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    “Space, the Final Frontier??”

    February 5, 2023

    No More Sympathy For The Devil Series – Part 2 –

    Image by Amandine Brige

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    I was infatuated with space as a child.  Not necessarily learning about all the stars, constellations, the engineering of space travel, etc. but I was extremely eager to “boldly go where no man has gone before”. I joined the AFJROTC in High School with the career plan to go to the Air Force Academy and fly for the military just long enough to be recruited by NASA into their space program!  If you talked with me before the age of 15, I was going to space!

    Many things happened while in ROTC to change my mind, primarily I started having all these conversations with God.  When I was 12 years old, I had a truly mountaintop experience with Him wherein the Holy Spirit came upon my whole body!  Like Fire!  It was amazing.  After that I started having dreams and was able to prophesy.  I remember the first time it (prophecy) happened that I was aware of.  I was in class sitting behind one of the biggest gang-bangers in school.  He was a senior, I was a freshman.  I was unbelievably intimidated by him.  His last name was Champagne.  I can still remember our conversation – I thought he was so cool and tough.

    While I was talking with Mr Champagne during typing class, all of the sudden I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was abused by his dad.  I didn’t have a vision or anything like that but this epiphany just happened and suddenly I blurted out, “I'm sorry your dad hits you.”  He looked at me with eyes of shock and horror, saying, “How did you know that?” and “Why would you say something like that!?”  I thought at first he was angry.  He turned around in his chair and avoided me.  But then turned back again, starred intently into my eyes and asked, “How do you know that about me?”  I told him what happened at church camp and how God did something that seemed to change me, I told him about the dreams and prophecies.  “There is really no other explanation for it…” I said.  I watched his tough, gang-member exterior melt away, tears well up in his eyes as he asked, “So God is real then?”  I said, “Yes.  More than we know.”

    I was playing football and very good at it, I was a leader in the ROTC but all the while I had this almost uncontrollable passion for God.  We lived outside of Los Angeles in the suburbs, not the most Christian place to live and yet I wanted to serve God.  I felt I didn’t fit anywhere.  The football team obviously talked like sailors, it seemed like everyone drank alcohol and were having sex but me.  ROTC was a better fit but that still wasn’t time with the Spirit of God and my young soul on fire longed for more of God. At ROTC camp after sophomore year, I decided I couldn’t continue, I was worried the Air Force was going to get in the way of my walk with Jesus and at almost 16 years old, after all those years of dreaming about space, becoming an astronaut suddenly I laid it all down and walked away.  It was a very difficult time after that.  Suddenly my driving purpose was gone and I could not make any plans for the future.  After I graduated high school I stumbled into a brand-new Bible College in Seattle, Washington.


    Over the years me and society-at-large seemed to forget about space entirely.  The US Space program grew almost non-existent (at least what is public) for more than 30 years.  Years passed, I graduated from Bible College, got into business, became a minister and then a missionary – and suddenly, out of nowhere, the whole world started talking about space again!?  It was a strange phenomenon, we explored the moon and achieved such marvels some 60+ years ago but then almost like it never happened, we simply stopped talking about it – for nearly 40 years!?

    Being a curious person, I have wondered throughout my life what is out there and is it in God’s plans for us to end up “among the stars”. In the midst of wanting to understand more I stumbled into some revelation and my heart started to change, quite dramatically on the subject.  While I still have many questions and curiosities, let me share several things I found in scripture with regards to space and our desire to build a world out there… Please turn with me in your Bibles to, Isaiah 14:12:

    “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer...” Isaiah begins this prophecy of his talking about the origins of our adversary, Satan.  Verse 13, “For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God…” Remember this is Satan speaking of his rebellion against God.  Verse 14, “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High.” But God proclaims judgment upon him, verse 15, “Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.”

    Have you ever read such a scripture before!?  Did we read the same thing??  Did the Bible just say that Satan/Lucifer wanted to go into outer-space and venture even, “above the stars of God” and “be like the Most High”!?  And for his punishment, Lucifer was banished from heaven and the heavens(?) altogether thrown down to the earth, wherein, presumably, he became Satan… is that how you are reading this also?? Remember Jesus said, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven…” Let me explain a little more.

    Heaven, Biblically, could either be the sky, by day or the stars, by night.  Heaven included the clouds but also the stars, biblically.  The scripture declares, God resides in “The Heaven of Heavens” (Deut. 10:14, 2 Chron. 2:6, etc.).  Lucifer/Satan wanted to exalt himself above the throne of God, above the heaven of heavens it seems and be like the Most High.  Where exactly is the “heaven of heavens”?  Seems to be above or maybe past the stars, it’s mysterious?  These things are difficult to understand for certain but we can see very clearly Lucifer was ready to venture into and above (maybe beyond) the stars and rebel against God, achieving his own god-like glory, all for himself.

    And this is what the conquest of the stars was in essence about: Lucifer’s desire to be like God or to be a god himself.  I fear we, mankind in general, are following in Satan’s footsteps as we turn to the heavens for our salvation.  I suppose it would be different if we were being directed by our Heavenly Father into the stars.  If we had some Biblical and supernatural revelation from our Father and His Son that our destiny leads to the moon and beyond, I wouldn’t be writing this article.  In fact, what we have from scripture, from testimony and from our own science and history opposes altogether the notion that God wants us rocketing into space, to the moon and beyond.  The founding of NASA even is marred with occult practices and from its conception, men openly at war with God strewn across its foundations. 

    Space exploration, the colonizing of the moon and beyond is all birthed in every power but God: fear stands out as the prevalent force in funding these extravagant missions, they are constantly striving to convince us that we are destroying the earth and will need another place in which to escape, fear is also the reason we are ensuring our weapons in space are better than theirs, the love of money is another power driving the nations into the great void, whoever can colonize the moon first could perhaps find a hoard of treasure in rare-minerals and more, out-in-out rebellion seems to be involved in our quest for the stars but they have proven the human body was not made for space, they proved this not once or twice but over and again, our bodies are simply not created to live without gravity, pumped full of harmful space-radiation and more.  Having investigated off and on over the years, I can see absolutely no testimony of God in our quest to leave this abundant and exceptional earth that God gave us.  I see absolutely no witness from heaven saying, your salvation will come from colonizing moon and beyond, quite the contrary.

    There seem to be only two belief systems emerging in this generation (and I plan to write more about this in Part Three of this series): the Judeo-Christian belief of a loving and All-Powerful Creator-God and Father who is actively and intimately involved with the affairs of men and our salvation, and a belief system involving Aliens, UFOs, the occult, venturing into the stars, AI, Transhumanism, Genetic Engineering and basically all the worst parts of the Biblical last days coming to fruition: the antichrist, the earth shaken, plagues and pestilences, God’s judgment of the world by fire, etc.  It amazes me how there is nothing new under the sun, and all of this deception has been before and has remained upon the earth, even lurking in the shadows, for a long-long time.

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    In my next part of the series, I will explain how this great deception has been convincing men away from their Creator and Father since the very beginning.  Nothing is new under the sun – the truth is ancient and the lies in this world are just as old…  


    The tech-billionaires all seem to have a plan to create empires for themselves in God’s heaven, just like Lucifer before them…. They even have an answer for our bodies inability to survive the various impossibilities of space: Transhumanism.  These mighty kings-of-the-earth have brazenly gone after the building blocks of life to create a new man in the image that they desire, insomuch to achieve their goals of god-like ascendence into the stars and more.  I’m afraid that this is exactly what Lucifer did to get himself kicked out of heaven, for good.  I’m afraid that this quest of theirs is exactly what the Bible warns will come to pass in the last days to force (again) the hand of God to end this world as we know it.

    Jesus said, “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened…”  What if that word flesh is quite literally referring to the very thing that makes us man, our DNA, our genes, this body that was made in God’s own image!?  What if Jesus is saying, “I shortened those days because of what they were doing to destroy man, his DNA and genes, who I made in my own image.”  Seems to make sense to me.  Seems to fit the exact narrative of the story unfolding presently upon the earth!  

    Satan has been at war with God since the very beginning.  And this war is over God’s most precious possession, us, man, God’s own children, made in His own imagine.  Satan has been deceiving us since the very start: away from our God, to hide from Him, to change our own body to become altogether different, to become like him, to rebel against our Father, even to go out into the stars and try and show Him we don’t need His help or salvation, we can do it all ourselves, we can be our own gods.  It’s been the same exact war since the start of time.  I will explain more in the next part of the series.

    But do not be afraid men of God!

    Do not have fear as you see these things coming to pass upon the earth
    This is what God said must happen so that all things would be fulfilled

    Everyone has a choice

    We can choose the love of God and His eternal kingdom -

    Or we can war against love and perfection choosing destruction and death instead

    We can choose all the beauty that is wrapped up in Jesus Christ and His salvation -

    Or we can reject Him all the days of our lives and strive to become our own gods

    Jesus said, “Choose life, that you might live.”

    God has the big picture all worked out.

    The big problems God will solve.

    We only need to trust Him and stay by His side as He completes what He started:

    “The Salvation of the Children of the Living God”

    He is bringing us home, back to the garden, back to eternity

    The way everything was intended originally.

    Our Father is doing this.  He promised us!
    And God is not a man that He would lie.

    We can trust Him.

    He hasn’t lied to us so far…
    Everything He said is coming true…

    He isn’t lying to us.
    He is going to save us
    Every single one of us that wants Him and wants His kingdom, we will receive Him!

    “Trust in the Lord with all your hearts
    And do not lean on your own understanding
    In all your ways acknowledge Him

    And He will direct your paths”


    Still full of hope for the saints,

    With a fervent and zealous love,
    In Christ, our Messiah,

    More to come,

    - Robert Anthony



    Robert Anthony

    Robert Anthony is the author of “Jesus did not Start a Religion” at Amazon or www.JesusNotReligion.org. Robert is also the Senior Editor for American Revival Press, www.arpress.org
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    Deborah L Warner

    A powerful message. "There should no flesh be saved". I never thought of it it referring to transhumanism.But,it makes sense. Thank you.

    john doe

    The big secret is the earth is really flat. God says 17 times the earth is immovable and cannot be moved, it sits on 4 pillars of stone, it has a firmament above us (vaulted dome), has windows that let the water in for the flood, has water above and below separated by the sky which the birds fly in, etc. Heliocentrism can be found nowhere in the bible. In fact Heliocentrism does is antithetical with biblical cosmology. Every eye will see the Son when he returns and the firmament will be rolled up like a scroll. Think about it. We see a lake on a calm day, the water like glass with no wind at all, yet we are lead to believe we are spinning at 1000mph, orbiting the sun at 66,000 mph and our solar system is going around the galaxy at 666,000mph, but on a clam day sitting on the dock we have to deny all of our sense to believe this.

    33: The Earth’s Axis, it’s Orbital Inclination around the Sun is 66.6 Degrees

    32: The Earth Orbits the Sun at 66,600 Miles Per Hour

    31: The Earth’s Circumference is 600x6x6 Nautical Miles

    30: The Speed of Sound is 666 Knots Per Second

    29: The Force of Gravity on Earth is 666 Newtons

    28: The Curvature of A Square Mile is .666 Feet... in 10 Miles: 66.6 Ft... in 20 Miles: 266.6 Ft... 40M: 1,066.6 Ft... 50M: 1,666 Ft… 70M: 3,266.6 Ft… 80M: 4,266.6 Ft… 100M: 6,666.6Ft… The Heliocentric Curvature Math is Based on 666

    27: The Arctic & Antarctic Circles are at exactly 66.6°

    26: Astro-Not Peggy Whitson Spent 666 Days in Space

    25: The Distance to the Moon is 6 x 60 x 666 Miles

    24: The Diameter of the Moon is 6 x 6 x 60 Miles

    23: Sunset is Divided by 3 Degrees (6° + 6° + 6°) aka: “Civil, Nautical, and Astronomical Twilight”

    think about it.

    All the big space missions named after pagan gods: mercury, apollo, artemis etc.


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