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    Can Musk Save Medicine By Ending Censorship?

    October 29, 2022

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    In 2021, famed quarterback Aaron Rodgers spoke out against medical censorship.  He was quickly condemned by the NY Times in their article “Scientists Fight a New Source of Vaccine Misinformation.”  Anyone of lesser public stature would have lost their twitter account.  That being said, what was his thought crime?  His crime was to say the words “If science can’t be questioned, its not science anymore.  It’s propaganda.”  

    Rodgers spoke on the heels of nearly 2 years of the re-instatement of totalitarian medical censorship that hasn’t been seen since the Middle Ages in Europe.  Proponents of censorship are in good company.  USSR, China, Iran, Pre-Reformation Catholic Europe, Nazi Germany, Cuba, Venezuela.  The list is endless and highlights a who’s who of tyrants in human history.  The common thread is it existed in societies where non-democratic rulers exerted their will by depriving their citizens of truth and an ability to question the rulers.  Doctors who rely on censorship to exert their views on other scientists are obviously weak minded and on the wrong side of the medical debate.  Whether their data is right or wrong, they cowardly hide behind social media giants and government backers to prevent discussion of their ‘recommendations.’  Censorship is never the answer.  While US medical organizations and their leaders claim to be using censorship to save lives during a pandemic, they are actually doing quite the opposite.  

    Dr. Fauci’s famous takedown of the Great Barrington Declaration is a classic example.  His now discovered emails showed a coordinated effort with government doctors and medical journals to discredit the Declaration’s assertion that lockdowns were counterproductive to save lives.  In the end, lockdowns and US style mandates most likely made matters worse.  Sweden, who used intelligently devised plans to protect the most vulnerable, enjoyed a 40% less death rate per 100,000 citizens than the US.  That is real data and real science.  Accounting for Americans being less healthy than Swedes, it is easy to conclude that Dr. Fauci and his family of co-conspirators (large medical organizations, mass media, social media, politicians), easily doomed at least 50-100,000 American to die of Covid-19 that should not have.  Natural immunity was a banned concept until the end of the pandemic.  Social media enforced Dr. Fauci’s bidding.  Neither Dr. Fauci nor anyone of consequence in the medical community has admitted that this egregious action was a mistake.

    Worse, the same medical experts who promoted the merits of censorship to ‘protect’ us are now pointing out the rash of obesity, fentanyl overdoses, suicidality, and other health decrements and death causing issues that plague America as a direct result of the illogical and non-science based society they inflicted on us.  They pretend that many Americans with their eyes open haven’t seen that they caused this post covid-19 mess.  They are certainly not the heroes to save us in the aftermath.

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    Twitter and Facebook took the lead with scaring Americans into compliance with the medical narrative.  Break their insanely strict rules and you were barred from the platforms that have become nearly essential to social and business survival in America.  Worse, they almost completely eliminated essential scientific debate on covid treatments and mandates.

    This week Elon Musk (an immigrant) took charge of Twitter and fired the CEO, chief counsel, and many other executives that used to brag about their censorship of large swaths of the American population.  While the future of free speech in America is far from certain, it is an encouraging start to reclaim some of the legacy of 400 years of freedom of speech that social media took away in one quick decision early in the Covid-19 pandemic.

    In the modern society, the internet is the equivalent of the printing press that allowed scientists of the past to exchange ideas freely to advance medical knowledge.  Even if the pre-covid ‘norm’ of free speech in medicine returns, the work is not done.  The conspirators that contrived the paradigm of naked censorship that stunted science and medicine must be identified and prosecuted.  If we fail, censorship will be exponentially more harmful in the next pandemic.  They have learned the playbook to inflict their brand of uncontested medicine and science on America and will do it again.  This is just the opening act.

    John Hughes, MD

    Emergency Physician

    West Point Graduate, Class of 1996

    Veteran of Iraq/Afghanistan

    Member of www.starrs.us

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    John Hughes

    Emergency Physician. United States Military Academy Class of 1996. #1 graduate. 3rd Generation West Pointer. 4 combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. www.americandoctor.org Member of STARRS.US & MacArthur Society of West Point Graduates.
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    Hear, hear! and Amen! We will not be muzzled and we will not be silent. Though friends and family may shun us, we will continue speaking truth! Tyranny never wins in the end! God bless America and the free world!

    Charlie Main line

    Don't fall for the Musk hoodwink. An immigrant perhaps but his 5x great grandfather married into the main line of the roots of the empire when he married Rachelll de Villers who was a direct descendant of Charlemagne. The same line as all the others who rule over us. That is through his father but additionally through his mother his line heads almost directly to Henry Plantagenet. In addition he is now closely related to bill gates for example through his brother Kimbal who married into the gates line. Kimbal married the 6x great granddaughter of a man whose brother is the 7x great grandfather of Gates. That might sound like a long way apart but it really isn't. These people are ALL closely related and are playing you for fools like calling Musk the richest man in the world. Like gates he is just a front man.


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