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    Saving America. A Vision For 2023

    December 19, 2022
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    “Saving the Hearts and Souls of a Nation”

    Promotional still from the 1939 film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, published in National Board of Review Magazine 1939

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    You know… I cry almost every time I watch “Mr Smith goes to Washington”.  If you have never seen that movie and you consider yourself a patriot, I highly recommend it.  But watch it in Black and White – the color version loses something for me.  Mr Smith had a lot of heart, his child-like purity and almost naïve hope provokes something in me.

    Im taking a break from my series about Satan called, “No More Sympathy for the Devil” to share a vision for the New Year!  I’ll get back to my series helping us come away from evil soon.  I think it’s timely what I am writing in this article since it’s the end of the year.  I hope it inspires many of you!

    You know, you’ve got to really love something if you are going to die for it.  Many of the men we admire died for a great cause.  But how much love do you need to live for something!?  To die usually requires a decision, one single act to give of your life but to truly live for a cause… that demands something altogether different of men.  

    Have you ever paid attention to how men wrote 100+ years ago.  They had a certain fire in their hearts that we have lost.  It’s hard to describe.  They had some foundation, something of genuine concern, a sense of honor, eloquence and empathy.  What has become of us??  How did we become this machine-like, hallow shell of what we once were as a nation, churning out profits, empty rhetoric and division unconcerned for our fellow Americans, our brothers and sisters?  What is to become of us?

    It's going to take a lot of heart to Save America.  Anger too, I suppose.  But anger will just wear men out.  It’s wasted energy, anger.  It can’t build much.  Anger isn’t good for creating, it stifles the mind and soul.  I suppose a little anger helps to tear things down but in truth it isn’t necessary. We can be calm and peaceful demolishing something that needs to be torn down, right?  It’s going to take some very different skills and abilities other than anger or vengeance to save our nation.

    Personally, I’m attracted to heart.  When I meet a man: a politician, a pastor, a business or civic leader, someone with new ideas and passion, I find myself drawn to their heart.  I’m usually pushed away by anger and disgust, but passion, a zeal for something worthy, often gets my attention. Zeal is good but it can be misplaced, if zeal doesn’t have a foundation in truth.  I’m attracted to people who care.  They don’t have to be loud or charismatic, they don’t have to be intelligent or charming but if they have a genuineness about them and a fire in their belly, a fight for a just cause in them – I’m usually interested.

    We have to be careful with hearts.  We really do.  Hearts break and they take a lot of time to put back together.  Our government is full of hearts and I’m afraid that many of these hearts are broken.  Broken hearts, running a country and leading the free world - that has become America, I’m afraid.  Divorce has ravaged the families of our western and “modern” culture.  The death of a family is very tough to rebound from.  My dad never rebounded from losing my mom.  He died young in his bitterness.  I wanted to save him, so terribly I wanted to save dad.  He was in his early 50’s when he died, a casualty of the war.

    So, what if the “other side” is going to ruin our nation – does that give us the right to destroy them? Since when does two wrongs make a right??  What I mean is, we have to open up our hearts and minds, we have to look at this story quite differently, we have to find a very different solution than what we have thus far.  Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth?  Then everyone ends up blind and eating out of straws.  

    Go after evil-doers.  Seek after justice.  But love mercy also, it has been written, mercy triumphs over judgment. We must speak the truth.  But what about love?  Can’t we speak the truth dripping with love, and empathy? Or must we always be angry?  What about sadness?  Or compassion? Can’t we be sad or compassionate every once and a while.  There must be other emotions other than sarcasm, bitterness, vengeance and disgust? There must be more than this…

    We are winning hearts, friends.  To Save America is to Save a bunch of Real People with their living hearts and souls.  Real People watch our videos and read our blogs.  Real people with families, even generations of families, real people with real feelings, deep feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams are watching our lives.  Will we crush America into submission?  A good thing done in a wrong way… is still wrong? Right??

    But broken hearts - break hearts. It will be hard for us to maneuver around saving a soul if our souls are desperately in need of salvation… wouldn’t you think?  I know broken homes.  I have been around them a lot.  Broken families break hearts like nothing else on earth, its worse than death.  Death is over, there’s a finality to it but divorce, the tearing apart of a family, it lingers for years and the wounds are ripped open time and again, the pain relived over and over.  Our fellow Americans are hurting, that’s a big part of what we are up against – broken hearts all around us.


    We have built the most advanced economy in the world but I’m afraid we traded something of our souls away in the process.  Our priorities are all out of whack.  Our career often takes priority before everything.  And I have been just as guilty, chasing after some success and neglecting my wife and kids in the process.  It’s easy to justify at the time.  We have to think more creatively.   There are rarely two options.  We error forcing our limitations, timelines and deadlines upon the troubles of life, we don’t wait, contemplate… or pray.  We have lost something of ourselves building this nation.  The Republic was supposed to serve its people, not the other way around…

    How well will it work to hate our enemies?  What if our enemies are the members of our own household?  A son, a father, a sister, or neighbor?  War within our own homes… how well will that work out for us?  This is a desperate hour.  It’s The Fight for the hearts and soul of America.  Who is going to love them?  Who is going to love us…?  We have to find a new way.

    It has been said, “Greater love has no man than he would lay down his life for his friends.” But what if we read it wrong?  What if the scripture isn’t referring to death, laying down our lives unto death, but laying down our lives each day – laying down our own plans and agendas for our brothers and sisters to serve their needs before our own!? Maybe it could be written, “Greater love has no man than he would lay down his life day by day for his friends… that they might live!”

    Sometimes our reaction is to fight but that does not mean our reactions are perfect. In the heat of the moment, when we feel so desperate and all hope seems to be lost, our souls are tested and what will we do?  Families are often destroyed in those moments.  Nations go to war in those desperate hours.  But how can we be so certain that all hope was truly lost?  Our feelings deceive us.  So we must find the Truth.  But how do we find the Truth?  This is almost an eternal matter, a spiritual one – Can we hear the Truth when it is spoken to us?

    If we continue to celebrate the destruction and darkness in our souls, its game over.  All is lost.  We must return to living.  But what if we have never lived?  So we might have to pause in our quest to save our fellow man and learn to live again… then return to this vital and precious work of salvation once we are saved.  I hope this isn’t too ethereal for you all.  I promise you, this is the root of the sickness in our nation – worse than apathy, it’s the total abandonment of hope, altogether.  And Hope lives in the hearts of men.

    We have to be careful with the hearts around us.  Not that I have cornered that market ministering to broken hearts but I am aware of this… How do we make men come alive??  It is a truth, a living soul unaware and void of understanding can do much damage, so, we will need teachers - teachers who can inspire us and serve us (more than rule over us).  And where will these new teachers lead us?  I would say, further into the Truth.  But what if a people has found no more use for the Truth?  I would say, that would be the end of us.

    So how do we win the hearts back, loving the Truth??

    That might be the eternal question,
    The Question the whole of Scripture was written to answer:
    This is the way to win men to the Truth, without destroying their souls in the process

    Therefore, in conclusion, it must be love.

    Patient and long-suffering, generous and kind, good old-fashioned love.

    But who in America would pay to hear that same ol’ message!?
    I pray a few of us take this to heart…

    Love wins the day.

    I pray we all reconsider 

    And what is truth without love?

    Is it not distant, uninvested, cold and lacking conviction?

    But the Truth spoken in love is infectious and very difficult to turn away

    May God bless you all this Holy-day season.

    I have faith in you.  I have seen many lives changed
    I have changed.  I have faith in this love from God.

    Praying that thiswould be the beginning of our movement:

    A whole nation of lovers: full of the truth, full of zeal and Godly-fervor

    Patiently enduring the arduous road of life and salvation 

    With a fiery love for our fellow Americans, single-minded and unwavering

    So full of hope and perseverance that we see the day of our victory 

    Even as it chases us down and overtakes us!

    The Best is Still Yet to Come for America…


    I pray for you all that you are blessed this Holiday Season.

    Merry Christmas Brothers and Sisters,

    May the Lord bless you and keep you,
    May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and give you peace,


    : )  Robert Anthony

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    Robert Anthony

    Robert Anthony is the author of “Jesus did not Start a Religion” at Amazon or www.JesusNotReligion.org. Robert is also the Senior Editor for American Revival Press, www.arpress.org
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