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    Remember On This Easter Morning, Absolutely God is America First

    April 9, 2023
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    Originally published at American Revival Press.

    The world is an unbelievably complicated place. And it’s not only politics complicating everything, there’s much more going on, very challenging to navigate. There’s a global economy now, the safest, fastest and easiest world-wide travel in history, scientists are exploring and discovery at times even with competitor nations and then there is technology, all making the world an extremely small, complex place. The complexities of navigating a world wherein the borders are disappearing, languages translated at the push of a button, video calls putting us in front of someone at the other side of the world instantly, products can be shipped around the world in a day, etc. this and more make it extremely difficult for any nation to not only maneuver but retain their own sovereignty.

    America has to be a competitor now in a world in which we led in creating – and without a doubt no nation can boast the advances America brought to this world. Think about it, before America, travel was confined to ships and horses, communication was hand written and delivered in person, most of the world was rather undiscovered, gunpowder had just recently become a part of warfare and the Catholic Church was dominating most of the global political landscape. How much has changed in a couple hundred years!? Now America and the west has to survive in a world wherein we helped to create our own great and mighty competitors.

    India is about to surpass China’s population, China and India combined have almost half the world’s population! But the Arab nations and Africa have the fastest growing populations while most of the west’s population growth is actually now negative! The west is literally losing population and yet still striving to remain the global leader it has been for centuries. The world has changed entirely since America’s founding and we enabled it, for better or for worse.

    Leaving the complexities of geopolitics let us examine the challenges of our own nation for a moment: two completely polarized political groups with entirely different ideas for America’s future have suddenly emerged. The vision for America cast by these two warring parties has lost any and all overlap. Wherein we used to have a plethora of policies that we could agree on, what remains is no longer relevant for any collaboration at all. And while these parties war the nation grieves - and splinters in two.

    While we labor to keep the ship that is America thriving, we have a century of alliances and agreements we are dragging along and they are starting to weigh us down. America has many allies: NATO, Israel, Japan, South Korea, to name a few. We also have written contracts within the Middle East, with Ukraine, the Saudi’s, Iraq, etc. And while the world goes to war are we prepared or equipped to fight in every battle? This is again incredibly complex - and every one of our leaders has their own idea of what is best.

    We were just reminded this week that as a nation we promised to protect Ukraine if they gave up their nuclear arsenal. The former President, Bill Clinton just gave an interview lamenting how he wished he had never convinced Ukraine to do so. And now America is on the hook…?

    We have promises to protect Ukraine from the Russians, Israel from the Iranians, Taiwan from the Chinese, South Korea from the North, Japan from China and then there are our agreements to NATO! There’s the competition in the South China sea, various troubles in North Africa, Syria’s civil war, Azerbaijan and Armenia, Kosovo and the Serbs are back at it again! Lots of challenges throughout the world.

    Many of our allies are either at war or a very small step away from a formally declared conventional war. And yet we must remain America First. But how to be America first in such a complicated time? Should we really break the commitments that we made to certain nations while upholding the commitments we made to others? Can we fight a four or five front war simultaneously? Do we have the political capital to diplomatically wiggle our way out of some of these conflicts, in a time wherein China/Russia have declared war on our US currency? How to remain America First in such a time as this?

    I can appreciate the zeal of many of our thought leaders, men of influence and seated government officials but while I can appreciate their fervor and zeal – and even admire them for it – this might not be a time for us to be so certain or confident. Let me explain. We have to unify our nation, first and foremost, the heart and soul of America is dying and we must not lose America while saving the world! We are not going to be able to withstand the battles that lie ahead with a people so divided. We must become truly America First. And yet can we simply turn a blind eye to a century of agreements we have made to our allies?

    Can we be a policeman for the whole of the world? I can appreciate the passion and certainty of many of our leaders but in a time such as this I think a little humility, meekness, patience and open-mindedness might be in order. Perhaps admitting to our inadequacies and to the high stakes which lie in the decisions ahead might be better fitting for the hour? A little humility might be just what the doctor ordered…

    According to the press we are dramatically depleting our arsenal in Ukraine, it looks like we are going to have to fight with the Chinese over Taiwan, Iran is going to have to be pushed back in the Middle East and we will more than likely have to help to stop their nuclear program, the nation’s surrounding Israel are an absolute powder keg about to explode and still there are even more troubles! What if Russia goes to war with NATO? Doesn’t the US lead NATO? We gave our word to protect Ukraine. How do we abandon a people who trusted us when they gave up their greatest (nuclear) deterrent, to keep Russia at bay. Who among us is capable of navigating our nation thru this storm that has fallen upon the nations? As a long time minister I have to remind my reader that God is without a doubt involved with the nations. Nations were God’s creation. He thought up the concept, God invented them and we worked with Him creating the world as it is. God has always been the benevolent ruler of the world, our Father, beckoning the nations to Himself, to peace and prosperity by the rule of His law. This has been God’s plan since the start. He made a nation out of the children of Israel and declared, “All the people of the earth will be blessed by my people”! It’s a truth found all throughout the word of God. God is a nationalist, through and through. If every nation did what was best for themselves and pushed away these fantasy-land ideas for a one-world governance, history would continue. But we are marching so fast towards this globalist idea of a world without borders and I fear, as the Bible predicts, it will be the end of us.

    There are no checks and balances with a global order. The strongest and most dominant within such a global-government will end up ruling the world. It’s a fantasy to think everyone will suddenly be just, play fair, hold hands and sing “kumbaya” together. This is the makings of a fairytale! There are brutal and oppressive regimes all over the world. Are we truly considering marrying into such a family!? These European thought leaders, these elites, billionaires, hedge fund managers, autocrats, these academics and the others, must wake up to reality: you are handing the world over to a very small group of people who will crush mankind into oblivion. And the Bible has foretold that the whole thing will take place, eventually. But it doesn’t have to this generation!

    We are right to fight for the nations. We are right to fight for America, first. God is with us in this fight but there is so much more. Fighting for America First is the Big Picture but then we have to fill in the details. How to fight for America first in a world so complex, filled with mine fields, pit falls, dead ends and booby-traps!? Don’t support Ukraine? Are we 100% sure we should abandon that commitment? Support Taiwan? While we fight in Ukraine? But what about Israel!? Iran is chomping at the bit to wipe them off the face of the map!? And while our nation fights its political-civil war, our enemies band together creating a force against the west that history has simply never seen before!

    This is our “Come to Jesus” moment, whether we realize it or not. We are at the brink of losing everything. I pray many elected leaders read this as a wake-up call with a large dose of reality, those in Washington DC right now literally have the future of mankind in their hands! If there ever was a time to find a little religion? It would be right now! We need miracles and we need them yesterday. The good news is our God is a God of miracles! The Bible literally names Him, “A Miracle Working God!” But our leaders must turn to Him with a kind of desperation and expectation: a desperation that says, “I will not stop praying until you answer me!” and an expectation that says, “I know in my heart of hearts that you will come thru for us…”

    It's not strange for the leaders of a nation to fast and pray. Israel did it often when times got tough - and God would hear their prayer from heaven and move mightily on their behalf. If we think that we are smart enough to navigate ourselves out of this disaster, our pride will be the end of us. They stole an election from the American people, the nation was hijacked and probably all the way down-ballot! Our borders are open, letting in an army of people who do not have Americas best interests at heart, and worse! Nations have declared war on our currency, we are just about bankrupt and most all our allies are about to go to war, if they aren’t already. If this isn’t our desperate hour to turn to our God with prayer and fasting? Then what on earth does desperation look like!?

    We need answers. And we need them now. We need answers to problems so complex that without the intervention of our God we are going to fail, miserably. Our nation needs to find the way and quite frankly I would give the same exact advice to our allies: to Israel, to the nations of NATO, to South Korea and Japan. I would give this same advice that they would turn to God in prayer and fasting, that they would seek Him until He responds and make as few decisions as possible until then.

    There is an evil in the hearts of men that has seemed to blind the whole world and the few good men who remain must find a way for us all! We have super-natural problems and we are going to need a supernatural solution. Our God is the God of miracles! And we need Him to show up on the scene right now!

    I hope and pray our fellow Americans (on both sides of the aisle) wake up to the reality of the situation we are in. It’s not merely a desperate hour, it’s several hours past desperation! As our Republic fights its civil and political war the world burns. We must restore America First, this year, immediately. And God can do it. Pray for our nation! Pray for America First! Then we can respond and actually help the nations instead of watching them all burn to the ground!

    God will come thru for us!

    Call the leaders, gather with your politicians, rich men, clergy, academics and the rest.

    Remember Joel in the Bible who called for a solemn assembly and a fast! Perhaps the dozens of Christian elected leaders in DC will call for the nation to fast and pray We need a miracle I pray this message pricks your hearts.

    I would come to DC tomorrow if the Freedom Caucus or a few of these elected believers called for prayer and fasting as a nation! And I believe with all my heart God would hear our prayers and respond, suddenly! Just like He always did for Israel!

    I’m not sure we will make it thru this storm without our God

    It’s as if He’s asleep in the deck below Now let us Go! And Wake Him!!



    Robert Anthony

    Robert Anthony is the author of “Jesus did not Start a Religion” at Amazon or www.JesusNotReligion.org. Robert is also the Senior Editor for American Revival Press, www.arpress.org
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    Fabulously written.
    Thank you sincerely for sharing your insights and proposals.

    Perilous times, originating from deep spiritual peril.


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