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    Imagine If The NBA Mirrored Biden’s New Equity Plan For America

    March 3, 2023
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    “The NBA is a strong proponent of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We admire the leadership of our President Joe Biden in this critical period of American history. Accordingly, the league will be implementing significant changes for the upcoming 2023-2024 regular season to bring the NBA in line with the President’s vision for the New America. Team rosters will be comprised of the following identity and physical characteristics to mirror American society’s demographics in 2023. Meritocracy and performance will no longer be considered for hiring actions.

    Total Number of Players: 15 (each team)

    White Players: 9 approximately 59.3%

    Black Players: 2 approximately 12%

    Hispanic Players: 3 approximately 18.9%

    Asian Players: 1 approximately 5.9%

    Of these players, 1 has to be openly gay and 1 has to be transgender for complete inclusivity.

    Our coaching rosters will also be improved to achieve our diversity goals. New coaching quotas (I mean guidelines) will be as follows:

    Total Number of Head Coaches: 30

    White Head Coaches: 18 approximately 59.3%

    Black Head Coaches: 4 approximately 12%

    Hispanic Head Coaches: 6 approximately 18.9%

    Asian Head Coaches: 2 approximately 5.9%

    Similarly, of these coaches, 1 has to be openly gay and 1 has to be transgender for complete inclusivity.

    We recognize that 2020 figures showed that the NBA players were 81.1% black and 17.9% white so some roster changes will need to be made. We also recognize that in 2023 there were 15 Black head coaches, 14 White head coaches, and 1 Asian head coach, so some leadership changes were in store as well.

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    Further, to implement equity in our league, all of our players will now be paid the same regardless of position, statistics, or experience in the league. Equity is the new watchword in the NBA and it will be applied to all personnel and pay decisions. We know our players and coaches perform better knowing everyone is paid the same regardless of how hard they work or how well they play. Everyone is in it together.

    The NBA has had a long tradition of diversity intentions. We apologize for our delay in the complete implementation of our core beliefs. Up until now, we have relied on outdated and malignant ideas of merit and past performance to choose players and coaches and assign salaries. Our stated NBA policy on diversity and inclusion has not changed and is listed below:

    “Diversity and inclusion are central to our game, and we believe they are catalysts for innovation. We know that our business is stronger when we leverage our differences to generate more and better ideas, sparking innovation that further connects us to our fans and our communities.” 

    To this end, we hope our fans embrace our new trajectory. Last season, the top NBA teams scored over 117 points per game. We truly believe that a system based on identity and physical characteristics alone will bring the NBA to a new level and our fans should expect over 120 points per game by our best teams. Thank you for your continued support of our league.”

    On President Biden’s inauguration day, Golden State Warriors Head Coach (Steve Kerr – another cis-gendered white guy and one of the 22 white head coaches (out of 30 teams) at the time) spoke out about his hope for the future under Biden. “I don’t think I ever would have felt comfortable speaking out until [Gregg Popovich’s] example. He gave me and a lot of people the courage to just speak when we felt we had something to say that might be helpful or important.” Kerr, who had no prior coaching experience, was hired in 2014 when the Warriors fired Mark Jackson (black head coach) and didn’t seem concerned or guilty about being an inexperienced white male replacing a veteran black head coach. In 2020, he complained about the NBA’s shortage of black coaches. Instead of stepping aside to give a black man the chance to coach an NBA team, he stayed on as a coach and made it right by then stating, “"What I've learned that's most important is really the definition of racism. I think as a white person, we all think of racism as an act," said Kerr. "Racism is really a system that we are all a part of and, while we may not be directly responsible for the system, we're complicit with our existence within the system. And yet it's really easy for a person like me to make a statement and maybe donate to a charity and then go back to my really nice house in my nice neighborhood and don't think anything more of it." After this heartfelt statement, the 2016 NBA Coach of the Year who is widely respected for his convictions to do what is right, went back to his really nice house ($7.3 Million) in his really nice neighborhood (affluent Presidio Heights) and proudly continued on as one of the 22 white coaches in the 30 team league comprised of 74% black players.

    On February 17, 2023, President Biden published his Executive Order on Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government. The order aims to “deliver resources and benefits equitably” and to champion “racial equity.” The order also promises measures for “full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) Americans.” The order describes “equity-advancing requirements for agencies” though “Agency Equity Teams” that will provide political oversight and enforcement for each major agency in the federal government to ensure that equity is the key to hiring and funding actions, not meritocracy. This is a natural extension of the Biden cabinet that has boasted numerous minority and LGBTQI+ cabinet members and senior government officials. Biden praises them always for their identity and physical characteristics and almost never for their performance. For example. Secretary of Defense Austin is often cited as the first minority SECDEF and his achievements of losing Afghanistan, destroying military recruiting, and crushing military morale seem unnecessary to mention. 

    Surely, the NBA’s outspoken proponents of equity and diversity among its ranks of players and coaches would want to stop appearing hypocritical and unanimously agree to give the NBA a much needed makeover. This would mean leveling the playing field of pay (literally pay all players the same) and ensuring that the NBA player and coach rosters mirror exactly the demographics of the American audience they serve.

    Adam Silver, interestingly, is an executive in a billion-dollar industry. As such, he told his players in a 2020 letter, “I understand that some of you feel the league should be doing more. I hear you — and please know that I am focused on ensuring that we as a league are effecting real change both within our organization and in communities across the country. Through the efforts of our internal Social Justice Task Force and the commitments we made, including the formation of the first-ever NBA Foundation to create greater economic empowerment in the Black community, we are dedicated to driving the sustainable change that is long overdue. Afterwards, he unabashedly stayed on as a cis-gendered white male executive in charge of a league made up of 81% black players. Silver, players, TV commentators, and a large majority of the NBA fan base saw no contradiction in his genetic makeup and his social justice musings. His guidance seemed to apply to social justice everywhere else, not just in his basketball corporate world.

    In the real world that fans live in, however, Americans would likely balk at a proposal to base a sports franchise’s roster off of social engineering and sexual identity. Why then aren’t they balking at the mandates emerging from the White House to reshape our military and our government by mandating promotion based solely on identity and physical appearance and not on merit? Afghanistan was a colossal debacle and the result of Biden’s disastrous new political ideology. Even CNN’s Clarissa Ward stated, “If this isn’t failure, what does failure look like exactly?” Biden’s New America vision superimposed on our armed forces will surely guarantee that the next inevitable loss will cost America far more dearly. For the foreseeable future, NBA fans can internally debate to keep supporting the NBA’s blatant racial hypocrisy or call them on it by staying home and reading a book.

    John Hughes, MD

    Emergency Physician

    Veteran of OIF/OEF

    Former NBA fan

    Co-Chair of www.americanism24.org registered SUPERPAC

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    John Hughes

    Emergency Physician. United States Military Academy Class of 1996. #1 graduate. 3rd Generation West Pointer. 4 combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. www.americandoctor.org Member of STARRS.US & MacArthur Society of West Point Graduates.
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