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    Prediction And Encouragement For The Year Ahead –

    January 15, 2023
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     New England, old and new; a brief review of some historical and industrial incidents in the Puritan "New English Canaan," still the Land of promise

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    Really, I just have a lot of good news.  We have finally adjusted to this once again, new world, we have regained our bearings and are ready to take on the challenges ahead!  Many of us have become involved with politics: local political affairs, national issues and international news.  We, as a movement, are far more aware of what is the evil of the world and we are starting to create plans and strategies to stop it!! 2018 and 2019 many of us were totally uninvolved with politics – maybe we watched Fox News and maybe we even voted (for the National Elections anyways) but 2020 we all, as a movement, woke up.  We are actually the true “Woke” in this end of times story unfolding upon the earth.

    Now that we have our bearings, now that we see the battlefield more clearly, where are we best suited to engage?  2023 will be a year of planning and preparations.  Now that we woke up and are ready to join the worldwide effort, what will we do?  When we sign up to the military, they begin our onboarding by asking us what we are interested in, what we are good at, etc. we are tested in various ways and together with the recruitment officers we find where we are best positioned.  2023 will be that for many of us as we find our rank and post in the war to Save America. 

    Many will come back to faith this year.  As we consider the immense problems facing the world: Economic Inflation and Stagflation, Lingering Troubles from Covid-19 and its Vax, Accelerating Transhumanist Agenda, Globalists at War with the Nations, Wars and Rumors of Wars, an Increasing Drug Epidemic, Worldwide Weather Phenomenon, the Rapid Assault Against and the Degradation of the God-created family, Spiraling Moral Decline, etc. many will surrender to the reality that we, who are merely men and women, will not be able to hold back this darkness on our own – and so, many will return to true faith.  And many will find and come to know heaven’s Salvation in 2023.

    But even among those of us who are waking from our slumber, “The Great Awakening” is only just beginning.  There are yet many preparations to be made.  Among us, there must be a rapid and quickening spiritual maturation.  We have been content to sleep in our churches, drone-away at work, veg-out behind the TV and smart-phone at home, escape into medications, drugs and alcohol, etc. for far too long we are content being spectators and drinking spiritual milk but willfully avoiding solid foods and meat – and all of this that was a-wasted-life is now changing!  Praise God!  We were not forgotten!  Some of us have been praying for this moment to come for decades!

    God is a God of perfect timing and order – He always knows what He is doing and He reveals His plans and mysteries to those who seek Him, in Spirit and Truth.  But awakening is not without its challenges.  Suddenly we have this long forgotten power and inspiration, this zeal and passion, and life! and we are totally engaged - but where do we go? And what do we do?  So God will use 2023 to mature us, teaching us to walk in His Spirit, teaching us to hear His voice and the blessings of obedience.  For the Great Awakening to come to the earth God must first make ready the elders, the mentors, the big brothers and friends who will help the spiritual infants, the newly awakened and those new to this true faith to find their way.  

    There will be a changing of the guard – 2023 will be something of a final year for preparations.  The movement of Truth, Freedom and The Spirit of God that is about to spread the earth will bring forward the new vision and the new leadership with the outpouring of God’s grace.  We must not overly criticize the old guard.  It would be wiser to bless them on their way out.  Remember King Saul and David.  If you don’t know the story – read it.  David would not raise his voice or hand against the king, evil though the king was corrupt and evil, even though the king was destroying Israel and empowering their enemies still David would not rise up against King Saul.  Very very applicable story for the time we are in… 

    It seems like we should kick the swamp, the old-guard and the “RINOS” on their way out… But this is actually a terrible idea! There is almost zero blessing in this.  Go after criminals, destroy evil and imprison the evil-doers but every politician who harmed America is not necessarily a criminal… this is a very very delicate time we are in.  Many have come before us and we WILL NOT agree with a large majority of what they did during their tenure.  We will feel justified in kicking them on their way out the door but this is a trap of the enemy and does not honor God.  Reread the whole story of David and Saul.  Lots of truth in there for the year ahead. (Maybe I should write about it next week?)

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    2023 we will only be glimpsing the Huge Victories that lie ahead.  This is a crucial year, absolutely crucial!!!  We have to be very accurate in our strategies, wisdom says, “Seek God, Pray, Come to know Him like never before, involve His Spirit in your strategizing and be patient…” It’s as if we have been dealt a winning hand.  For those of you who play Texas Hold’em – we have quads on the flop, that’s four-of-a-kind, right away!  There is almost no way we lose, in fact we have “the nuts” – which means the very best hand possible for the cards on the table!  We can not lose.  But the question that remains, “How much will we win?”  Even if we play our cards terribly, we are going to win… But if we play our cards right, if we play our cards perfectly…  We very well could win the biggest pot of our lives!! 

    In closing, I pray this year that our movement is more convinced than ever to WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE!  What I mean is, massive groups of people see the radical agenda of the globalists and they want out!  The whole world lost faith in their leaders during Covid.  They could not believe how their governments handled that disease, they made it 100x worse than it already was… and the world is looking for some SALVATION!  If we play our cards right, the Revival will begin. If we dominate and stomp them into our movement and our way, we will win the battle but lose the war.  2023 is an unbelievably important year for recruiting, amassing the army of believers and going to work! We will see the fruits of our labors in 2024 and beyond. 

    Be full of honor, integrity, truth, patience, temperance and love.  Be full of the fruits of the Holy Spirit of God: love and joy, peace and patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  The momentum is with us!  We have much to celebrate but now its time to tread out the field.  It’s a year for good-old-fashioned roll up our sleeves and get to work!  And I pray that our work produces the Gold and Silver - the works of wood, hay and stubble will be burnt up but the Gold and the Silver, God will refine by the fire and make pure and perfect.  Let your hearts be at rest.  The battle is the Lord’s – our Victory is assured.  Let your hearts rest, even as you work hard. Be still and know that He is God – as you work diligently.

    God is with us

    And the Best is still yet to come!!

    It’s a very exciting time to be alive!!

    We have held our ground
    And now we ADVANCE!!

    Love you friends, saints and prophets,

    Proud of so many of you!

    Here’s to an amazing year!

    - Robert Anthony



    Robert Anthony

    Robert Anthony is the author of “Jesus did not Start a Religion” at Amazon or www.JesusNotReligion.org. Robert is also the Senior Editor for American Revival Press, www.arpress.org
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