adults would find something else to do. Drug cartel profits would plummet. Crime and border security issues (human trafficking, gun smuggling, etc.) would evaporate overnight.

    Alas, the woke culture would never let that happen. They don't care about things like personal responsibility. Worse, woke doctors want the crisis to persist for one simple reason – money. Healthy, drug-free Americans don't make any money for doctors, hospitals, and medical organizations. Additionally, it is far more desirable to make this just one more excuse to bash the police. Further, a generation of young Americans who have low education levels, no skills, and a drug habit is easier to control for the new world order.



    John Hughes

    Emergency Physician. United States Military Academy Class of 1996. #1 graduate. 3rd Generation West Pointer. 4 combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. www.americandoctor.org Member of STARRS.US & MacArthur Society of West Point Graduates.
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