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    Agree, Joe Biden Must Go -- Then What? 

    February 9, 2023
    Image by DonkeyHotey

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    I agree with the calls that Joe Biden must go -- then what?  Replaced with who? How does that fix things?  It won’t, nor is it intended to.

    Look folks, removing Biden is not the solution in any way, shape, or form. Yeah, remove him, get rid of him -- on the surface, I get it … it sounds good. Okay, got it … and you'd replace him with what, with who?  Seriously, who will bring America back to, at a minimum, where this country was when Trump left office in January 2021, and bring it back to that level within a year? Remember, THEY managed to essentially erase EVERYTHING President Trump implemented in less than a year.

    I can guarantee you, there is not a single individual in the whole Democrat Party that could fix the problems and shortcomings with the horrific, failed national security policies and leadership we are facing and dealing with now.  Not a single individual! But realize, that that is not the intent.  The intent is not to fix anything. The intent is to continue the destruction of America – but to do so by making the average American accept it, feel good about it, because its what’s best for America and the world, because America is evil and deserves to be punished. The Woke indoctrination and “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” are the cultural changes and mechanisms designed to ease you into the new normal.

    The incompetence, ineffectiveness, and the destruction we are witnessing, and in fact, personally experiencing in our daily lives, are part of the overall strategy to destroy this country. While the normal reaction is to call for the removal of the POTUS, that does absolutely zero ... it does nothing, and it changes nothing.  The problem they have is now a PERCEPTION problem -- how Biden is perceived on the national and world stage – he’s a liability. The perception of how “its going” because of Biden's ineptness and incompetence is now the problem for the political-left and the Democrats.

    We desperately need to "REMOVE" the “PUPPET MASTERS!“  If you think Obama is pulling the strings, the fact is he’s not. At least not strategically.  Granted he is a key player and manipulator – he’s a loyal adviser and critical influencer, and essentially the Sejanus of the DC Praetorian Guard, albeit behind scenes, but, the drivers for what is happening, the crafters of policy, the strategic-level decision-makers, that is ALL above Obama.

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    Here's the reality of it all. Here is what MUST happen:

    - Termination and removal of ALL of the policies they've implemented.

    - FIRING and REMOVAL of ALL leadership in EVERY Federal department and agency (and at least 3-layers down).

    - TERMINATION of the WOKE-grip ingrained in the American culture and mindset of every aspect of it and a significant majority of Americans.

    - Getting rid of Biden, changes nothing, you will still get the exact same results, decisions, and policies.  Biden is there because he will do what he is told. He will not ask deliberate and rational questions – he is not capable of that because his cognitive abilities are gone. His role is quite the opposite -- to not know or enquire about anything.  He is there solely as a figurehead and to sign what is put in front of him.  Biden is a “political eunuch and dolt,” as is Kamala Harris.  Unfortunately, those shortcomings as a person are a hindrance. Biden has become too much of a liability which is causing way too many to question the Democrats and the Democrat Party policies and viability. Many have had enough because of Biden and the policies and the party is hemorrhaging voters.

    Realize, the 2022 Democrat Primary was planned and manipulated to ensure Biden and Harris, the two worse in the field of candidates ended up being the Democrat candidates on the Democrat ticket. Under normal circumstances, they never would have been the Democrat Presidential-Vice Presidential nominees on the ballot.

    As a side note: you do realize, even replacing everything with Establishment Republican, neocon, neoliberal, Conservative Inc., globalist or Washington elites, is not the solution either.  It essentially gets you the same thing. 



    Jim Waurishuk, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

    Retired USAF Colonel, serving 30-years as a Tactical Air Control Party (TAC-P), Special Reconnaissance, and Special Mission Strategic Intelligence Officer to multiple Tier 1 units as part of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Served as Deputy Director for Intelligence U.S. Central Command and on the White House National Security Council (NSC) staff. Former Chairman, Hillsborough County Republican Party and the Republican Party of Florida Executive Board. Currently, Executive Board America First - Florida. Currently, Chairman, Hillsborough County Republican Party, Republican Party of Florida’s Executive Board, Chairman of Congressional District-14 Caucus Hillsborough County, FL.
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    Amy Williams

    What IS a viable solution?
    Get Trump in before 2024- but how?
    Arrest the Constitutionally Criminal Biden Admin🤔?

    William Anderson

    You couldn't be closer to the truth......


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