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    Mrs. Silence Dogood Returns: Election Fraud

    March 28, 2023
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    No. 3-DARPA Election Games

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    In 1722, at the age of 16, Ben Franklin was working as an apprentice to his older brother, James, a Boston printer. Young Ben Franklin could never get his writing published. Consequently, he penned 14 letters under the assumed name of a woman, Mrs. Silence Dogood. He secretly slipped each letter beneath the door of his brother’s print shop, the New England Courant, under the cloak of darkness. James decided the letters were definitely suitable for publication. For us today, the letters give a good insight into the time and the man who wrote them.

    March 10, 2023

    After curbing my tongue and staying quiet for more than 300 years, yet being much distraught by today’s abysmal state of the hard-won, free Republic that our Heaven-Blessed Founders bequeathed to Americans, I have returned to discourse on various subjects. Yes, I’ve stayed “off the grid” for several months, observing and cogitating on a number of issues. With your kind indulgence, I’ll now be commenting upon those herewith.

    Image by Phil Roeder

    This 1700s-era lady is quite alarmed by shenanigans surrounding America’s electoral processes these days. The Uniparty, comprising a bevy of unashamedly anti-American Tories and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), is campaigning mightily for radical changes to our precious nation’s federal election system. What has served us quite well for two- plus centuries is in great danger of being corrupted for what I must say are mighty sketchy reasons!

    Rational, plain-thinking Americans now accept an irrefutable truth: The 2020 and 2022 elections were grossly corrupted by mail-in voting, a practice instituted in the name of protecting citizens from a bad case of flu—the Covid-19 virus. The result was unmitigated electoral disaster. From alleged electronic vote-flipping and millions of paper ballots being churned out by copy machines to “paused” vote-counting and truckloads of fake ballots being delivered across state lines in the wee hours of post- election darkness, those two horrific elections would have made any third- world dictator proud.

    Now, only willfully blind Tories claim to believe that ~80 million citizens cast votes for a doddering shell of a human being, who rarely left his basement bunker to show up at campaign rallies attended by a dozen or two of the party faithful.

    For certain, America’s Founding Fathers were aghast and distressed by grossly dishonest measures taken to boot President Donald Trump from the White House. They’re now concerned about the considerable time and resources devoted to proving the 2020 election was rigged. Instead, experts should be turning their attention to solving obvious electoral process weaknesses. Founders applaud the few cyber-warriors focusing their efforts on correcting sloppy measures that made rampant cheating possible. For example, logical, good-sense observations made by experienced cyber-expert Dennis Haugh should be taken seriously by lawmakers:

    “...[B]allots should be treated like currency. There is no excuse for counterfeiting of ballots to be less-controlled than dollar bills.... No ballot should be accepted more than once. Building on the treatment of a ballot as a dollar bill, a serial number should be checked to ensure against [ballot] duplicates. The serial number itself can embed a state and precinct code to keep the check local.”

    Rather than adopt such good-sense measures, federal agencies have created red-herring diversions. Washington, D.C., swamp rats quickly funded the Defense Advanced Research Agency to develop tamper-proof “blockchain” electronic and software tools that ostensibly ensure honest, secure elections. But is DARPA the proper entity to be toying with electoral processes?

    Per the agency website, DARPA’s “singular and enduring mission” has been “to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security.” Deciding election integrity is a national security issue, DARPA contracted with “Galois, a longtime government contractor with experience in designing secure and verifiable systems. The system will use fully open source voting software, instead of the closed, proprietary software currently used in the vast majority of voting machines, which no one outside of voting machine testing labs can examine. More importantly, it will be built on secure open source hardware, made from secure designs and techniques developed...as part of a special program at DARPA. The voting system will also be designed to create fully verifiable and transparent results so that voters don’t have to blindly trust that the machines and election officials delivered correct results,” according to a Motherboard article.

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    Well, what could possibly go wrong with that arrangement? As sentient American citizens know quite well, compromised voting machines were at the heart of election skullduggery in 2020 and 2022. Will DARPA’s golden touch magically ensure next-generation voting and ballot-counting devices will be immune from hacking, tampering and backdoor means to alter votes? How will communication links be protected from interference, when vote tallies are transferred from precincts to central facilities?

    Ultimately, citizens must be absolutely sure votes will be secure from the moment a ballot leaves their hands to the release of a final, bottom line tally. Will “solutions” involving terms like “blockchains”, “qubits” floating around in quantum computing and communication networks, and “open source” software and hardware systems give Americans a warm-and- fuzzy assurance that their votes most definitely were logged for the right candidate or ballot issue?

    Citizen trust of electoral processes has been sacrificed on the altar of Uniparty ideology and power quests, and it won’t be restored easily. As long as computers, software and opaque methods are employed, millions of skeptical Americans will refuse to vote, believing “the system is rigged and my vote doesn’t matter.”

    Such jaded sentiments were reinforced by a senior scientist at one of the nation’s storied nuclear weapons laboratories. When asked whether quantum computing and communications could guarantee honest, tamper-proof elections, he replied, “If chips and software are involved, anything can be hacked. There’s only one formula that will ensure fair and honest elections: Real paper ballots, hand-counted and monitored in a transparent process; voter identification that proves American citizenship, and single-day voting.” With few exceptions for voting via requested and validated absentee ballots, he dismissed any election involving mail-in ballots as fraud-riddled and wide open to manipulation.

    So, will arrogant, power-hungry Tories, RINOs and thousands of Washington swamp creatures have the good sense to implement these measures? Or are they willing to face the ire of angry Americans determined to reclaim their precious liberties and Constitutional Republic?

    Your Servant,
    Mrs. Silence Dogood



    CDM Staff

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