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    Will God Save America?

    February 12, 2023

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    There was an idea that became America.  The idea was to create a new land, a nation that would be free from tyranny, ruled by the common law’s men came to believe in, rooted in the Holy Bible known of as the Word of God, wherein every man would have the right to self-governance and prosperity, to enjoy the fruits of his labor and to raise his family in a nation ruled by laws of justice and truth, seeking after peace both at home and abroad.  And this sacred belief-system that was given to us as a nation from our Heavenly Father, these foundations that built our nation have been under assault in this past generation like never before since our nation’s conception.

    It would seem rightly at first to take our grievances to the Highest Authorities of the land, with desperation and impassioned plea striving to convince these who governor the masses of the cause that is our precious and set-apart land.  If we could only prick their hearts and provoke them once again to live by the convictions of their conscience and what even a child knows to be truth, we might win our land for another generation; but the thousands, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands have peacefully assembled over the past several years unable to penetrate the flint-stone that has become the hearts of this ruling class in our state and federal governments. But a new generation is rising up.

    Perhaps it is the romantic in me that clings to the naïve hope that there was a time in America wherein justice ruled Washington DC, when the truth was our standard for law and governance and a brotherly-love inspired the best among us to run for the high calling of Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House.  I fear its far too easy to romanticize the Civil War era or the wars that birthed our nation, to look back with nostalgia and blindly omit the brutality and corruption found in our nation from its inception.  Perhaps we have been wrong about this, perhaps this is the very best it has ever been in our nation?  But the intensity of the domestic political battle waging within our borders has complexities that far supersede our own progress or righteousness.

    The battle for the heart and soul of America could be better understood as the battle for the heart and soul of the world as we know it.  Our world has become unbearably small once again.  The last time history recorded a world that was this small and interconnected was at the Biblical Babel – and God had to confuse their language and scattered them across the face of the earth not to destroy that generation but so that creation would multiply and thrive, so that nations would be born and so the families of the earth would have a future.  I fear we have found ourselves back at Babel insomuch that we can travel at will to compass the earth, we have technology to communicate instantly, at the push of a button and the language barriers are all but gone, etc.  The last time mankind came together in such a way they warred against heaven without conscience and without God’s intervention they would have destroyed themselves all-together. 

    The troubles we have created in pursuing riches, terrestrial-power and technology above and beyond all life and blessing have brought complexities, disagreements and strife that are beyond our own ability to resolve. Nation will continue to rise against nation and there will be distress throughout the world because we have unwittingly opened Pandora’s box are simply powerless to put the devastation back inside and close it up again.  We are simply in uncharted waters and men continue to deny the only Navigator with the wisdom and understanding to lead us safely away from the abyss.  Our world leaders have long forsaken their own generations, so why would we ever expect them to be concerned for the families of our nation?  I would say all hope is lost except I have read the whole of scripture and understand it’s triumphant ending.

    I cannot say in detail what are God’s plans for our nation as it pertains to its salvation in these last days. But I can say without a doubt that there will be no hope of saving America unless the good men of America chose to take up their God-give authority and lead their homes, neighborhoods and townhalls back to reason and the fundamentals of the truth.  We will have to trust Washington DC in God’s capable hands to judge as He has predetermined.  A very few will be delivered to fight that battle (a battle that will only be won spiritually and with the miracle working power of God), the majority of us will have to be content as mostly unsung heroes – fighting the day to day battle for our families, our neighbors, neighborhoods and townhalls.  

    The beast, this dragon, tormenting our world is simply too powerful for us to subdue.  And we were never intended to defeat him.  It has always been God’s plan to allow our enemy to continue for a season but then to bring swift judgement, come his day.  It’s a great temptation to look at the powers of the earth being shaken, to take our eyes off of our God and His victory and concern ourselves for the affairs of this broken world.  We were always put here to shine.  But we are shining His light, as He is the Light but we, as precious stones, reflect Him as we allow His light to shine penetrate our souls.  But if the Light should become darkness, how dark will the darkness be.  He has scattered us to shine, to hold the darkness at bay.  We must neither lose our focus nor grow weary in well-doing.  Our Father and His Christ will bring us to the victory and “in our patience we will possess our souls”.

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    Remember He told us, “Not a hair on your head shall perish” (Luke 21).  We have listened long enough to the bad news and the fear, it’s time to listen to the voice of our Father.  He is beckoning us to His table, saying, “Come and sit with me, eat of my abundance, listen to my word and learn of my ways”.  The fear draws us from His presence and away from faith.  It’s time to shake off the difficult years and return to His love.  It’s time to finally and forever let go of our fears and those sins that so easily entrap us and enter into His fullness.  If there is a path for the salvation of America this is how it begins: thousands of us choose faith, hope and love even when the masses war against heaven.  A little light shined in the darkness high atop a hill can be seen from distances hard to comprehend!  And many will find their way back home.

    Obey God.  Listen for His voice and obey.  He is love.  God loves our nation.  He hears our prayers and wants to save us.  Trust in Him even when it’s hard to see what He is doing.  Trust in Him even when it simply makes no sense at all.  “Trust in the Lord with all our heart and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5). 

    I pray for our endurance.  I pray that God gives us a supernatural perseverance and an unwavering hope, even against all odds, Hope.  I pray that we remain hidden in the presence of our Father and that our hearts remain set apart for His dwelling and home.  I pray not that the Lord hide us away because we were born for such a time as this, hiding His light under a bushel there will be no reward but that when we are ready, He will lift us up high so that those who enter might see His light shining and find their way back home.

    We are approaching the final hour.  And for this moment were we fashioned by His own hand.  Shine, men of God and many will see His Glorious Light and find their way home.  If we allow His light to shine through us all we just might save this nation… but if not, perhaps saving our towns, neighborhoods and families will be enough.  We can trust God with the harvest of salvation.  Let us be as good and faithful servants, planting in the springtime, knowing that He will provide the increase come fall.  

    It is in His heart to save our nation but men must call upon His holy name

    In whose name alone is found salvation for our nation, even unto eternity

    Let us shine so that many might find their way.


    I hope this encourages you

    It’s 4am, I can’t sleep
    I felt inspired to encourage our faith.

    The Best is Still yet to Come
    Many of us will be alive and remain to see it!

    Praying for you brothers to become the real men of God.

    Pray for me also…

    Much love,

    Robert Anthony



    Robert Anthony

    Robert Anthony is the author of “Jesus did not Start a Religion” at Amazon or www.JesusNotReligion.org. Robert is also the Senior Editor for American Revival Press, www.arpress.org
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    Amy Williams


    Ben Colder

    The Us will probably fall sooner rather than later the country has became downright evil from the president on down to pretty much the whole country if you don't believe in baby killing you are mocked screamed at and on and on If you are not a woke bastard you are mocked or worse beat up if you believe in the police you are a no good sob.The dem/communists are the most evil party since Hitler and Stalin and that is just scratching the surface of whats wrong so unless there is a big change for the better I think we are doomed

    Robert Anthony

    @BenColder, I hear you loud and clear! Its daunting. I would absolutely call it a miracle if God chooses to save our nation. If you are into studying history, a sobering study about the decay of empires and how America is following suit to a "t" would give you more coal for your fire: how they grew through war and conquest (all in the name of a noble cause), driving them to prosper, sometimes becoming rich beyond their wildest dreams, then after falling in love with money, sexual perversions (plural) creep into society at large, first quietly and then more blatant, but then the proverbial "nail" in the coffin is when these empires turn on their own children... and they all did it... some worse than others... "Child Sacrifice", "Child Slavery", "Child Sex-Slavery", "Abortion", etc.

    Then turn of the 20th Century thru "The Roaring Twenties" that generation gave into the bankers and turned our nation over to debt, for the Love of Money and Quick Riches, after the various wars that followed such economic expansion the economy boomed like never before the 40's-60's. The 60's of course brought about the Sexual Perversion and rapid decline of the family - but much of that was already penetrating society, even since the 20's. The traditional family started to be under attack even since the woman's lib movement. But by the 60's it was sex, drugs and rock 'n roll completely sealing the death blow to our families as the blessing they were to be as given by God.

    Finally. The 1970's spread abortion like wildfire across the US. And the final death-stroke was dealt to America. "We" as a nation, declared war on the innocent - and it has only progressed. The Moral Decay of our nation has emboldened and empowered the big-money and elites to purchase for themselves as many politicians and bureaucrats as they need to attempt what every empire has attempted since antiquity, To Totally and Completely Conquer the Earth. Babylon, Persia, the Greeks, the Romans, etc. They all followed in the exact same wicked and broken pattern: rise to power thru dominance, conquest and war, amassing riches and wealth and pride, losing touch with reality, then sexual perversion and the decay of the traditional God-given family and finally child-sacrifice and the war on the most innocent, children.

    America's rapid return to God, from our farms to our industry, in our churches, schools and governments, in our families, neighborhoods and townhalls, will be the only chance for God's miracle working power to come and Save US!

    God has done it before. Study Israel. Several times they were on the edge of certain judgment and destruction but the people repented, from the King to the lowest servant and God showed up and saved His people... He has done it before... He can do it again!!

    Pray!! Convince the nation to return to our God...

    2 Chron. 7:14


    Well spoken - thank you 🙂
    You wrote, We have listened long enough to the bad news and the fear, it’s time to listen to the voice of our Father. He is beckoning us to His table, saying, “Come and sit with me, eat of my abundance, listen to my word and learn of my ways”. The fear draws us from His presence and away from faith.
    SO true! some time back, Father spoke to me saying (paraphrasing)'You've allowed the nations' enemies to occupy too big a place in your mind...give that space over to Me'. And as I thought more about that, I realized the more I looked at the news/what's happening, the worse I would feel - the more angry and disheartened, and fearful! I would get. So I've backed waaaay off my news gathering and I feel much much better!!
    Now when I sit with Him, He has me reading Psalms, and I often get a little 'nugget' from them. And I receive it, and then > enjoy my day! It's a remarkable turn He's had me make. Makes zero sense in the world we're in today but He knows better than I do; my part is to be obedient.

    Dan Gilfry

    Americans gave their Homeland away to Satan's Children!
    Satan's Children gave it away to foreign criminals and the Sexually Insane!
    And Americans STILL worship Satan's Children as "gods"!

    Now WHO would want to save that Shithole!?


    His will, be done. Everybody will receive their just rewards.

    Robert Anthony

    @Les, There is a song many of us sung as kids in Sunday School, "Be Careful Little eyes what you see..." But that could also be sung, "Be careful little eyes How you see..." We have totally different views of the exact same story. And YES. I absolutely agree with you. The bad news is overwhelming. But what if we were drawn to the Good News!? (I wonder if we would even read it?) Good things are happening everyday but for whatever reason it isn't much published. Also. Its hard to publish, "God saved them from certain destruction!" Hahaha. More than often we have no idea how God intervenes in the affairs of our lives...

    My 5 year old the other day during family bible study blurts out, "If our eyes become dark our whole body will be full of darkness..." That is a scripture right out of Luke 11. She is 5 years old. She has no way of knowing that scripture! We weren't reading even close to that scripture and actually it was totally off topic. I asked her, "How on earth did you know that? Honey, do you know that's a scripture in the Bible." She just smiled and said, "No. But it's true, right?"

    A 5-year old. The Holy Spirit spoke thru my precious innocent daughter - and it is such an important message for today... It's exactly what you just wrote... "Be careful how you see the world around you. If everything is evil and dark and corrupt it will greatly affect you and pull your soul into the pit (of darkness)."

    Be Careful Little Eyes what you see....

    And "Guard your hearts... for they are a well-spring of life!"

    Thanks for the Comment Les. You provoked me to share this awesome testimony

    God Bless.


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